ZOO WARS~Taking Action for Animals~Is This an Animal Rights Extremists Convention or a USDA/APHIS Symposium as it is Advertised to be!?! At Taxpayer expense!!!

So, what does it mean when there’s a USDA/APHIS Symposium (ALL at TAXPAYER EXPENSE!!!) and the guest (or possibly PAID) speakers are owners from “F” is for FAKE Pseudo Sanctuaries?!?

In the main categories, we see names like Dawn Neptune and Jay Pratte-both from AZA Zoos, against Private Exotic Ownership (they forget who used to take their overage of animals); from HSUS/GFAS sanctuaries Pat Craig to speak on transportation of lions, tigers and bears, Tim Harrison, and Ben Callison/Black Beauty Ranch to speak about sanctuaries. ALL these people  are the very same people who have pushed for the bans on private ownership!!!

Are they working in conjunction with the USDA/APHIS department to stop Private Exotic Animal Ownership?!? -It most certainly appears that way now doesn’t it-Just ask any Private Exotic Animal Owner in Ohio just what they think about this!!! <I think I just puked in my mouth a little> I have to ask why a government agency would be having owners of pseudo sanctuaries as guest speakers unless they are promoting private sanctuaries as the new acceptable form of private ownership; ending the breeding and interaction with these types of animals.

Important Bloggers Note: Why would Pat Craig be speaking about the proper transportation of these types of animals when he has transported animals improperly resulting in death. My question is who would know more and be able to provide proper information than circus performers who for years have properly transported animals and constantly inspected on the proper transporting of animals and are available for this event!?!

Black Beauty Ranch has been cited numerous times in inspection reports about violations of the Animal Welfare Act.

I don’t even want to get started on Pat Craig who has had and likely continues to have direct contact with the animals at his facility animals at his facility and a small pride of lions are forced to live in weather conditions unsuitable for lions without properly heated shelters.

Apparently the War on Animal Ownership could be near over when we see the USDA/APHIS giving priority to speakers that do not represent ALL owners or can even provide proper information!?! All these people are in support of  the new regulation ban on Ohio’s animals and the *Exotic Animal Penitentiary in Ohio that is just waiting to be filled…and should we consider the fact that animals from across the United States can be hauled there?!? You better believe it.  ALL THINGS CONSIDERED-There just aren’t the large numbers in Ohio of Big Cats and Primates to justify that THING being built. -AH, it all starts to make sense once you put the pieces of the puzzle together. NOTE: the Exotic Animal Penitentiary was built at Taxpayer expense and does not meet the requirements of the Animal Welfare Act for keeping animals placed there.

USDA/APHIS inspections don’t seem to apply to the “F” is for FAKE pseudo sanctuaries -Even when they don’t meet the regulations -according to the USDA/APHIS inspection reports, they are ALL in total compliance…not possible and has already been demonstrated on this blog numerous times and from Joe Speaks Out.

USDA/APHIS inspectors have participated in illegal, unconstitutional animal seizures and the courts don’t hold even hold them responsible with their United States Attorneys being substituted for the actual USDA/APHIS offenders-No official reports to be found anywhere nor the good records of the previous USDA/APHIS licensed Private Exotic Animal Owner -those records destroyed by the USDA/APHIS administration…SURPRISE-SURPRISE, some of those reposts were recently found by the owner -now shared and locked away for ‘record preservation’…This case in currently in the Federal Appeals Court yet due to a technicality, the court released the USDA/APHIS inspectors/US of A attorney from the case so just how far does this corruption run…We shall see one the Appellate court rules on this case where they are NOT allowing the USDA/APHIS inspectors to be held responsible for their actions in this case.

It’s not just Exotic Animal Owners under attack-Start putting even the simplest of facts in the equation such as Pet Shops;  Pet Smart and PetCo don’t sell dogs and cats anymore-Instead animals from shelters are SOLD there-Bringing in ridiculous prices -ALL those animals S/N even though we know it’s unhealthy for young animals to be S/N and really no reason to ever S/N unless you are looking at population control yet, it’s now a known fact that the numbers have dwindled drastically…It no longer matters if your dog or cat is a pure bred animal or not…S/N is becoming a requirement unless you register your animals as intact-Therefore it is known to the government where the animals are and just who owns them.

The numbers of Exotic Animal are dwindling in this country, run out of their homes with bad regulations and bans on these animals. All known big cats can easily be traced back to their owners with some form of registration often required. The bans across the country or pseudo bans (Near impossible to meet the requirements) unless you become a GFAS facility or in association with one-then it doesn’t matter whether you met the requirements or not!!! And if all this wasn’t alarming enough, this USDA/APHIS Symposium for Tigers, Lions and Bears is featuring owners of GFAS facilities, no matter their past or present status and their current, too squeaky clean inspection reports-They are all compliant even when they are NOT!!! For this to be happening there must be a common ground between the Animal Rights Agenda and a government agency.

*Special Note: The Exotic Animal Penitentiary in Ohio, like many animal shelters, is a violation of the Animal Welfare Act by providing conditions that could be detrimental to the health of the animals STORED there. While ownership is allowed with strict regulations for keeping these types of animals that doesn’t apply to the Ohio owned Penitentiary, it should be recognized that animals that could be placed in this ‘facility’ are on the threatened or endangered species list. Ownership in Ohio is threatened with the new creation of new regulations created by Animal Rights Extremists and HSUS/GFAS pseudo sanctuaries that many owners can not met these new, over the top, requirements. This blogger questions if the USDA/APHIS has approved this ‘facility’ for the safe keeping of ANY animals.


lions, tigers and bears symposium

2014 Lions, Tigers and Bears Symposium

July 8-9, 2014   8:00AM – 5:00 PM CDT

Event RegistrationThis two-day event will cover a range of topics, including behavior-based husbandry, safety, hand rearing, disaster preparedness, transportation, operant conditioning, enrichment and diet/nutrition to help lions, tigers and bears thrive in captivity.

Date and Time: July 8-9, 2014 8:00AM
Location: USDA, APHIS Center for Animal Welfare, 6501 Beacon Drive, Kansas City, MO
Cost: Free – No Registration fee, but preregistration is required

We hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity and register today to hear from a variety of experts in the exotic animal community. Attendance is free and registration is open to the first 200 participants. Continuing Education credits may be earned.

Additional hotel information will come soon, keep an eye on your e-mail for further details.

Go here for more information on this two day USDA/APHIS event: http://www.aphis.usda.gov/animal_welfare/downloads/Lion_Tiger_Bear_Agenda_Synopsis.pdf

Now here’s the icing on the cake-Joe Schreibvogel will NOT be allowed to attend the symposium-He’s a licensed by the USDA/APHIS-the government agency that is presenting the symposium…They claim that he said he was bring his fire arms with, LOL!!! Obviously coming from so Animal Rights Extremist trying to prevent him from attending, likely Carole and/or Howard Baskin; I can’t believe how wrong this is on so many levels!!!

Denial from the USDA symposiumClick to read what this letter says-UN-FUCKING BELIEVABLE!!!

His response:

To; Kenneth Miller
Re: USDA Symposium “Lions, Tigers, Bears” Kansas City MO.

I received your certified letter today refusing to allow me to attend the symposium in Kansas City MO for the “Lions, Tigers, Bears”
Your letter states that due to threatening allegations I have made publicly against APHIS employees, I would like to know what I have said or stated in regards to this so called allegations? I hold 2 federal licenses along with 3 state licenses and was a former Police Chief. I have NEVER threatened or even come close to threaten a federal employee. Trust me I am no where near being that stupid. I have never as much had a speeding ticket in my life.
I have made and I am more than big enough to admit I have made such comments that.
1- The USDA does not play fair across the board from licensee to licensee.
2- That their are inspectors that many of us feel have bones to pick with certain licensees.
3- That some of the inspectors should be fired or they are not doing their jobs and or being paid off to get away with things many of us do not.
4- That I do not think it is right to have people speaking that are for the animal rights agendas to push ban laws speaking at this symposium to teach people that are licensed by the USDA what we should be doing when they have NO CLUE what our inspectors demand of us or have never had the training to hold a USDA license such as Tim Harrision.
5- I have never put in any public post nor made a comment that I would bring a gun to this function.
6- However I did send an email requesting permission to bring my tv cameras and video this function.
7- I feel the right to attend, learn and ask valuable questions from me or anyone is more than acceptable.

So If I did however make this public threat, I wish you would produce it in my writing or with a secure post that could not have been hacked or falsified by one of my haters.
I have flown all around this country and testified in front of Senate hearings, House hearings and I do believe I can conduct my self very professional when I need to.

So my request is for you to allow me to attend this function just as any other citizen has the right to and anything I have said that is not threatening to harm someone is by far under my constitutional right to freedom of speech as the next person. Or am I being singled out by the people who influence the USDA APHIS office because I am an openly gay man that is not afraid to ask questions?

Joe Schreibvogel

Your complaints about barring Joe from the symposium can be emailed to both of these offices.


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B




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