ZOO WARS~Taking Action for Animals-When We Practice to Decieve -Which Story Do You Believe?!?

I have a real problem with this!!!  For your ‘DONATIONS’ -Baskin will change her story as it suits her need. Year after year after year…It just doesn’t get any crazier this…For the love of YOUTR money she changes her story to suit her need although a multimillionaire herself, Baskin Does NOT need YOUR money!!!

Now caught is LIE after LIE-Time this ‘monkey’ to fess-up and stop playing games of deception and fraud with the public…Baskin has been caught numerous times-Are YOU hearing me!?!

Hercules, Chloe, Zoe


Big Cat Rescue’s Snow Leopards

Carole changes the cat’s biographies without giving a thought to her former lies catching up to her. For instance, in a 2002 version of her snow leopard story, Carole says, Hercules Born 6/2/97 was a birthday gift from Don to Carole on 6/6/97, along with his mates, Cloe and Zoe.

In her 2010 version“…In spite of their threatened status, an individual was able to purchase Chloe as a birthday gift for his wife. Chloe is just one example of the illegal trade in exotic animals; a practice so rampant some experts say it rivals the illegal drug trade.”




 Were Carole’s donors told that the “individual” was her husband, Don Lewis and HERSELF his WIFE? Nope, NOT in this version!!! This type of deceit is prevalent throughout Baskin’s websites and newsletters. Don Lewis bought these cubs for his wife, Carole, just befor he disappeared.

Hercules cost $5,000.00 and his sisters, Cloe and Zoe were $6,000.00 EACH with the intention of BREEDING these animals, no matter that the wee related; the very thing that Baskin has claimed that breeders do when it’s she who did it or intended to do it.

But wait…there’s MORE!!! Carole’s 2014 version tells us the snow leopards were surplus from the Species Survival Plan! We contacted Mark McCarthy, the seller of these snow leopards, and Mark told us these animals were NOT rejects in anyway. 
Big Cat Rescue is NOT verified as a certified GFAS sanctuary!!!I doubt that it ever can be.
Given Baskin’s Penchant for Lying, Who Would YOU Believe?
Now remember, Big Cat Rescue (BCR) is one and the same as WIldlife on Easy Street (WOES). The name was changed due to 26 VIOLATIONS of the Animal Welfare Act in an attempt to hide the TRUTH to get YOUR money as a donation!!!
Follow each link to see the proof. Every page featuring a cat usually has a donate here, adopt me, sponsor me, etc button. Why would Carole Lewis Baskin expect others to donate $$$ to support her personal pets?!? Is this ethical?!? I consider this fraud?!?
“Hercules Born 6/2/97 was a birthday gift from Don to Carole on 6/6/97, along with his mates, Cloe and Zoe.  Hercules was raised in the house until his pouncing people from behind became to unbearable and he moved to the Snow Leopard Lair designed by Vernon Stairs, Kenny Farr and Jon McKinney.   The Snow Leopard Lair is a “triplex” with over 1200 square feet of living space for each cat and a simulated snow covered rocky ledge wall that encloses their dens, which are air conditioned year round.  All of the Snow Leopards are given only purified water as they would have had glacier run off in their native lands.”
CLOE  Female Snow Leopard DOB 5/11/97
“Cloe is an interesting combination: a very shy, but curious, snow leopard. She spends most of her days inside her air-conditioned den. However, even on hot days, she can be coaxed out for a tour by her favorite keepers as long as the guests keep quiet.”“When she comes out, she keeps her eyes focused on the keeper and blocks out the tour guests. While not shameless for attention like her cougar neighbors, she seems to crave it nonetheless. At dinnertime she comes over and is more interested in “chuffing” at her feeder than in the food itself. In the evenings, both Cloe and Hercules will be outside. While her neighbor is much more showy and animated, she sits there majestically, unamused by his buffoonery.”“Snow Leopards are extremely endangered. It’s estimated there are only 4,000 – 7,000 left in the wild. In spite of their threatened status, an individual was able to purchase Chloe as a birthday gift for his wife. Chloe is just one example of the trade in exotic animals, a practice so rampant some experts say it rivals the illegal drug trade. Today, Chloe lives at Big Cat Rescue in a 1,200-square-foot habitat complete with air-conditioned den and rocky ledges. Although somewhat shy, when given ice cubes for enrichment, her curiosity takes over and she paws and plays in them like an overgrown kitten.”

“You can help feed me”


“Cloe, Hercules, and Zoe came to Big Cat Rescue in June of 1997.  They had been zoo surplus in the Species Survival Plan program, meaning that there were already too many from their bloodline in the gene pool. “

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B


~ by topcatsroar on June 29, 2014.

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