ZOO WARS~ALERT-Big Cat Rescue Being Unethical Once AGAIN

Big Cat Rescue is at it once again!!!

6-23-14 BCR made a FB post announcing that black leopard Saber was having surgery to remove a tumor.

Saber was one of Carole’s breeders, as were Lola and Nyla, a spotted leopard Carole bought from an animal trainer at 2 months old for 1000 and raised as a pet. Do you “rescue” cats to breed them? If the answer is no, then these 3 cats were not rescued. 

These breedings resulted in the births of Lola’s Majik and Jumanji as well as Nyla’s cub, Sundari, who Carole had declawed as she did many of her cubs. Are cubs born to your breeders and turned into pets “rescued”? If the answer is no, then these 3 cats were not rescued. If these 6 cats (and many more) that were bred and born at BCR  not rescues then is it ethical for BCR to advertise they are devoted entirely to abused and abandoned big cats? If these 3 cubs born at BCR were abused, who abused them, Carole? Her daughter? 
Is it ethical to ask people to “sponsor” or “adopt” cats that were your personal pets and breeders? Jumanji, who Carole’s daughter taught to walk on a leash and who once put 451 stitches in a woman’s arm, was “adopted” in 2009 by Chase Stockton of Panther International of Clearwater, Fl. for a donation of $20,000 for his “lifetime care”. Do you suppose Mr. Stockton was told that Jumanji was born at BCR and was Carole’s daughter’s personal pet? Or is it more reasonable to believe that Jumanji was portrayed as a “rescue”? This is fraud!!! 

‘Joe Exotic Speaks Out’  is a compiling program exposing the truth about some of the Private Exotic Animal Sanctuaries around the country. Thru proper investigation, Joe Schreibvogel  exposes these Private Exotic Animal Owners for what they really are and their ‘hoarding habit’* of collecting animals thru any means possible; including the lies and scamming methods used to gain your financial support to support their facilities. It’s an up close look at things in clear view but had not been considered at issue until the scamming for donations became so astronomical with an impact on the entire animal loving community that can no longer be tolerated.

None of the owners are usually experts, people like you and me, who might own an exotic animal. Yet these places present conditions that are sub-standard living conditions for the animals including how they actually manage to have obtained the animals!!! Their profiting off the animals and scamming for donations-is extremely serious and has damaged the Private Exotic Animal Owner community. By exploitation and exhibiting the animals, sometimes 24/7, the very thing that they claim they are against yet accepted by the general  public as credible.

Well, it doesn’t go both ways- This is an unbelievable hypocrisy that has gone on for years and frankly, has gone on long enough. It is not understood why these places are sometimes given ‘carte blanch treatment’ by the USDA over other Private Exotic Animal Owners; making the USDA inspection reposts un-credible or is that incredible?!? Yeah..Incredible!!!

Only by exposing the truth, can this BULLSHIT be stopped once and for all. Below are some of the Internet shows produced that you may have not heard about or ever seen. Get a grip as the truth might be a sad let down from what you may have believed to what the truth actually is.

Spirit of the Hills Wildlife Sanctuary-South Dakota

In-Sync Exotics-Texas

Crown Ridge Tiger Sanctuary-Missouri

Black Pine Animal Sanctuary-Indiana

One of the most explosive lies and scammers that has gone on long enough is Big Cat Rescue of Tampa, Florida with Carole Lewis Baskin as CEO and possibly based her BCR on the biggest scam and multiple lies of all time. Now you didn’t actually think I would leave that one out of this post -SERIOUSLY!?! But she was exposed by a TV station right there is Tampa Florida asking questions and not getting answers in Hot Topics!!!

Big Cat Rescue Exposed on News 10-Tampa, Florida

Joe Exotic began exposing the truth long before the ‘Joe Speaks Out’ series; many listed on youtube.

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions others…Stay tuned  -B

*Note-This blogger is not in the habit of using the term hoarder however in this instance seems appropriate as the addition of another ‘rescued animal’  leans itself to more donations as they use a form of guilt in the publics eye by somehow making the general public responsible for the rescue going good or bad.

~ by topcatsroar on June 24, 2014.

6 Responses to “ZOO WARS~ALERT-Big Cat Rescue Being Unethical Once AGAIN”

  1. It’s nothing but a RESCUE MILL. -Just coined a new label to go along with “seizure mills”!

  2. Well, you’ve done a good job exposing the truth. I salute you for this kind of bravery. I hope that the law enforcer take this matters seriously. Good.

    • Thank you so much but it takes a team of people working to expose the truth.
      I could not be doing as much without the help of many people doing the research.
      How dare Baskin or any of these so called ‘sanctuaries’ make “F” is for FAKE claims about animals in their care as a rescue when, many it all started out as their pets, the result of their breeding, and to be exploiting the animals in any way for donations while at the same time, going after other people for the things they themselves are guilty of and what they are.
      These places, like BCR, are no different than a ROADSIDE ZOO-Most of which are LOVELY paces run by ‘Mom and Pop’ and usually much cheaper to go in and see the animals.
      I’d rather go to Lowry Park Zoo (city zoo) in Tampa or Bush Gardens…I’d rather go to The Frank Buck Zoo than to In-Sync Exotics or better yet, a few more miles to GW Exotic Animal Park and see what a wonderful Zoo that one is as well as some of the rarest cats in the world with the possibility of having a photo with a cub.
      There are a few REAL sanctuaries out there. I recommend, if you’d like to help support their animals, to check out Mystic Jungle.
      Both Zoos and REAL sanctuaries need support-just make sure who you support is for REAL and not a pseudo sanctuary like Big Cat Rescue…It’s NOT, never was and NEVER will be… Watch Joe Speaks Out and help make it stop!!!
      Already there is an exotic animal penitentiary in Ohio and bans on Private Exotic Animal Ownership yet more people are hurt from dogs and even killed by horses each year…ALL because these lawmaker are buying into the ‘Mob Mentality’ of the Animal Rights Extremist Agenda and shocking to see them buying into their BULSHIT!!!

  3. […] https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2014/06/24/zoo-warsalert-big-cat-rescue-being-unethical-once-again/ […]

  4. Im sure Joe Exotic is a very legit source on the subject matter as he is under investigation for killing 23 tiger cubs among other animal abuse citations.

    • That’s been over and done with long ago…
      Baskin is HATED nationwide by animal owners and animal lovers throughout this country and with a damn good reason-She’s a fucking bitch…I HATE liars and I HATE people who act like bullies and brats-Now going after banning house cats. She got her start by SMUGGLING tigers into the state of FL without a permit or license to have them-Should have left her hanging and let FL take those cats!!!
      There’s no comparison…BCR is the slums compared to GW Exotic Animal Park but maybe you don’t know the difference between and old landfill and a nice piece of property…Joe is an expert on big cats and Baskin is an expert liar…

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