MORE from HumaneWatch~WHAT!?! There’s MORE!?!

And just when you think it can’t get much more damning than that post about Big Cat Rescue Animal Welfare Violations, the HSUS Diamond Sponsor-I can across this one: All new charity rating for HSUS…From an HSUS settlement with the Feld corporation to Animal Welfare Violations and Fraud at Big Cat Recue. I suppose the attendance at the HSUS taking Action for Animals Conference 2014 might be a bit love-ya think!?! Will Pacelle even attend-Will Howard and Carole Baskin be able to dodge a bullet and sneers as they face the music or find themselves staring at a room filled with all the empty chairs as people learn the TRUTH!!!

Link of Interest:

Charity Navigator Issues “Donor Advisory” Against HSUS

In response to criticism of his organization, Humane Society of the United States CEO Wayne “I don’t love animals” Pacelle has often pointed to his organization’s rating from Charity Navigator, a charity evaluator. HSUS had a four (out of four) star rating until earlier this year, when it dropped to three stars. Now, it’s a former rating.

As of last week Charity Navigator removed its rating of HSUS and replaced it with a “donor advisory.” The advisory notifies website visitors of the $15.75 million settlement of a racketeering and bribery lawsuit that HSUS was a part of last month. You can read more about that settlement here, but the lawsuit involved HSUS money allegedly paying a witness who lied to a federal court.

This is another major blow to HSUS. CharityWatch, a another charity evaluator, has given HSUS D and C-minus grades over the past several years for HSUS’s high spending on overhead. Charity Navigator is a weaker evaluator but has more reach than CharityWatch—and now Charity Navigator has come out against HSUS. It’d be nice if the BBB Wise Giving Alliance also joined the party, but given the Alliance’s fundamentally flawed accreditation system, we won’t hold our breath.

A common email signature among HSUS staff included a reference to the now-former Charity Navigator rating. It must have been an awkward moment sending the memo around.


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~ by topcatsroar on June 25, 2014.

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