ZOO WARS~MORE FRAUD and LIES from Carole Baskin~ceo Big Cat Rescue/Wildlife on Easy Street (BCR/WOES)!!!

Just when you think there couldn’t possible be more…Yesterday’s birthday announcement came at a complete shock when Baskin knows there are documents, HER USDA DOCUMENTS, indicating where those animals actually came from and that they were PURCHASED and NOT a rescue unless she’s rescuing animals from herself-HA! It’s pretty much the same story ONE MORE FUCKING TIME…

So many of us are asking how the hell does she’s getting away with this?


Nirvana the ocelot checks out empty coffee cup

That cage does NOT meet the standards for this animal when it’s head can poke thru the cage-No way-Where’s FFW or that OSHA inspector?!? Where’s Laurie Gage with the USDA the USDA/APHS feline specialist?!?

the news from BCR:

“Nirvana came to Big Cat Rescue from a broker on 7/27/94. He had left her at the vet’s office for dead because she was so dehydrated. Ocelots were once in great demand as pets thanks to their striking coats and small size. However, as with most exotic cats, their unpredictable nature and propensity for spraying soon changes people’s minds.”

“Many of these once beloved pets end up abandoned, sold to canned hunts or ultimately euthanized. Nirvana was rescued and raised at Big Cat Rescue where she now passes the time climbing trees, catnapping in her man-made cave and spraying the unsuspecting passersby. Nirvana also participates in the operant training program and is one of the specially selected cats that BCR Interns work with each week.”

WHAT BULLSHIT!!! Here’s the proof:

Baskin document

(Just lick the image to enlarge)

THIS CAT WAS PURCHASED FOR $3,600.00 from Miami Reptile on 07/27/1994 You can’t make this shit up! There’s no way any breeder or owner of an extremely expensive animal (no telling what an ocelot cub might cost today) In 1994 fetched top dollar just as it does today for crying out loud-What a FUCKING liar and still taking in donations  based on LIES AND FRAUD!!!


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others-Just providing a public service thru demonstrating the TRUTH NOT TO BELIEVE A SINGLE STATEMENT FROM BASKIN OR ANYTHING COMING OUT OF BCR-LIE AFTER LIE FOR YOU TO PAY FOR HER FUCKING OBCESSION AND HOARDING ANIMALS!!! STAY TUNED  -B


Nirvana approves of coffee on a cloudy cool morning

“Big Cat Rescue is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, FEID 59-3330495. Florida law requires that all charities soliciting donations disclose their registration number and the percentage of your donation that goes to the cause and the amount that goes to the solicitor. Big Cat Rescue’s registration number is CH11409. We do not utilize professional solicitors, so 0% of your donation goes to a professional solicitor, 100% goes to Big Cat Rescue. Non-program expenses are funded from tour income, so 100% of your donations go to supporting the cats and stopping the abuse.”

There was no abuse other that the fraud to the public about this cat!!!

~ by topcatsroar on June 22, 2014.

5 Responses to “ZOO WARS~MORE FRAUD and LIES from Carole Baskin~ceo Big Cat Rescue/Wildlife on Easy Street (BCR/WOES)!!!”

  1. More of the truth behind the LIE!!! Oakey was a NEUTERED MALE-No way he sired a single cub!!! http://web.archive.org/web/19970412175859/http://www.wildlifeeasyst.com/ocelot.htm
    Nirvana (pictured) – a female Ocelot born 6/20/94. She came to us from a broker on 7/27/94. We bottle raised her and took her everywhere we went. She is handled by many people everyday and bites every one of us, and yet she is most people’s favorite.

    Oakey – a male Ocelot born 3/1/87 and came to us on 12/20/93 as his retirement from the circus. Like most Ocelots, he is overwhelmingly charming and completely without a conscience. It takes three people to get a collar on him, but he loves to walk on a leash.

    Samantha – a female Ocelot born 3/1/85 and came to us on 7/7/94. Her previous owner was sent to prison and the cat became the unwelcome guest of her 95 year old mother, who called a pet shop to help find a suitable owner.

    PURR-Sistence (pictured) – an Ocelot born 5/25/96 to Samantha and Oakey.

    PURR-Fection – an Ocelot born 5/25/96 to Samantha and Oakey.

  2. Rescues are run by people with a form of Munchausen’s but substituting animals for children. They make up elaborate Sob Stories concerning each animal making themselves the Hero. They will buy animals. breed animals, and even steal them to facilitate the illusion that people are giving up animals that they “cant care for.” and then turn around and charge exorbitant adoption fees siting staggering vet bills when in actuality the animal was if anything over weight!!! And many times, City and State officials will send animals seized to these people solely because of their politics!! Most have no idea what these animals need especially when it comes to less popular species like big cats and reptiles!! If the” RIGHT” person makes a complaint, they will make excuses to seize your pets and the judge will support them!!

  3. Like most “rescues,” BCR propagates the myth that when people have young big cats (cubs) that they use for photo shoots, those people will get rid of them after they reach a certain age. This may be true of a few, but definitely not all. Many of those cubs are owned by people who would sooner give up their own children than the growing young cats. Baskin herself has done many photo shoots with animals of varying ages. The only difference is, she doesn’t take them “on the road” because, no matter the reasons she gives, she just doesn’t have decent transportation for them. No emergency evac transport either, for that matter.

    • WBCR is collecting donations off his photo cats that he’s filled his penitentiary with…Went and got a 501-c-3 and sends the prison guards out to take care of the animals…He loves his new found con game…from Prisoner to Warden-Imagine that, now top of his game-HA! He couldn’t hold a real job on a bet!!!

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