from TX-RPOA~Republican State Convention done – Democratic Convention Coming Up!

Fort Bend Kennel Club for their $1,000 donation; Faith City Kennel Club for
$500 and Fort Worth Basset Hound Club of Greater Fort Worth for $75
contributions, in addition to $560 in anonymous individual donations, to
help defray costs associated with the recent Texas Republican Party
Convention. This was the largest GOP Convention in the U.S. We’ll also
have a booth reserved at the Democratic Party Texas Convention June 26, 27
and 28th in Dallas. (More later on this!)

Our appreciation to the volunteers below who staffed the booth as we
couldn’t have done it without them!
Jolene Davis, Martin Kralik, Jonathan Elledge, Rita Rice and “Barnabus,”
Elizabeth Lane, Stephanie Gladney and Carol Houlihan.
“Barnabus” is a gorgeous laid back AKC Grand Champion Borzoi. and served us
well at the booth; demonstrating to the public what responsible breeding and
ownership is all about!

We’re told many of the delegates agreed with our issues and if we’d had our
bill to “repeal and replace” HB 1451 filed already, the delegates would have
taken it to the floor to try to add to the Republican Platform.

We expect the same enthusiastic reception to our booth at the Democratic
Party State Convention because pet ownership is a topic dear to the hearts
of a majority of delegates, elected officials, and legislators everywhere.

In addition to our regular flyers, American Kennel Club has two excellent
flyers we distributed: “Where did all the Dogs Go?” (pictures an empty
collar and leash) and “Can You Imagine a World Without Dogs?” AKC warns not
to think that legislation won’t affect you and to be careful so you don’t
donate to animal “rights” organizations.

Everyone said the booth was fun and certainly proved to be productive for
our “Countdown Campaign for the Legislature” in January. They were able to
talk to Republican Candidate for Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller and
personally handed him our flyer on HB 1451, the misnamed “Puppy Mill Bill.”
We intend to get HB 1451 revised and administration moved to be under the
Agriculture Department instead of the Texas Department of Licensing &
Regulation. So the elections for Ag Commissioner and Lt. Governor this year
are very important for us. Please vote!

RPOA took a chance with both Conventions as we definitely can’t “afford” to
do this. We barely eke out our daily existence so this is a “test.” RPOA
is only as strong as our membership! One RPOA E-News subscriber emailed us:
“I may not be there, but I’m with you all the way. These animal rights
extremists have gone too far. Sock it to ’em, RPOA!”

With an empty sock, that’s impossible! Booth Expenses were:
$1,500 Booth 10X10 space.
$154.65 Two extra chairs (4 Total).
$1,262 Color Flyer Copies (have almost enough for both conventions).
$100 Badges for extra Booth Staff.
$43.63 Postage Shipping RPOA T-Shirts for booth staffers.
Total: $3,060.28


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

~ by topcatsroar on June 12, 2014.

2 Responses to “from TX-RPOA~Republican State Convention done – Democratic Convention Coming Up!”

  1. So will they have the repeal bill ready and be able to send it to them some other way soon?

    • Won’t happen until legislature meets once again and a bill has to be written and present to both the house and senate. There is a prcess that begins in committee…civics 101, I barely passed but now see how this process works…

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