ZOO WARS~ACTION ALERT-Captive Wildlife Technical Assistance Group

What does someone who is against breeding and private ownership of big cats doing on a Board of Directors for Captive Wildlife Technical Assistance Group?!? She DOESN’T!!! Just got this news and made me sick!!! The caging at BCR doesn’t even come close to meeting the proper standards for public safety thus less proper for the animals inside-Baskin is far from being an expert with more than 150 dead cats-WTF!?!

Technical Assistance?!? Please watch the video below!!!-Will this provide her with information and reports that she might otherwise be privy too and then set her associates with GFAS/HSUS/ALDF to pursue matters that belong to a government agency and NOT joined by her non-expert associates in matters that are of no concern for private citizens to take action. FFW has stated that BCR does not qualify as a legitimate sanctuary in the state of Florida due to t’s commercial activity. How can an owner of a facility that is below both state and federal standards be on a board that provides technical assistance when it has millions and does nothing to improve their own standards-Is this a free ride to break the law and regulations?!?

The only conclusion that would account for Baskin to be a board member would indicate a PAY-OFF!!! So, who did her husband, Howard Baskin, pay-off in order for her to obtain this position for his wife?!? There’s no way that she qualifies to have this board position!!! A GFAS certification is a pay off to HSUS/GFAS and has no bearing on the standing of this facility. BCR has never been verified because the facility would not qualify-Meaning the only way she would pass verification would be to make more pay-offs to GFAS/HSUS…She’s a Fucking Animal Right’s Extremist with big cats to make money-Her husband, Howard Baskin, draws a salary and they both receive benefits from BCR donations.

“F” is for FAKE Pseudo sanctuary and Howard Baskin has been manipulating the facility ever since coming in contact with Carole Lewis Baskin; in other words, doing her bidding to make it a profitable NFP to secure his rather large salary.

Link of interest: https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2014/06/12/howard-baskinthe-brain-behind-bat-shit-crazy/

Take a Good Hard Look at this ‘facility’


Send this entire blog post or use this as reference for writing points or simply C/P the following letter -Your message, whether you reside in Florida or not needs to be heard…Their are multiple Zoo Wars posts concerning Big Cat Rescue/Carole Lewis Baskin contained in this blog. Tether than close this Hell-Hole for Big Cats Baskin continues along with what is believed to be her sister facility, Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue, owned by Jeff Kozlowski a CONVICTED FELON using donations intended for the care of Big Cats for Political Purpose-Neither of which are big cat rescues-Both Pseudo sanctuaries.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission

To: Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission

Re: Captive Wildlife Technical Assistance Group

To whom it may concern

I have just learned that Carole Baskin of Big Cat Rescue has been selected as a member too Captive Wildlife Technical Assistance Group(CWTAG). I am writing you to ask you to remove her from this position for the following numerous reasons.

1- She does not qualify for the position due to the fact she has no expert opinion in breeding any animals and she advocates against breeding. The only breeding Carole Baskin has done is with bobcats in the early 90’s which she kept them in 5 gallon buckets in her home where most of them died.

2- She does not qualify for the position due to the fact she has NO hands on experience with big cats as she advocates that you should not interact with big cats. The only big cat she has hands on experience with was a tiger cub she purchased in the late 90’s and has not had hands on experience since with any large cat.

3- She does not qualify for this position due to the fact she has NO circus experience, she has NEVER been involved in working with circus animals and or big cats. 

4- She already as per her hand outs and website does not agree with the Florida Fish and Wildlife policies.

5- She does not represent the animal industry at all. They only thing she does is put big cats in sub-standard cages to raise money for the Animal Rights Extremist Agendas and lobbies to shut this industry down.

6- As per her 25 year plan, she states she has given up on them in the wild as there is no way to save them. She has stated that she hopes to run herself out of business by getting rid of all big cats in captivity. This would be an atrocity to have someone on a conservation board that advocates extinction.

7- She has been accused of over 60 counts of Notary fraud:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XovvaJeZFqA

8- She remains the only suspect in her husband Don Lewis disappearancehttp://www.people.com/people/archive/article/0,,20127008,00.html

9- She has had over 150 cats die at her facility, and as her own Facebook, she seeks public advise on how to care for her cats.

10- She was asked to resign off the Hillsboro County Animal Advisory Board. 

11-The cats at Big Cat Rescue are living in substandard conditions-trees are not meant to be part of the structure poles of the cages.

Once again I believe you could find more qualified people to put on this board to make the right decisions for not only the future of the animal industry in Florida which will affect not only thousands of animals but the business that are in Florida as well. By placing her on this board means that the fraudulent claim of Big Cat Rescue as a Florida Sanctuary is acceptable even though FFW has stated it is not an accepted Florida Sanctuary due to the excessive commercial activity 24/7 at this facility.

By placing Carole Baskin on the Captive Wildlife Technical Assistance Group, The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission is sending the wrong message to not only the general public, but to owners within the state that possess big cats. In short, please reconsider and then ask Carole Baskin to resign or simply dismiss her from this Board of Directors. I consider this an embarrassment to the Great State of Florida!

Thank you for taking the time and attention in a matter that is extremely important to me.


(sign your name)

Send to: Please type up a letter like this and fax it to 352-567-2579 or email it to peatmaker@earthlink.net




~ by topcatsroar on June 16, 2014.

4 Responses to “ZOO WARS~ACTION ALERT-Captive Wildlife Technical Assistance Group”

  1. They scream “safety!” but they obviously don’t believe in it. The “no handling” thing isn’t about safety, it’s just emotional cruelty.

  2. I don’t really see how she could make it much worse. They’ve already prohibited “personal possession.” Perhaps she will wreak havoc among some of these exhibitors who deserve to be wreaked because of what they did to people who want to own exotic pets.

    • This is more than Big Cats but concerns ALL exotic animal ownership, including exotic birds…watch for updates!!!!

  3. […] LINK OF INTEREST: https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2014/06/16/zoo-warsaction-alert-captive-wildlife-technical-assistan… […]

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