Scheming for Money from ‘Rescue’

Scheming for money is nothing new. You might think that the ‘Lucky Dog’ case is an exception when far from it however, rather unusual with someone doing something about this scam…Many so called ‘rescues’ are nothing more than scams and profiting with the gain of ‘rescue pets’ and is happening all over the country with no one doing a damn thing about it…Animals being killed to make room for more or claiming that they had to kill animals that they didn’t have room for when, in fact, they did say animals were kept at the local recreation center that was being used to house other seized animals with plenty of space for more…With no permission from anyone, before the first court hearing; they set out to kill 1/3 the animals for no reason what-so-ever except that they could as they had no intention of ‘rescue’ for animals that would be difficult to find homes for.*

Maybe now some thought will go into how they properly handle animals, especially with a vet in charge…

Profiting From Emotion

This week saw a different kind of precedent set in the world of animal sheltering/rescue. Former director of the Boggs Mountain Humane Shelter in Clayton Georgia, Lowanda “Peanut” Kilby was found guilty of 60 counts of theft and racketeering.

The charges, subsequent prosecution and conviction came after an investigation into the shelter’s Lucky Dog/Lucky Kitty program. Owners of surrendered pets were led to believe if they made a donation of at least $100 at the time of surrender their pets were guaranteed not to be euthanized. In reality, Ms. Kilby was diverting funds into her personal account and the dogs were indeed being killed to make room for more whose owners allowed themselves to believe the fairytale. While this is a tragedy for the pets that died in the name of greed in Georgia, it is not a unique scenario.

We have so many wonderful, responsible rescues and shelters who strive to insure the care displaced animals receive is the very best. These groups operate on limited funds but would never consider lining their pockets on money gained from playing off the emotions of pet owners or the lives of the animals in their care.

Not all owners surrendering pets to our shelters and rescues are irresponsible or lacking in concern for the welfare of their animals. Many of us would live on the streets if that meant our pets were safe but circumstances sometimes warrant making the hard decisions. Consider for a moment if you were told your animals were guaranteed safety if you made a substantial donation. Chances are you would give your last dime for such an assurance. That is what makes the actions of the unscrupulous shelter and rescues that much more repulsive.

In this case the actions of the shelter director were illegal but there is a different crime being committed in the name of rehoming pets that is not when owners willingly relinquish their pets. This crime is against laws of morality and it is called flipping.

Just like the reality programs you see on television about houses being purchased, renovated and “flipped” for a profit, the practice of acquiring purebred or designer dogs has become quite the lucrative business. You can go to Craigslist on any given day and see the number of owners trying to rehome dogs for a myriad of reasons and these owners, just like those relinquishing to shelters are desperate to find something to believe in when it comes to handing over the responsibility for their pets.

Take a closer look at some of the For Sale advertisements and chances are you will also see dogs which may seem familiar since just recently their owners were the ones desperate to find someone to take them and did not stop to thoroughly consider who was answering their advertisement. Sadly, greed comes knocking at the door presenting itself as “rescue” and desperate people look no farther than the answer to their problem. As mentioned, this practice is not illegal but it is dangerous to pets. Those profiting by professing to be rescues do very little in the way of checking references or past histories of potential pet owners. The bottom line is the first person with the money is the first person with the dog. The horrors of Craigslist are well documented but those profiting from the emotions of others are not a new breed.

We can take a closer look at some of the “non-profit” organizations loudly proclaiming their mission to better the lives of animals all the while cashing the checks and killing most of the animals they have sworn to save. Enter the animal rights groups. Those who use the pictures of abused and neglected animals telling the public the only way to stop the madness is to send them your money. Money that could go to the legitimate rescues and shelters actually fighting to save and better the lives of animals but instead is used to send you a free tote bag or jacket proclaiming your support of the largest non-profit money machine in the world.

These groups do not run shelters and they share only a tiny fraction of the millions they receive from the well meaning with those who do. Have you ever stopped to consider how much advertising on all the major networks costs? How many rescues and shelters would benefit from just a fraction of what is spent on advertising these organizations? Yet people continue to support six figure salaries and fancy advertising gimmicks over actual rescue and sheltering programs.

What all of these scenarios have in common is they outline how profitable emotional people have made the neglect and abuse of animals. All of these groups have turned suffering and irresponsibility into a means of making a living. They prey on human weakness and count on an uneducated, unaware public to keep up their lifestyles. So many people will cling to those who make unicorns and rainbows believable they look no farther than the rose colored glasses sitting on the ends of their noses. These groups count on emotions to keep the general public blind to reality. No matter how loud the warnings issued by those who see the darkness on the other side of these stories, people continue to cling to that which makes them feel good regardless of the truth.

From the groups cleaning up the messes left behind by the unscrupulous, it is with great hope the conviction of the shelter director in Georgia sends a loud message and puts the bottom feeders on notice. Living, breathing creatures deserve better than be used as cash cows. This practice of preying on emotion is no different than those profiting from litter after litter or dog fights or any other practice which holds no respect for life. Precedent has been set and we can now score one for the good guys.


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B

*Actually occurred in Marion County, Texas when a vet and a Humaniac decided to destroy a group of house cats and the fowl from an animal seizure even though they had no order to take livestock animals and no permission to kill a single animal. Housed improperly -There was no conviction in the case-Texas supports civil forfeiture even when the statute states with conviction…The civil hearing is an “in rem” hearing and without conviction. The animals should have been held until after a criminal trial which there was NONE!!!-at least not one in a court of law required for property issues. Case is on appeal in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.


~ by topcatsroar on June 12, 2014.

12 Responses to “Scheming for Money from ‘Rescue’”

  1. Animal rescue should mean helping people with their animals, if they want and need it, right where the animals are at, and rescues could collect donations from kind-hearted people that would make a difference in the lives of animals and people where they live, enabling the owners to keep their animals.

    It would also keep combativeness from entering the picture between animal owners and animal control, humane societies, and rescues, and then people would be more willing to turn to agencies such as animal control and humane societies, and also rescues for “help” when they really need it, instead of not asking for help because they are afraid of having their personal property animals seized from them, or being asked to give their animals away to people.

    More and more of the public, many who are animal owners themselves, have in fact noticed “that WHY is that ‘rescue’ who collected all those thousands in donations TAKING those animals from their families/owners, and not instead helping the people keep their animals until they get on their feet?”

    When people are afraid of the agencies and rescues that are supposed to be there to help them, it is normally the animals who suffer when it should NOT be the way if people would work together to keep animals alive and in their home, and not seized or taken, animal “sorted” and many unadoptable ones lose their lives.

    Seizure or taking peoples animals should never be the first course of action as has been the nasty “trend” in rescue for many years now unless animals have been abandoned, or people want to give away all, or some of their animals.

    This would separate the rescues who really want to help, from the ones who collect thousands in “crisis” and/or “sympathy/pity” donations that they are rarely held to account for, take animals from where they live (as Dr. Henneke disagrees with in the press release he released before he passed away: , “sort” and evaluate them, and often “put down” the ones who are not good for “adoptions for a fee”, which in retail sales is known as “flipping” and “brokering”.

    It would also help with unifying different types of rescues who rescue different types of animals (some primarily only want animals they can adopt out, while others only want animals who are unadoptable because they perhaps have behavioral/training issues, are wild, etc, need hospice because they have terminal issues, etc, and then the rescues would not be having the silly and nasty “rescue wars” all the time where they are competing for donations constantly, and also competing to feed their over-blown egos and narcissistic nature for the title of “Rescue-Star”.

    Different rescues are normally geared toward taking in particular types of animals, and sometimes even particular breeds within their species-specific rescue, so rescues rescuing animals that are in their niche-of-rescue would help unify and would get people and their animals the help they need instead of being trashed in public, have the animal owners lives ruined, make people suspicious of animal control, law enforcement, humane societies, and also rescues who are supposed to be there to help people with their animals, and try and keep them with their families.

    There is not a thing wrong with adopting animals out for a fee, but “de-valuing of life is wrong, but it happens over, and over, and over again when ‘rescue’ turns into “seizure scams” which leads to retail sales for *some* animals, while many are de-valued and killed by the rescues who are supposed to be helping them.

  2. Great blog and comment!

  3. Thank you Laura Bell! You are so right! The rescues & Animal Control should be there to help…but they are so quick to judge and take action before they think…they really don’t realize the fallout that is caused by these seizures…I know first hand unfortunately:(
    This just happened to me. I was a small dog breeder here in Michigan. I asked a rescue to help me downsize. (biggest mistake I ever made:(
    I had moved to this county..before this had bought 2 properties (the first one in old county got turned down for a kennel thru a township variance) so we scrambled to get another house all for the dogs…my beautiful babies that are now ALL gone:( I did not have the help of my husband who still lives in the old house and my daughter that has turned into a teen no longer wanted to help out.
    I emailed a local rescue who had a good reputation…I was very nervous about someone else taking my babies but I knew that I was very ready to cut back and we had a planned vacation at the end of March. I had puppies to focus on so January thru March I willingly gave a lot of my adults ( most were already fixed and a few puppies) The moms that had babies and the pregnant girls would have gone to the rescue too so by the end of summer I would have been down to just my favorites….PERIOD. Well I think she thought I had too many and it would be “for the best”. Well Animal Control shows up 2 weeks to the day before my vacation. Saying I have 2 weeks to build kennels. I had the dogs in the heated sunroom & house because my pellet stove motor was broke….fine we start working. The ordinance sheet was very vague and I emailed constantly for more details. The day before the rescue lady says for me to make a list of all my dogs and sign them over to her “just in case”. I trusted this woman beyond belief…she had taken my babies and cared for them and PROMISED if anything happened I WOULD get my favorites back.
    I NEVER saw it coming….they were in my 30×40 heated pole barn with a vent fan etc. It was NO the kennels Did NOT pass???? I just cried and asked over and over WHY? Answer “Because they just Don’t Pass” No paperwork…no time to fix the issues???
    Either call the rescue to get them ALL or he would get a warrant, ticket me for every unlicensed dog, and then file “CRUELTY CHARGES”? WHAT? I laughted…he said because some of the dogs had ear mites & coccidia. OMG I had Mite meds on the table in front of me…coccidia…brought on by stress probably when they left here and went to the rescue….NOTHING I could do…I had to load up every dog and puppy. I was hysterical I cried and cried…and I still do everyday since 3-27-14.
    We left for vacation that night I was NUMB….but was sure I would see my babies in a week.
    My breeder friends & customers that tried to get dogs that they had bought and that originally belong to them were told NO these aren’t Renee’s Dogs any more! ALL I mean ALL my dogs were up for adoption by that night.

    I have had MANY MANY MANY Email wars with “Cheryl” for the past 2 months. She is a piece of work…very Glory driven…she has Everyone fooled…they all love her and Yes she does do a great job of placing pets. But it was NOT Her decision where MY DOGS should be…well now they can get love. WHAT? They will have a better life. Thanks. She never gave a crap about me period…its all about her. I have NEVER seen such an unempathetic person…maybe well no she really never kissed or loved on my pups…and in emails to me pouring out my broken heart. Never acknowledged my pain or her “involvement”. Well now I DO have Proof that she DID contact Animal Control…she told them LIES about my dogs (Rampant Giardia, broken hip no vetting, male dogs fighting) whatever she had to say to convince them I needed all my dogs taken away. They believed her!
    I contacted an attorney…not a lot of hope. Told me to start with trying to get 3 dogs back…just licensing them a pets. I get permission from AC on 5-2 I ask again if they are monitoring where my pups are going…5-6-14 FINALLY get the truth NO they are not. Rescue lady has always said….can not return any of your dogs…its the Law and AC is monitoring. I send her the email and BEGGED one last time for my Milo and daughters Gwenifer… Well she was Mad! Threatening me with AC was watching me and she had nothing to do with this….basically after that email I realized I would NEVER get my babies back:(
    I had brought some dogs to my house that I was going to license. I emailed the supervisor and told her this…well the EXTREEM miscommunication at Animal Control resulted in me getting ARRESTED! On 5-8-14….the AC guy was mad I had “dogs” at my house….freaked out got a warrant and took the rest of my babies and this was 6 weeks after the 1st seizure they file Cruelty charges on me which is a FELONY…and because I had more than 10 dogs. (Of course they took the dogs but left the 2 cats and hedgehogs…but in the report says No other animals…but the letterbox and hedgie cages are in their photos)
    I was handcuffed in front of my crying daughter…I made the cop roll down his window to explain what was happening…then they drove away and left my 14yr old all alone???) I was in jail for 24 hours…something no one EVER wants to go thru…but it CURED me of EVER putting a dog in a cage…and thats partly the AC issue was they wanted all my dogs in cages…I just wanted my babies near me. Now I have NONE!

    I am now in the fight for my life. My attorney and I went over the vet records…its a joke….the Rescue said all my dogs needed sooooo much, and needed Emergency Surgeries…which I found out was a lot of wormers and the opening of “Nose Holes” WHAT? So now all my customers, friends, people in town and even up in my home town think I’m an Animal Abuser. I have LOST everything. No Business, No Income, No Reputation and most of all No Pups all my sweet babies are gone. This is WRONG! How do I FIGHT this. I am NOT taking a Plea Deal. My attorney said this is really over a “kennel violation”. The Prosecutor is doing what they call “Over Charging” so they can basically threaten me to plea rather than go to court and risk a felony, jail, fines etc and now I would have to pay back the rescue too. They ended up getting $15,000 in donations and grants and will get over $10,000 on my dogs and the puppies which were adopted out at the highest because they needed “so much” WHAT a bunch of Bull. I am ruined to the whole system. I WAS an honest trusting person but the LIES I have witnessed by Law Enforcement…AC, Sheriff’s, Prosecutor and mostly the Rescue. My daughter has been witnessing all this and its sad for her to learn about how people can be….guess this will teach her to watch her back.
    I have a court date on 6-26-14 The attorneys and Judge are suppose to come to an agreement so this doesn’t go to court…but the prosecutor is out for blood. I need to see the rescues vet records…that my Attorney finally had to subpoena because they wouldn’t respond to email/calls. This is going to be scary but I HAVE to stand up for myself. Sick of hearing this happening to people. This could have totally been avoided. If the rescue would have waited a few month I would have phased out on my own..but they had to “shut a Breeder Down” So sad:(

    • Hang in there and fight!!! If they want to make some sort of deal with you it must be in writing, IF that’s what you decide that you want to do and is best for you and thoroughly reviewed by your attorney-I do not recommend making a deal-But I’m not in your shoes and more than 4 years since my animals were taken-We are still fighting what was done and how it was done as totally illegal and abuse of our civil liberties.
      There have been cases won and cases lost-I do hope you have a good attorney to examine the warrant and procedures to verify that everything they did was legal-most of the time, is not.
      The only reason they raided you was for the money-it’s not about the animals-They should not have ben able to have adopted out a single animal until after a hearing unless you released them willingly and signed them over.
      Please study the cruelty law-know your rights and be properly prepared no matter how difficult this is right now.
      I stress you continue to write this out on how and what they did.
      I am so sorry and saddened by your loss!!! -B

    • Renee THE Same Happened To Me IN 2012 I Had 32 Registered Minturn Schnauzers I know what you mean about the crying. I still am. If you need to talk

      • Renee, There you go, you have a lot of support in a matter of a few days with people who understand and care, all prepared to try and help you either emotionally or with actual help for you and your attorney-as you can see we are united to help you!!! -B

    • Pass this information to your attorney-An Appeals Court in OR says that pets are property!!!

  4. Fight! Push Back! Expose this ! I don’t know what can be done about the signing over under false pretenses….that will ultimately be their stronghold, it seems to me. If you don’t push back, they will definitely crucify you, and if you do, as you say, they will crucify you, too. Attorneys are expensive and attorneys experienced in this type of law, are few and far between. After two years and my dogs being taken, they will be finally returned before long, what I have left, only they know, for I have not been allowed to see them. I have been to and through every court in my state and finally, some sort of justice is to be served. Criminal charges, all minds of BS such as you describe, but I did not sign mine over and had a lawyer on them the next day, along with my vet there within 4 days. I also had a vet review all lab work done at shelter. A tidbit of advice, ask your attorney if the law in your state allows you to tell them to charge you with every dog in one case, even if they didn’t charge you with but 10 or so,,,,,,because if you are convicted of any, the fine and sentencing is the same for 2 as it is for 2000. This also keeps the rescue from coming back and charging you with more later, and keeps fines and sentencing to a minimum. Just a bit of advice from someone who knows.

    • TY for providing this information!!! You are about to be surprised…you’re dogs have not forgotten you…:) -B

  5. Start back-ground checking every person involved with that rescue.
    I also would begin taking screenshots of everything on their page, including about your dogs, but also if she had a spike in “Likes” during the time your dogs were taken and the media did a story on her.
    Watching the news channel video, the woman Cheryl McCloud seemed afraid of some of your dogs, kind of jumpy, saying the dogs weren’t “socialized”, etc.
    And in her About section on her rescues FB page, she said she had started her rescues and would keep animals in her “garage and pole barn”… I suppose that was O.K. for her to keep animals in a garage and pole barn in the past, but not O.K. for others?

    Also check her rescues status with the state in terms of her being a not-for-profit entity……see if she is in good standing.
    Then check with your state and see if there are any laws which state she must register to do a targeted fundraiser, like for “rescuing” your dogs, and I also believe she has to have a separate rescue account set up just for donations for your dogs so that she cannot co-mingle funds with other donations, her personal money, etc.
    Find out if “rescue is her job” or does she have a job that supports her efforts outside of rescue; this is important because if she doesn’t have a real job that supports her, how is she paying her bills, making house payments, grocery shopping, etc? She doesn’t say anything about being a 501c3 tax exempt organization, but you may want to have your attorney ask for her EIN # and then if she is not a 501c3, look at her website and FB page and see if she says anywhere that peoples donations are tax deductible……if she is not a 501c3 organization with the IRS, donations are NOT tax deductible.

    Basically try and catch her in lies, take screenshots of her FB page daily and see if she gives any indication that she “set you up” and got into collusion with animal control who the tax payers pay their salary and they are supposed to be there to help the tax payers of their county or city, and not go into collusion with a so-called “rescue” and steal your animals.

    This blog is a wealth of information, so keep checking back here.

    Also, this link is to more information regarding other ideas of what to do, your rights, etc:

    Then their is also a group on FB called Animal Ownership in Ruin you may want to join too.

    I just posted something on the above mentioned FB page that uses your terrorization as an example of how when people try to trust that local rescues and also animal control are supposed to be there for animal owners to get help, but when “rescues” get greedy for donations, adoption for a fee money, kudos, accolades, power, and control, and then go into collusion with government agencies who are supposed to help the public, it is no wonder that some people are afraid of losing their animals and won’t ask the rescues and/or animal control for help, and then small issues can turn into big issues in a hurry. You’ll often hear the “arm chair quarterback” jackasses write “why didn’t they ask for help?” and a lot of the time is that 1. people did ask for help, and look what happened where they had ALL of their animals stolen, the owners were investigated, arrested, charged, and trashed or 2. they didn’t ask for “help” because they had seen this same shit that is happening in epidemic proportions all over the country happen to other people, so they were too afraid to ask for help when they needed it for fear of having all of their animals taken, them being arrested, and on and on with their life left in shreds.

    My email is if you want to email me privately with any questions.

    Stand strong, and don’t let the bastards bring you down……more and more people really are starting to rally against “the rescues that aren’t”, so hopefully we can weed out the bad apples and the good, kind people in rescue, who are quite frankly often also afraid of the narcissistic, sociopath, accolade and money seeking rescuers, will emerge and really will be there to help animals and their owners too.

  6. One problem here is that the animal cruelty laws, criminal laws, and statutes usually also say what the people taking the animals are supposed to do as well. But those parts get overlooked when the charges are against YOU and not THEM. So they charge you with violating (even unintentionally and unknowingly) a rule, but break all the ones they are supposed to follow, and when you get your day in court, the judge doesn’t want to hear what THEY did. This is about YOU, not THEM, you are told. Once you’ve lost everything, you can certainly sue them, but then the judge will say it’s not your place to bring criminal charges in civil court, so you don’t have a case. Or else they’ll find some technical excuse to get it thrown out. You misspelled a word or missed a deadline you didn’t even know was there, or failed to interrupt the other side at the precise moment with the properly worded “objection,” so you lost your chance. It’s an intricate lawyers’ game and all designed to be one-sided. It looks fair and good on paper and in the law books, but in real life it just doesn’t work that way. In court, the judge is supposed to be fair and impartial, but usually he’s already talked with the prosecutor (even though that too is “not allowed”) and made up his mind, so the hearing or trial is just a formality, show, or more bluntly, a “kangaroo court.” It’s getting to a point where you may as well just pull out your shotgun and blast the bastards, because they are taking your property and you’re going to jail anyway, one way or another!

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