ZOO WARS~OMG!!! Baskin kills this tiger then blames the previous owner-WTF!?! Can you say SCAM-tuary!?!

What BULLSHIT-She fucking killed the tiger and blames the previous owner for having done it!!! Is that what you would do for your dog when you could continue providing medication and encouraging him to eat-I bet NOT!!! Euthanizing an animal is supposed to be LAST RESORT!!! And here’s another mis-use and excuse for the killing and murder by a so called rescuer!!! Those drugs are too easy to use and get ahold of…Baskin raised a lot of money for this so called rescue-Only to go stay in some lavish Hotel for the HSUS convention and spout her shit for no contact. In reality, had she gotten a plane ticket for this tigers ACTUAL owner, it might have had a big impact on saving her life!!! -Oh, but that would mean admitting that contact for captive  born and raised animals is extremely important for an animal’s health and welfare. I’d like to see that lab report!!!

Now she’ll get some poor sap to sponsor a ‘memorial page’ to raise more money off this tiger and I bet in that memorial, she will continue blaming the previous owner. Again for the record, I believe they used some form of extortion to take those animals in the first place and what was needed was legal and financial help-a little goes along ways to improve conditions-they should not have had their animals removed.

E-COLI- Who can actually say why the cat had e-coli!?! It’s a known fact that meat can be contaminated before you buy it-These animals eat raw meat-HELLO!!! The tiger was at BCR for a lousy 17 days at BCR and it cost this tiger her life-that’s less than 3 weeks…Now she’ll send the tiger to the taxidermy-Carole Baskin, you make me sick!!!!

Get ready for the BULLSHIT…You better be sitting down for this one!!! Go read some of the comments from the idiots that bought into her BULLSHIT at the link!!!

from http://bigcatrescue.org/euthanize-tiger

When to Euthanize a Tiger

[Blah-Blah Blah….then we get to the part that has me riveting to a new level of anger!!!]

The second situation was even harder to make because Kimba the tiger had just been rescued 17 days before we had to make a life or death decision.  We knew almost nothing about Kimba, except that she was literally starving to death in NY and that we weren’t even sure she would make it through the day that we loaded her into a transport and gave her food and water for the first time in who knows how long.

She and her two family members were all starving and dehydrated and drank 8 gallons of water between them in the first 24 hours. As soon as they arrived at Big Cat Rescue we began offering food and Zeus ate like there was no tomorrow, but Keisha and Kimba were shy about it, so we couldn’t be sure if they were coming into the feeding area at night.

Within a few days, Keisha overcame her shyness and would eat while Keepers were present, but Kimba was still not packing away the chow like the other two.  We weren’t sure if she was just more shy, or if she had been starved for so long that she just couldn’t eat as much at any given time, so we started feeding her several times a day.  She would eat a couple bites, off a long stick, but then no more.  She was seen drinking regularly, so we just did all we could to increase her food intake, in the hopes that we could build up her strength enough to sedate her and look for anything else that may be going on.

Maybe she had bad teeth and eating was painful?  Maybe she had tumors or an obstruction that was keeping her from eating?  Maybe she had some disease?  Some things you just can’t tell by looking at a tiger, no matter how well trained your eyes.

We had noticed that she was missing much of the fur from around her rump, and thought it was from sitting in her own feces in her den in New York, which was the only place she could site that wasn’t on rocks.

We wondered if the heat was too much for her, even though she had a pool and the day we rescued her it was the same temp as what we have down here.  We have overhead sprinklers and turned those on for her.

Kimba seemed happy.  She would walk around, climb up and lounge on her platforms over looking the lake and would sleep the day away, like most tigers her age do, but she just wasn’t eating enough to improve her condition any, so we had to make the scary decision to sedate a very ill, 20 year old tiger.

More about that here: http://bigcatrescue.org/now-big-cat-rescue-june-11-2014/

Her exam showed that her teeth were fine and there weren’t any palpable tumors or obstructions but her blood work showed that she had a urinary tract infection and that her kidneys were in failure.  Sometimes a UTI can make kidney values worse than they really are, so we began treatment for the UTI with antibiotics and fluids.  At her advanced age, if there was any chance of turning this around, she had to get injections twice a day and 5 liters of fluids.


To do that we had to keep her in a transport wagon in the Cat Hospital and that worked for a couple of days because Kimba didn’t feel good enough to try and get away from us as we tended to her feeding, watering, brushing out the dense and dead Siberian coat (with a long handled back scratcher), and washing her down with the hose to keep her cool and clean.

She would let us get about 3 liters of fluids in her before objecting and moving away and that isn’t something you can force a tiger to endure. Repeated sedation would kill her for sure and add to the toxicity that her kidneys were trying to purify as well.

It looked like, no matter what we did, she was going to die.  The question was, would she do so in a tiny cage, after days or weeks of being poked with needles, or would she do so in comfort?

Since close confinement wasn’t working so well, and she seemed to be in better spirits, we decided to let her back into her yard in the hopes that she would drink enough on her own and yet still come to the side of the cage to get her meds, either in her food, or via injection.

Her first day back outside she was SO happy!  You can see her pouncing around on her platforms here:  http://bigcatrescue.org/now-big-cat-rescue-june-12-2014/

But she wouldn’t take the meds in food and wouldn’t come to the side of the cage to be injected.  We still had to get them in her though and had to dart her with the antibiotics to ensure she was getting them.

She hated that and began hiding in her den and just growling when anyone approached.  We set up trail cams to see if she was getting up to eat or drink and she wasn’t doing enough of either to survive.  Her condition was worsening and she now had gone more than a day without eating at all.

So our choices were to sedate her yet again, put her back in the transport wagon in the Cat Hospital, keep injecting her twice a day with antibiotics and keep trying to give her fluids, when she was pulling away from us after only getting a tenth of what she needed and hope for a miracle, OR let her go to sleep peacefully in the one place where she had found happiness, however brief, where she could be surrounded by her tiger family and let her last moments be that of drifting off to sleep, in the shade of her beloved platforms, while gazing out over the lake?

Along with our vets we weighed the pros and cons and decided that Kimba had overcome death for the past couple of weeks through little more than her strong will and now that she was giving up it should be on her terms in a setting that she chose.

It took us several hours and many tears to make that decision, but her necropsy showed that it was the right one for Kimba; no matter how hard it had been for us.

Four days after making the decision to euthanize Kimba we got the lab reports back and they showed that Kimba’s UTI was complicated by E. coli, from the filthy conditions she was forced to live in, and that the drug we were using was the best drug for her infection. That both broke our hearts, because Kimba wouldn’t have been so ill if her former owner had just cared enough to keep her cage clean, and gave us some peace in knowing that we were doing all that was medically possible for Kimba, and that if she had not responded to the drugs by now, she wasn’t going to.


Take a good look at that picture-What they Hell was she doing putting her back out, ON DISPLAY?!? What ever happened to isolating animals before putting them out into the compound!?! -In off display from the public’s eye!?! -WTF!?!

What’s Baskin always complaining about-Contact with the animals -Baskin denies contact!! Puts a sick cat back out before it had a bonified chance to get better and then doesn’t understand when the tiger doesn’t rally. She just admitted that they stopped the medication in doing so!!! OMG, I am so pissed off!!! They couldn’t even properly medicate the tiger…Just how well did this euthanization go then?!?

I can recall spending weeks at a time with a sick tiger over the years; providing fluids and medication; encouraging my tiger to eat-WEEKS later and she survived…She wasn’t put out in any compound or had her daily exercise-My tiger was sick and going to die if I didn’t handle it properly, including crawling into the transport when necessary-trying a variety of different cuts of meats…using a B-complex to encourage appetite including diazepam to sedate and that too will encourage eating.

Now I can understand not crawling into a cage with a sick tiger that had just been yanked away from the only life it knew with it’s rightful owners but the rest is pure BULLSHIT!!! Baskin shouldn’t be allowed to bring another cat into that facility until and unless she can get educated on the proper care and handling of these great beasts-Most certainly she shouldn’t be rewarded with you sympathy and donations-Obviously the vets and her staff don’t know how to properly take care of sick animals or even medicate these types of animals with a great deal of skill and speed but it certainly isn’t rocket science now is it!!!

Sick animals are always caged and placed in a quiet environment for treatment-it’s the same for ALL sick animals…I wish she were shut down once and for all!!!


I was alerted to this early yesterday morning when I began this post…I went back to Joe’s FB page to see if there were any updates and found the following and suggest sharing WILDLY!!

For Immediate Release Press Release

To: All News Media
From: United States Zoological Association

Re: Carole Baskin CEO Big Cat Rescue Tampa Florida

Tampa Fl- The United States Zoological Association can no longer sit back and watch the fraudulent fundraising to rescue Tigers and other big cats going to Big Cat Rescue of Tampa and then be EUTHANIZED when their need for pleading for money is worn out.

May 28th, 2014 Fox Tampa Bay aired a story about 3 tigers in New York that were supposedly starving and needed rescued. Big Cat Rescue has raised over $23,000.00 of the $37,000.00 they’re asking for: http://www.razoo.com/story/Nytigers to rescue these 3 tigers and bring them to Tampa to live out their lives in peace and safety.

On June 9th, 2014 Carole Baskin posted a photo of Kimba one of the 3 tigers rescued asking the general public for advice of what to do, sedate the tiger or try to keep feeding it. This is a USDA licensed facility that is by law required to have a trained vet on staff to make these judgment calls not the general public.

On June 19th, 2014 Carole Baskin posted a photo stating that she had euthanized Kimba just 17 days after being rescued. This is like a broken record for this facility, they beg for money to rescue big cats and then they either die or need to be put down for some reason or another while Carole Baskin pays $25,000.00 to have a booth at the Humane Society of the United States convention. And not forgetting the fact she pays $50,000.00 per plate for her and her husband to eat with Wayne Pacelle. This is one of the worst forms of money laundering from a nonprofit animal facility to an animal rights lobbying group we have ever seen, while the hard working general public is donating money thinking they are helping animals.

To date over 158 big cats have died at this facility with 8 already this year alone.

Jan 2014: Flavio – Tiger, Sasha – Cougar;
Feb 2014: Banjo – Bearcat, Precious – Bobcat;
April 2014: China Doll – Tiger, Mr. E – Leopard cat;
June 2014: Amazing Grace – Ocelot, Kimba – Tiger.

It is time we demand an investigation as to what is going on at Big Cat Rescue of Tampa. Our office has spoken to a taxidermist in the Tampa area that has skinned and mounted many of the cats dying at Big Cat Rescue. On January 16th, 2006 Carole Lewis Baskin was seen at a taxidermist in Bushnell, Florida unloading “20 some” dead exotic cats. According to the taxidermist, Bo Reed, those cats salvageable were there to be skinned for their fur A full investigation into where the bones/body parts are going needs to be opened up by the Federal Fish and Wildlife since most of these dead cats are endangered.

Carole Baskin was accused of over 60 counts of Notary fraud which the Hillsboro Country Sheriffs office did nothing about even after admitting on video that she broke the law. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XovvaJeZFqA at what point is Mrs. Baskin going to be held accountable for her crimes like any other person in Florida? Who is she paying off? The dead, dying of animals to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars must come to a stop.

Big Cat Rescue’s NY Tiger Rescue
Big Cat Rescue’s NY Tiger Rescue


PLEASE SHARE WILDLY!!! I’m tired of these SCAM-tuaries getting away with this!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned

I am so pissed off right now South Park


~ by topcatsroar on June 20, 2014.

9 Responses to “ZOO WARS~OMG!!! Baskin kills this tiger then blames the previous owner-WTF!?! Can you say SCAM-tuary!?!”

  1. Gosh, the “rescuer of big cats that isn’t” in this blog post at the link reminds me of another “rescuer of horses who isn’t” with her serial killing of animals, her embellishments, fabrications, her delusions of grandeur, and illusions of self-importance (and mainstream horse people I speak with are all laughing at her and how she couldn’t train her way out of a paper bag, rides like she is sitting in her barca-lounger, can’t even tell when a horse is lame in the front end, the back end, their back, etc, and probably also doesn’t even know how to tell which lead she’s on….lol), and her lies.

    The good news is that the “rescuer of big cats who isn’t” is being investigated for shady dealings, and the great news is that “the rescuer of horses who isn’t” keeps supplying more, and more, and more information of their shady dealings, so when the investigation goes down with her, anyone that is dealing with her, helping her, involved with her, etc, is going to be suspected in wrong-doings and illegal dealings too, and will also be subject to needing to hire an attorney to defend them, and try to keep their assets.

    Why does everyone think the “horse rescue that isn’t” has been asked to leave where they’ve been for several years?
    That’s right, their landlord is seeing the writing on the wall and they don’t want to take a chance on losing their assets (their land the “rescue” is situated on for the past 6 years) when the shit hits the fan very, very shortly.

    Smart people would be well-advised to stay far, far away from some of the “rescues that aren’t” when they are always asking for help to get them out of yet another crisis, because when people are running scams and breaking the law, they’ll use anyone that is stupid enough to help them, and don’t care one bit if that person that helped them loses their assets when legal proceedings happen sooner rather than later because in the end, it’s only themselves these scammers feel sorry for because whether they have been damaged, or were simply born that way, in the end, their failures and wrong-doings are always someone else’s fault, and never their own in their narcissistic, entitled minds.

  2. Top cats roar, I don’t know who you are, but I know what you are and that is, full of shit. Big cat rescue has many, many honors, and accolades for it’s non profit efforts on behalf of mistreated and neglected big cats of several species. You represent the ignorant, misguided idiots who are responsible for creating the horors that BCR and others like them, are having to clean up after. Such as the woman in NY who’s animals were FINALLY rescued in the operation you were referring to in your mindless blog. I and other intelligent people can see right through you. So keep flapping your lips, the more you say, the more you prove to be an ignorant idiot.

    • Honors?!? From who?!? Is it like the accreditation-NOT VERIFIED so worthless, and cost money to have?!? It’s no more than the roadside zoo that she claims is so bad-Baskin only joined the Animal Rights Extremists Organizations for a new source of funding-Furthermore, she collected money for Tony the Tiger and that’s FRAUD and being reported. The possible outbreak of e-coli ALREADY reported!!! So go stick your nose back up Baskin’s butt and show us more of your stupidity for not knowing the truth and why so many people are against her continuing with a sub-standard facility. My God-she put that sick cat back out in the compound on display!!! Ever hear about isolation and quarantine procedures for incoming animals -I bet not but is common practice done by REAL experts and not someone who doesn’t have a clue-Get a grip-it won’t belong before she’s shut done and most certainly not rewarded for her unethical practices. Baskin needs to attend to the business of the cats and BCR rather than concern herself with what others do, which is none of her business. By the way-Tony the Tiger STAYS HOME!!! WOOHOO Louisiana did not buy into the mob-mentality of HSUS and hopefully will soon reverse it’s decision to ban private ownership and the lawmakers right to do so. ALDF is not a government agency nor is HSUS/GFAS/PETA/SPCA and all the others who made settlement with Feld rather than risk further exposure for racketeering (RICO). We will expose the truth about those who have chosen the path of the terrorists within our borders and Baskin with her so called ‘sanctuary’ (which is NOT considered a Florida sanctuary by FFW as it Does NOT meet the standards-don’t believe me-give them a quick email (FFW) and ask for yourself!!!).

  3. Had Some Of The Same Thoughts abOut Kimba. So Sad. I Knew The Former Owners And Was A Volunteer At JNK. I KNOW the Animals Were Loved, But Things Must Have Gone downhill After Ken’s Death. The Personal Attacks Toward Jnk Sure Seem To Be Encouraged By Big Cat. None Of The Other Facilities That TookJNK’s Animals Have Had Comments Like This.

    • I am so sorry for everyone’s loss and especially Ken’s wife…Please let her know she can contact me anytime if she needs to talk-All comments are moderated by me and will not be published at her request!!! Mire than thongs going down hill and more like a zoonosis situation that likely began with the food source-As a widow she must have been trying to hold on to her very expensive and beloved animals-I don’t believe a single word of BCR explanation-one lie indicates there are many. It should be and is being reported as FRAUD!!!

      • So Many Things Just Don’t Sound Right. OuR Dog Drinks A Gallon A Day. Why Would It Be Surprising For 3 Tigers To Drink 8 Gallons? She Didn’t Eat For A Day? Really? What Happens To Her Remains? I Read last Week How Another Rescue Handles It. I Hope They Treated Her With The Respect She Deserved.

      • As far as I know-She will get $500.00 from some poor sap for the memorial page and the cat will go to a taxidermy for future use-Baskin has stated, let there be no waste…

    • Can you find out who the vet was that approved this transport and issued the health certificate?!? Complaint needs to be filed…or did they take sick animals across many state lines with no health certificate?!?

  4. […] https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2014/06/20/zoo-warsomg-baskin-kills-this-tiger-then-blames-the-prev… […]

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