ZOO WARS~So How’s that “F” is for FAKE TIGER Rescue Going?

Honestly, I can not remember being this angry in a long while. Just where does Baskin come off asking the public for recommendations about what she should do concerning the health and welfare of 3 tigers when she’s supposed to be the expert. Yes, they are thin BUT are eating-just in small amounts and as such, will not gain fast enough to her liking, for her to appear the great tiger rescuer and frankly demonstrates she is not the expert she wants everyone to believe that she is.

Joe and several others fear these tigers will die at the hand of this non-expert so called life saving rescuer and will likely die due to her lack of knowledge and skill to count on methods; already known methods to improve the health of animals.

And what kind of expert asks the public on the very basic of skills-How to feed a tiger?!? An expert con artist in the business of the collection of donations would, that’s who!!! Concern now is to what extent she will go and maybe to the death of one or all three tigers for the sake of saying ‘we did our best with your help’. And what happens after death?!? She collects more money to memorialize the tiger and takes them off to the taxidermy to prepare for that ‘dead museum of animals’-Gone but not forgotten-extinction is forever; all part of Baskin’s plan for going out of the rescue business-

Well you bet extinction is forever and these animals deserve better in captivity that this BITCH is offering!!!

So Baskin must not be collecting enough donations off this rescue as she had anticipated and now demonstrates she can’t even fatten them up; she can not demonstrate to her followers just how great she was for taking these animals from their rightful owner and letting them stay where they were with one of her staff members or even herself, for a successful transition to her facility. She did this in secrecy with other rescuers who likely used extortion to immediate possession.

Well dearie, older tigers will grow thin and likely remain that way, just like the old grey mare. True they might develop better eating habits and they might gain weight in the process but it’s a battle that takes time and no instant success unless a very young cat. To sedate these animas will likely kill them before their time and she certainly can’t euthanize them with all eyes on her that she has attracted to this rescue. Older cats often stress with the move and missing their people from “F” is for FAKE rescue.

[click on the image for a larger view]

tiger rescue BCR

tiger rescue BCR2I just can’t figure how people buy into this con. Appears a few have not!!!

I met Joe Schreibvogel in 2010 and I can not remember a time when Carole Lewis Baskin wasn’t bashing him and/or his facility. And for what?!-Providing proper care of animals and doing things the right way to ensure the health and success of a rescue or raising exotic animals-taking cub photos to ensure conservation for the protection and hope for these animals in extreme endangerment?!? A facility that exceeds USDA requirements for the proper care of the animals and public safety.

BCR barely meets any requirements; just a glance at that facility demonstrates this. BCR has joined GFAS/HSUS mission as it has all along and became part of a system that is getting away with ignoring the requirements for these types of facilities. Who am I to say-someone who KNOWS the requirements, worked within those requirements to meet or exceed the standards of the USDA for more than 2 decades that did not survive an attack while relocating our facility.

It seems that every week another animal is seeking refuge and Joe makes every attempt to provide or to find people who are able and will provide for the animals. If it were about the proper care and handling of animals including those needing REAL rescue than Baskin would not have sought out Joe and others, by personal attacks and attacks on proper facilities as she continues to seek the closing of all facilities that do not support her and the HSUS ‘mob mentality’ of the Animal Rights Extremist’s Agenda.

As stated, Joe is not the only one enduring these attacks but maybe the one person who, because he openly supports private ownership, created the USZA, is attacked like no other. If there was so much concern for animal welfare then Joe and GW Exotic Animal Park would not be under attack. Anyone, and I do mean anyone, that is NOT supporting the Animal Rights Extremist agenda is under attack.

I’ve just never seen a facility attacked and survived each and every hit they have made on Joe and GW Exotic Animal Park.

It’s apparent that the USDA is in the middle of the controversy creating a problem that should not be at issue. They are not doing the very basic  job thru conducting inspections of facilities; are not seeing that the entire industry conform to the same rules and regulations; infiltrated by Animal Rights Agenda supporters, the USDA is no longer a viable government agency for the welfare of animals.

In viewing the following video you can see that GW Exotic Animal Park is committed to meeting or exceeding the standards-How many inspections of a single facility does there need to be?!?

Proper care and welfare of animals is not done by supporting the animal rights agenda and using the court system in an attempt to shut down a facility or using government agencies and wasting taxpayer money because no one holds the people who make these outrageous false complaints-FAKE COMPLAINTS, responsible for the money used for the investigation of these complaints. Seems to me, by now, these agencies should be filing reports and formulating a way to declare these false reports as criminal abuse with AETA and RICO violations on an animal enterprise business-BOTH of which are criminal offenses.

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B

~ by topcatsroar on June 10, 2014.

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