ZOO WARS~Press Release~Taking Action for Animals~USDA/APHIS a Government Agency for Animal Welfare-Bars Attendance

UPDATE from: https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2014/07/01/zoo-warstaking-action-for-animalsis-this-an-animal-rights-extremists-convention-or-a-usdaaphis-symposium-as-it-is-advertised-to-be-at-taxpayer-expense/

lions, tigers and bears symposium

Hot off the press-Joe Schreibvogel is prepared to make certain that the public is aware that things are not as they seem; far from it. Based on a rumor, got that RUMOR, he has been barred from The USDA/APHIS Lions, Tigers and Bears Symposium. You the taxpayers are NOT getting your monies worth from a government agency that is supposed to represent the Animal Welfare Act. Now in the hands of a well know civil liberties attorney.

BLOGGERS NOTE: I have known Joe Schreibvogel for more than 4 years. He’s been under attack by Carole and Howard Baskin and other pseudo sanctuaries in all the time I have known him. Yet GW Exotics Animal Park and educational program is one of the nicest facilities privately owned in this country. He’s a well known breeder and has rehomed and rescued exotic animals in need all that time with the appropriate equipment for transport. It’s of the difficult to understand what motivates an owner of exotic animals to partner with HSUS a well known extremist organization that recently made settlement with the Ringling Corporation for RICO violations.; they themselves Private Exotic Animal Owners until you watch these organizations in action for donations. Most began themselves as private owners purchasing and breeding animals have found a way for YOU the general public to support their habitual Hoarding habit of collection animals and a way for them to receive these animals for FREE by promoting the animal cruelty issue and bans on Private Exotic Animal Ownership.

Now afraid to face the numerous questions that have been raised as to the support that the USDA/APHIS agency is providing such places including allowing substandard condition for the animals, no isolation period for animals brought to their facilities, improper barriers and many other things covered by the Animal Welfare Act have been raised by Schreibvogel.

Media Contact: Joe Schreibvogel
25803 NCR 3250 Wynnewood OK 73098
Phone 405-665-1003
Email  joe_exotic@yahoo.com

Joe Exotic Television Personality  Joseph Schreibvogel has been FALSELY ACCUSED by USDA/APHIS-Center for Animal Welfare of making threatening comments and with the intention of illegally bringing a firearm onto federal property. Mr. Schreibvogel was also threatened by the USDA with arrest by the Federal Protective Service if he attempts to attend a public symposium to be held July 8­9 at USDA, Aphis Center for Animal Welfare, 6501 Beacon Drive, Kansas City, Mo. The letter sent to Mr. Schreibvogel from USDA is available upon request.

After registering in the open enrollment time frame to attend the Lions, Tigers and Bears symposium, Mr. Schreibvogel has been denied access to this educational event and has been falsely accused (based on hearsay) of intending to bring a firearm onto federal property and of making threatening comments.

Why is Mr. Schreibvogel really being denied access to this public symposium? Is it because he has been a target for animal activists (like Tim Harrison who is a guest speaker at the symposium)? Is it because he is and has been outspoken in the past about USDA inspection policy? Or is he being singled out by the people who influence the USDA APHIS office because he is an openly gay man who is not afraid to ask  questions?

Mr Schreibvogel worked for many years at the The G.W. Exotic Animal Park was started in 1997 by Francis and Shirley Schreibvogel in honor or their son, Garold Wayne Scheibvogel, who was killed by a drunk driver earlier that year. To date, the park has rescued more than 1,400 animal’s and placed over 1,200 in zoos and sanctuaries around the world.


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B


~ by topcatsroar on July 2, 2014.

3 Responses to “ZOO WARS~Press Release~Taking Action for Animals~USDA/APHIS a Government Agency for Animal Welfare-Bars Attendance”

  1. Since my tax money is being used to present this symposium and possibly pay the speakers, all of which are animal rights oriented as far as I can tell….I do believe any citizen should be allowed in the meetings and to be treated the same as any other person. The END! The animal welfare folks should be represented in speech on an equal level also!

  2. all anyone has to do is WATCH joe erotic online to know he is a nutjob. he, and you both are prime examples of how to be excluded from adult conversation.
    you drive more folks to the other side– you are the best advertizement for the people you oppose.

    • Well thank you very much-I’d rather be a “nut job” and hang with “nut jobs” than ignorant of what this means to your rights as a US citizen and whose taxes are paying for this symposium…Likely including hotel and fees for some…
      If you don’t like this blog then don’t come back…no one is forcing you or anyone else to read it thus less make a nasty comment displaying your outright IGNORANCE!!! But I imagine you believe that ‘recuing’ those sick tigers out of NY was done properly by ALL and that $37,000.00 was needed for 3 tigers; Baskin killed one of those tigers without proper testing, no isolation from the rest of the facility ultimately exposing an entire facility to e-coli by allowing feral house cats to roam. Not to mention “ban this and ban that” Baskin at the heart of that too…BCR attacks on all private owners- starts rumors about people…LIES ABOUT THE ANIMALS THAT are ‘recued’ at Big Cat Rescue when they were her cats to begin with some of which were bred there…Who’s the nut job!?! The list is endless…All these places the same as BCR-there are very few REAL sanctuaries and they aren’t open anytime, thus less 24 hours a day.
      Maybe in a sense you could call me a nut job-I stopped FFW from confiscating the first three tigers Basin SMUGGLED into the state of Florida and held illegally for more than a year…When she was and still is exploiting animals-Oh…we all know she’s not doing that-HA! To Hell she isn’t, just like the rest of these pseudo sanctuaries exploiting for money and starting lies and rumors on others-Yep, I’m the nut job, ROTFLOL!!! Go away and don’t let the door hit you in the ass.

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