ZOO WARS~ ALFD is at it AGAIN!!!

I don’t know anything about this zoo other than what it says in the article (which really isn’t much) but when I see ALDF has filed another suit against an Exotic Animal Owner, I see RED!!! Group my ass, this is an Animal Rights Extremist organization attacking animal owners…It is NOT an Animal Welfare group!!!

This is NOT a government agency and has no business filing any suit against any animal owner, thus less a USDA/APHIS regulated facility. This is how it began for Tony the Tiger at the Tiger Truck Stop, Grosse Tete, Louisiana, owner by Michael Sandlin who has spent in excess of $100,000.00 to keep his tiger…When will this insanity stop?! Animal owners are to be protected, especially a business NFP or NOT!!!

Started doing some more investigation beyond the published article below for what I can find concerning this suit and the zoo that is being attacked.


Group files lawsuit against Manchester zoo

An animal welfare group has filed a lawsuit against an eastern Iowa zoo, alleging mistreatment of animals and violations of federal laws.

The Telegraph Herald reports (http://bit.ly/1l9luqQ ) the Animal Legal Defense Fund filed the lawsuit Wednesday against the owners of Cricket Hollow Zoo in Manchester.

The suit claims the zoo houses animals in unsuitable and unsanitary conditions and unlawfully possessed protected species. The group asks a federal judge to remove several animals and declare violations of the Endangered Species Act.

Animals noted in the suit include lemurs, tigers, lions and wolves.

Owner Pam Sellner says this is the latest of ongoing attacks by the group and is unfounded. She acknowledges the U.S. Department of Agriculture has issued fines and violations against the zoo, but she claims those issues were minor.



The owners of an exotic animal zoo in Manchester could face a lawsuit for alleged violations of the Endangered Species Act.

Earlier this week, the California-based Animal Legal Defense Fund sent a letter to Tom and Pam Sellner, owners of the Cricket Hollow Zoo, informing them that the ALDF intends to take legal action against the zoo. The complaint contends the Sellners are violating the Endangered Species Act “by wounding, harming and/or harassing numerous animals at the Cricket Hollow Zoo.”

“Extensive photographic evidence, visitor observations and expert analyses indicate that animals of ESA-listed species at CHZ are mentally and physically suffering in cramped and deprived conditions,” the complaint states.

The zoo’s website states the couple have been caring for exotic animals since 1986 and their numbers top 300 birds and other animals, including tigers, African lions, cougars, bobcat, lynx and servals. According to the USDA, other animals at the zoo include deer, an armadillo, two North American black bears, 40 sheep of mouflons, one red ruffed lemur, four baboons, two rhesus macaques and four grey wolves.

A phone call to the zoo Thursday afternoon went unanswered and the Sellners could not be reached for comment.

Citing United States Department of Agriculture reports, photos and visitor observations, the complaint outlines “atrocious conditions” documented at the park.

– During a 2011 visit, USDA inspectors said the zoo lacked a sufficient number of employees for the 161 animals counted at the zoo. When inspectors returned four months later, they found that the number of animals had increased to 179.

– Also in 2011, a ring-tailed lemur was observed by a USDA inspector to be living alone with inadequate lighting. The inspector also noted open boxes of fruit and produce in the enclosure had excessive flies and appeared to be rotten.

– Visitors to the zoo have noted a build-up of waste in the big cat enclosures. In 2012, visitors witnessed an “emaciated female lion vomiting” and “fly laden meat” in other enclosures. The complaint also alleges that big cats and wolves have not survived through the 2012 and 2013 winters.

– The Sellners are accused of declawing endangered big cats at the zoo, in violation of a USDA policy announced in 2006.

According to the USDA’s website, out of four visits to the zoo between July 31, 2013 and Jan. 9, 2014, inspectors tallied 28 “non-compliances.” Conditions detailed at the zoo include inadequate watering and shelter, dirty conditions of the facilities and the death of three piglets born to a Meishan pig left out in the cold.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund has offered to assist the Sellners with the alleged issues at the zoo.

“To assist you in coming into compliance, ALDF is willing to help you relocate suffering animals housed at CHZ to reputable wildlife sanctuaries where the animals can receive the rehabilitation and care they so badly need and receive,” the letter states.

The ALDF said the complaint can be filed in 60 days.


WHAT?! Did I just read that right?!? Is this is a form of EXTORTION from ALDF!?!

“The Animal Legal Defense Fund has offered to assist the Sellners with the alleged issues at the zoo.”

“To assist you in coming into compliance, ALDF is willing to help you relocate suffering animals housed at CHZ to reputable wildlife sanctuaries where the animals can receive the rehabilitation and care they so badly need and receive,” the letter states.”

That my friends is not helping-that’s theft under “the color of rescue”

Decided to do a little investigation of my own…Here’s their FB page:


Just a quick statement in response to all the nasty media hype from ADLF – as of this writing 6 AM June 13, 2014 this zoo has NOT been served with any legal action and we have not seen any of the paperwork sent out to the media. The local sheriff’s office has no paper work concerning this action they are claiming has been brought against us.


And their most recent USDA report…Well since September 2013 there have been 5 inspection reports…The USDA is doing target enforcement of this facility already, however even though no one was available for the last inspection I see that things are improving since 2011 so an effort has been made for mostly minor areas that needed improving. Now targeted by ALDF is only making matters more stressful on the owners of this facility making it even more difficult for business as usual; if there is such a thing anymore for Mom and Pop family zoos anymore now being called ‘roadside zoos’ That is if you can ignore the attacks on AZA registered zoos…Yet they approve of facilities that classify themselves as sanctuaries and operating much like a zoo-exhibiting in any fashion is considered exploitation by Animal Rights Extremists but I have never seen so much fund raising as I see at these so called sanctuaries taking exploitation to a new level!!!

I hope there will be no updates concerning this matter indicating that all is well for the owners and safe and sound for the animals at the zoo!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B




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