ZOO WARS~One More Time~Just Because it Brings Me So Much Joy!!!!-Tony the Tiger will Be Staying Home!!!

Much thanks to everyone who helped with this long battle against Carole Baskin and her Animal Rights Extremists friends. Now for the next battle for all the money that Baskin collected ‘under the color of rescue’ -SCAMMING for donations- to bring Tony the Tiger to BCR now confirmed-will never happen as if it ever would -NOT!!!

That money was intended for Tony and considering that Baskin started the problem-she needs to send that money to Michael Sandlin. I am actually hoping that he sues her, ALDF, PETA and all those “F” is for FAKE rescues that were involved for AETA and RICO!!! PETA in there last ditch effort with pictures from ‘someplace else’; ALL the lies and destruction to the Truck Stop’s reputation…Now these groups are vowing to challenge the governor of Louisiana-REALLY?!? Now that’s funny-They think they are so above the law against both the House, the Senate and Governor Jindal…Now that’s funny-And at the risk of repeating myself-You just can’t make this SHIT up!!! Mob-Mentality…What a Hoot-Maybe they will piss off enough lawmakers and the governor enough to reverse their discriminatory law and once again allow Private Exotic Ownership of primates and big cats once again after realizing they bought into a line of crap about the animals and their owners!!!-HA!

My comment and you should add yours-just follow the link below:

“Get a grip ALDF-Lawmakers and the governor can make changes to their laws as they see fit including reversing the entire bill and once again ALLOW Private Exotic Animal Ownership-Guess what, they can do that too!!! I hope Mr. Michael S. Sandlin files suit for AETA, RICO and the interference with the normal business and reputation of the truck stop…All money collected for Tony should immediately be sent to Mr. Sandlin for all the grief, aggravation and expense you have already cost this man-YOU LOOSE -Here’s an idea for ya Stephen Wells, why don’t you go crawl back under your rock that you came from.”


Jindal signs bill grandfathering truck stop tiger; group vows challenge


Gov. Bobby Jindal has signed Senate Bill 250 into law grandfathering Tiger Truck Stop owner Michael Sandlin’s permit to keep a 550-pound Siberian-Bengal tiger caged there as a road-side curiosity. But an animal-rights group that successfully fought a series of court battles with Sandlin forcing the state Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to enforce a 2006 law barring private ownership of exotic large cats is vowing to challenge Jindal’s John Hancock in court.

“Based on the fact this new law violates the Louisiana Constitution, we’ll be filing a lawsuit early next week,” says Megan Backus, media relations manager for the Animal Legal Defense Fund.

The bill allowing Sandlin to keep “Tony” in the cage at his Grosse Tete truck stop squeaked through the Legislature this year.

The ALDF released a press release decrying Jindal’s signing of the bill:

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has signed “SB 250”— a bill exempting the owner of Tony the Tiger from existing Louisiana law that prohibits private possession of dangerous and exotic large cats. Michael Sandlin, the owner of the Tiger Truck Stop in Grosse Tete, LA, pushed for this controversial bill after several Louisiana courts rejected his permit to keep a 14 year-old Siberian-Bengal tiger named Tony caged as a gimmick in a gas station parking lot. This bill grants preferential treatment to one individual and has outraged Louisiana residents concerned with public safety and drawn criticism from animal welfare advocates across the nation.

In a unanimous 2012 decision by the Louisiana Court of Appeal, the Animal Legal Defense Fund won a three-year lawsuit against the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries for improperly issuing Mr. Sandlin a permit in violation of the big exotic cats ban. Last fall, the Louisiana Supreme Court let that decision stand. Governor Jindal’s signing of SB 250 now overturns those legal victories by undermining the settled rulings of Louisiana courts. The Animal Legal Defense Fund believes this law is unconstitutional and immediately plans to challenge its validity.

SB 250 was rushed through a Louisiana Senate committee with very little notice and failed to pass the Senate on its first attempt. After ultimately making it out of the Senate by a single vote, it finally passed out of the Louisiana House on the last day of the legislative session and was sent to the Governor’s desk––over the strong objections of veterinarians, animal advocates, and other lawmakers, including former Louisiana Rep. Warren Triche, who sponsored the law banning private parties from keeping large cats like Tony. That 2006 law was passed unanimously by the Louisiana legislature and was drafted by Rep. Triche specifically with Tony’s plight in mind.

“This law circumvents the three-tiered court system, including the Louisiana Court of Appeal, for the benefit of one individual,” said Rep. Warren Triche. “It is my understanding the Louisiana Constitution does not allow an individual to seek special favors to undo what the courts have already decided.”

“Governor Jindal has just signed a bill into law that violates his own state constitution. Mr. Sandlin repeatedly lost in the courts so he found a way to make his own one-man law,” said Stephen Wells, executive director of the Animal Legal Defense Fund. “We will not let Tony suffer because of this back-door sidestepping of the legal system.”


What do they care about the money they waste on filing suits?!? All donated and you better believe they receive a salary!!!

Disclaimer connected t this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

So sue me, LOL!!!



~ by topcatsroar on June 20, 2014.

One Response to “ZOO WARS~One More Time~Just Because it Brings Me So Much Joy!!!!-Tony the Tiger will Be Staying Home!!!”

  1. So hopefully Tony’s owners will read what we are posting in various places and will sue anyone that is connected to, and “enabled” Carol Baskin to attack him:

    “Ignorance of the law is no excuse”.

    There are a lot of animal lovers who with good intentions, support so-called “rescues” that lie and break the law as a regular part of the operation of their organization. They are called organizations because they usually involve a structure, officers and directors, and a group of people who contribute time, money, expertise, materials and advice. Even though someone in their organization takes upon herself or himself to be the spokesperson for the organization, everything he or she says, does, and publishes on behalf of the organization is considered coming from each member of the organization.
    It would not matter if the spokesperson’s lies were offered only by her or him. If they are material misrepresentations to local, state or federal agencies, media, insurance companies or even her or his own associates, if they are material to the licensing, publishing, or underwriting of the entities mentioned above they can and will be used against all associates in court. If you are uncomfortable about things that your spokesperson says or does on your behalf you should immediately distance yourself from the organization. When you are named in a civil suit, a loss in court will jeopardize your assets. If a criminal case is presented, you may see fines and prison time as well. Underfunded and understaffed government entities take months, even years, to complete an investigation.

    Here is some advice for officers, directors, employees and volunteers;
    You should be aware that the acquiring of a commercial insurance policy is predicated on the responses that an applicant make while filling out the application. Many horse related organizations fail to list all of their activities. This is so they can keep the cost down, but still be able to show someone a policy even though it doesn’t cover the activities, usually the most dangerous ones that their guests, volunteers and employees are participating in. These often include guided trail rides, horse consignment, horse brokering, horse transportation, training, workmen’s compensation, kids programs such as daycare and daycare with horse activities. It would be prudent for anyone associated with the organization to obtain a copy of the organizations insurance policy, contact the agent that wrote the policy, find out if it is still in force, and ask if your activities, or your child’s activities, are covered by the policy. If you do not get the appropriate response to your questions, get the heck out of there.

    One more piece of advice for officers and directors. If your spokesperson lies and commits crimes on your behalf, you would want to know that an Officers and Directors E&O policy is in force, was properly written, and has an appropriate amount of coverage to protect all of your assets. Your spokespersons words are your works, and the spokespersons actions on behalf of the organization are your actions. Have your attorney make sure you are covered properly.

    Anyone helping any so-called “animal rescues” should check on several things before helping them because more and more fraud and Animal Enterprise Terrorism with animal rescues is being exposed, investigated, and prosecuted all the time.

    If you are involved with a rescue who makes it a practice of attacking organizations and individuals with no offers of assistance other than stealing their animals, you are in danger of being arrested or sued.

    So called “rescues” that extort animals from good-hearted people are putting their members, volunteers, employees, officers, and directors at risk. This is because the FBI who coined the phrase “Animal Enterprise Terrorism” are investigating more and more seizures and attacks.

    This is true about local and State agencies. If you are listed below, you might want to take a real hard look at the organizations activities and the communications from its spokesperson before becoming involved with it:
    1. Organization board member;
    2. Organization officers;
    3. Members;
    4. Landlords and Lessors;
    5. Attorneys, Accountants, Insurance Agents, advisers, consultants;
    6. Employees;
    7. Volunteers;
    8. Contributors of money and materials;

    People connecting themselves to rescues by the use of their land, use of vehicles, by being on their Board of Directors, etc could be subject to being investigated and possibly prosecuted, and also are subject to being sued in civil lawsuits just by their participation with the animal rescue beyond simply donating their hard-earned money to keep what are basically “welfare rescues” (“welfare rescues” are those “rescues” who collect free money and goods from donations so that the primary participants in the rescue do not have to work real jobs outside of rescue) operating, and losing their personal and real property if they are leasing, renting, or letting the rescue have use of it, through a connection to a rescue found to be guilty of:

    *Non-profit fraud through the state they are registered in;
    *501c3 fraud through the IRS;
    *Income tax fraud;
    *Money laundering;
    *Threats of physical harm;
    *Animal Enterprise Terrorism.

    And for those people who think they are innocent by-standers passing information along; the minute you re-write the false and/or defamatory information that was posted by a so-called “rescue”, you are opening yourself to being enjoined in a lawsuit, and don’t expect the so-called “rescue” who is basically using you through social media, to defend you.

    We are in communication with an organization that has already identified over 100 defendants, and are preparing to sue them all; everyone will see, this is going to become a more common practice.
    There are organizations in the United States that have been formed with the sole purpose of helping victims of Animal Enterprise Terrorism because Animal Enterprise Terrorism, aka “seizure scams” are happening in epidemic proportions across the nation, and more victims of these attacks are joining with other victims, uniting, and taking legal action against their attackers, that include county and city animal agencies and/or employees who were/are in collusion with the attackers.

    Just a thought; wouldn’t someone think a “charitable organization” would try to help animal owners and their animals with their usually short-term issues, rather than publically attack and defame them, while trying to extort their animals from them? Sadly, that rarely, if ever happens with so-called “rescues” that perpetrate Animal Enterprise Terrorism upon breeders, rescues, and individuals.

    Here is a press release from Dr. Henneke that he posted before he passed away. He is the inventor of the weight assessment scale for horses. In his press release he states that horses should NOT be moved from where they are at on an owners property, he states that his weight assessment scale has been being misused, he states that horses need to have blood analysis done to determine what is going on with them, and he also states that these seizures are happening in epidemic proportions across the country, and that if the allegations are found to be bogus/unfounded, the attackers should be prosecuted by the state.


    So just a friendly warning for people who support animal rescues to research, know, and understand the laws, and background check the rescue thoroughly before engaging with them in partnership and/or financial endeavors.

    Many kind-hearted people are finding out that “ignorance of the law is no excuse” and it is being exposed that many so-called “rescues” are trying to “fly under the radar” of the laws that govern non-profits and 501c3’s, but as more and more people are burned by these rescues in one way or another, and rescues that do abide by the laws are getting angry that other “rescues” have been ignoring them until recently as more and more illegal activities are coming to light with some, perhaps many rescues, complaints are being sent in to the proper entities, and happily, the rescues that think they are above the law are finding out they are not.

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