ACTION ALERT~from the Performance Show Horse Association -S 1406

Call to Action S1406




Chairman:                     Mark Pryor 202-224-2353

Ranking Member:         Roy Blunt 202-224-5721




Mark Pryor                   Arkansas                   202-224-2353

Dianne Feinstein         California                   202-224-3841

Tom Harkin                  Iowa                           202-224-3254

Jon Tester                   Montana                     202-224-2644

Tom Udall                    New Mexico               202-224-6621

Jeff Merkley                 Oregon                      202-224-3753

Tim Johnson               South Dakota             202-224-5842




Jerry Moran                  Kansas                 202-224-6521

Mitch McConnell          Kentucky              202-224-2541

Susan Collins               Maine                   202-224-2523

Thad Cochran               Mississippi           202-224-5054

Roy Blunt                      Missouri               202-224-5721

John Hoeven                North Dakota        202-224-2551



I understand that Sen. Ayotte and Sen. Warner will try and push their bill (S. 1406) through the Senate as an amendment to the Senate Agriculture Appropriations bill. This bill would eliminate the walking horse industry, would eliminate 20,000 jobs and would eliminate 3 billion in economic activity. It turns over everything in the industry to the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Department of Justice and will cost taxpayers a considerable amount. This is a Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) bill, an Animal Rights Extremist Organization and terrorists within our borders. It furthers their radical agenda. I and my family hope that you will not support this amendment.


    Adverse Agricultural Economic Impact STAGGERING

       Jobs Lost

    USDA budget soars  

    Over 80% of Walking Horses will be displaced

   USDA current Industry Published Compliance Rate  is 96.7%

   Possible unconstitutional “taking”

   EXPANDS the role of the Federal Government by creating a Federal Horse Cruelty Law superseding State law


    Bill is backed by HSUS (which has paid $15.75 million to settle racketeerring lawsuit).


Please make the above phone calls. If you have time call addiitional Senators (refer to contact list emailed yesterday).



Performance Show Horse Association 


~ by topcatsroar on June 19, 2014.

2 Responses to “ACTION ALERT~from the Performance Show Horse Association -S 1406”

  1. The Performance Show Horse Association is a group that supports animal abuse by using chains and stacks on Tennessee Walking Horses. Walkers have a natural God given smooth gait and do not need torture devices that alter their body movements. There is nothing natural about a horse on 5 inch stacks with chains around it’s pasturns.

    • I am not familiar with the Performance Show Horse Association beyond this bill. An ALERT to a Bill I exactly that and points out why a bill should or should not be supported. You do not have to support a group or even be involved with a group to recognize whether you do or do not support a bill. I do not support this bill. It is yet another HSUS form of control over animals for greater laws that are not necessary and costly. Enforce current laws that are already in place rather than create more laws where there unnecessary and will be a greater advantage of promoting the HSUS true agenda which promotes animal cruelty.
      Talking points of the bill (just in case you didn’t actually read beyond the subject line of the post: Adverse Agricultural Economic Impact with STAGGERING
      jobs Lost, USDA budget soars, over 80% of Walking Horses will be displaced. USDA current Industry Published Compliance Rate is 96.7%, possible unconstitutional “taking”, and EXPANDS the role of the Federal Government by creating a Federal Horse Cruelty Law superseding State law!!! I don’t support any of that and neither do or will most people.
      So get over yourself and realize that this is another unnecessary control over people and NOT a thing to do with animal protection when there’s already laws in place.

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