ZOO WARS~ACTION ALERT-UPDATE!!!-Florida’s Captive Wildlife Technical Assistance Group

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Following is a draft Alert to be sent out via email to Florida folks who keep and breed exotic birds and animals. I am posting it here so all can see the contents. When this Alert is sent via email, it will have a link to a website where you can write to the FWC commissioners and express your opinion about the TAG. Keep in mind it is important to be polite, even if outraged.

Letter to C/P below or write a message of your own…UNITED WE STAND!!! What updates can be found on the FL tag FB page: https://www.facebook.com/FLTAG

Send TONIGHT and Tomorrow-We received notice of the meeting TODAY… Send one email to the following email addresses:





To: Florida animal owners and Florida permitted, Class I, Class II and Class III
It appears that the Captive Wildlife Division under the governance of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has created a new Captive Wildlife Technical Assistance Group (CWTAG or TAG).
First, there was NO public notice given that a new TAG was being selected.
No record of a discussion of such a TAG has been found in the minutes of the Commission. It appears that this TAG was created without due notice to those persons who would most be affected by the decisions made by the TAG.
This is a lack of transparency in governance by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Note that the Florida Department of Agriculture requests stakeholders select their representatives for the Agriculture Technical Advisory Council. This means that the stakeholders have appropriate input.

It is of concern that there are no representatives for private owners.
No representatives for private breeders.
No representatives for those with hands on exhibition with big cats.
It is of concern that TAG members include ONE person representing Class III animals: reptiles.
It is of concern that there are no representatives for birds, the largest number of permit holders.
It is of concern that there are two sanctuary representatives: one primate, one big cat.

It is of concern that Carole Baskin is on the TAG. Why is an animal rights activist on the TAG? Carole Baskin opposes everything that FWC is about. She filed many unfounded complaints to FWC and USDA in Florida and the US. She has no private ownership experience. No circus experience. No successful breeding. No hands on experience. No swim with animals experience. No commercial site experience. Which is a lot of lacking in experience with big cats.

It is of concern that there is a representative of HSUS on the TAG. How can HSUS be a stakeholder? Perhaps HSUS is more reasonably placed on the Advisory group as a resource, since HSUS is not an actual stakeholder.
It is absolutely critical that each person who is a permit holder be informed of this event and that as many as possible attend the meeting of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission meeting to voice your concerns.

FWC Commission meeting. Wednesday, June 18, 12 noon,
Crowne Plaza, 13051 Bell Tower Drive, Fort Meyers, Florida 33907

We need to let these commissioners know that we are NOT happy with this TAG and NOT happy with the way it was created without public notice. This lack of transparency in creating an entity which can affect all of our lives is an incredible overreach on the part of the Florida Wildlife Division, and the FWC Commissioners need to do something to change that situation. Otherwise, we are being governed without input or consent.

Decisions could be made that would not be in keeping with appropriate animal husbandry practices for the species we keep. This could result in damage to the health and welfare of our animals!

We urge each permit holder to share this information with other permit holders and with other animal owners. This is an issue that affects members of the public and their right to keep and breed exotic animals in the State of Florida.
We urge all to click on the “Take Action” in the upper right hand corner and complete a message to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commissioners. You can use the talking points provided or you can write your own message, or combine the talking points with your own message. Unless we all take action, we may all suffer the consequences!

…………These talking points will appear on a separate page……..

I am writing to protest the creation of a new TAG without due notice to all the stakeholders.
I am outraged that no representation is provided for the largest number of stakeholders; birds.
I find it incredible that the Commissioners have not understood that the HSUS is not a stakeholder and has a published agenda of ELIMINATING all animal enterprises, including zoos, and of course, private ownership of all exotics. How can any reasonable official entity include a party that has no actual stake in animals, but only a stake in eliminating animals? This makes no sense.
I am outraged that Carole Baskin is included on this TAG. What animal welfare purpose can be served by having a known animal rights activist on this TAG?
Thank you for your immediate attention in a matter of extreme concern to me!!!


(your name)

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B

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