Howard Baskin~The Brain Behind “Bat-Shit Crazy”

Recently CITI card announced that because of efforts made by BCR , the will discontinue the use of animals at employee sponsored events.

It’s a complete outrage that Carole Lewis Baskin would have any claim concerned with the CITI card or their private events until learning that Howard Baskin was previously employed by CITI card.

A book, What’s Next, listed on Amazon, chapter 7 reveals whose ‘handiwork’ is involved with Big Cat Rescue and at the time of the writing of this book, Howard Baskin was, and likely still, is drawing a salary from BCR -Seems odd that, that is acceptable-to the tune of $50,000.00. She needs to be a bit more honest with the public that she is perpetuating the FRAUD about private animal ownership and that hubby Howey is behind the scheme of things as well as PAID to do the job. However, the financial report is of his making with interest in hiding the corruption. Is this even reported to he IRS? I certainly did not see any mention of it in the BCR financial statement. Howey is the ‘brains’ behind BCR business and the promotion of “BAT-SHIT CRAZY” TO SCAM THE PUBLIC FOR DONATIONS. Recently claiming that he feels left out yet every bit of how the business is run is ALL Howey.

Howey actually admits openly that he works with like mined NFP as his business.

Go here for a preview of this book:

Carole Baskin is using more donations for promoting her agenda to end Private Exotic Animal Ownership as Diamond Sponsorship at the HSUS Animal Rights Extremists Convention-Both Carole and Howey are guest speakers and bet both of them are being paid with those donations as well.

“Diamond sponsor-This is NOT advertising as they are claiming but in fact politically oriented!!!

“Come hear from our Diamond Sponsor, Big Cat Rescue!” [Now for the BULLSHIT!!!]

“Your ROAR For Big Cats presentation will provide valuable information on the plight of big cats and how most captive big cats live in America. It will also explain why regulations cannot solve the problem — only a ban on the private possession of big cats will end the misery and suffering of the 5000+ exotic cats living in backyards in this country. The presenter will show how YOU can make a difference by asking Congress to quickly pass the Big Cats & Public Safety Act. ”


Howard Baskin

“Advisory Board Chairman, Big Cat Rescue
Advisory Board Chairman, Big Cat Rescue | Howard Baskin spent 11 years at Citicorp in various assignments, most recently as Director of Strategic Planning for the Commercial Real Estate Division. After leaving Citicorp in 1991 he was an equity participant and general manager in three companies, one of which he co-founded. He joined Big Cat Rescue full time in 2003 as Advisory Board Chairman.”
Seems Carole has a message of her own and expected to sending the same message-End Private Exotic Animal Ownership. Considering they will be speaking to the ‘choir’; I’m not expecting much of an impact on the Animal Rights Extremist audience-
Just because she’s married to an attorney does not make this activity legal for a 501-C-3.  There are IRS rules that regulate such activity.
Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things sad are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B




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5 Responses to “Howard Baskin~The Brain Behind “Bat-Shit Crazy””

  1. As more and more people are filing complaints to states Attorney Generals offices regarding so-called “rescues” NOT registering to run a fund-raiser for particular animals and/or to improve their rescues, buy feed, etc, and it is the law in many states that fund-raisers do have to be registered with the rescues state they are doing business in, more rescues are being investigated by the Attorney Generals offices because this is fund-raising fraud in many cases, especially if the donations do NOT go toward what the rescues say the donations will be used for.
    Some “rescues” have even gone so far as to not even be registered with a state as a not-for-profit entity, let alone having paid the fees, filed and gone under the scrutiny of the IRS to become a 501c3 tax exempt entity, and are collecting donations by the thousands, but then not declaring that as “income”, and this is what is known as income tax fraud when donations for ‘rescue’ is co-mingled with funds that are for personal use.

    So suspicious people should be holding rescues accountable, and filing complaints if the rescue will not answer their questions as to where their donations are going.
    If the rescue isn’t doing anything wrong, then they will be free and clear with the Attorney Generals office, and also the IRS if they are actually approved as a 501c3 tax exempt entity through the IRS.

    The naïve, good-hearted general public who are the donors need to become more educated on the scams so that the bad rescues can be weeded out and the good rescues, who are often the ones where the primary participants have actual “real jobs” outside of rescue instead of “rescue is their job” as many of the scammer rescues are set-up, can continue to help animals, improve their facilities, etc instead of being trashed and libeled and slandered by the con-artists who call themselves rescues, that are not.

    • Lets not forget filing suits and holding then responsible for the civil liberty abuse.

  2. Did you see all the comments on citi’s post about this on Facebook? Disgusting. I guess BCR called attention to it and got their “fan club” all over citi card’s case. At least I hope thats what it was, otherwise theres alot of random people out there who just happen to think like carol baskin, and thats a scary thought.

    • Sure did and hat led to the investigation as to why they would take such a stupid stand!! Like I said-Howey is the brains behind “Bat-Shit-Crazy” in short his wife, he’s on the board and getting paid a rather nice salary doe ‘retired’…

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