ZOO WARS~Just WHY are Some Facilities Singled Out By the USDA?!? Depends If They Support the Animal Rights Extremist Agenda-

The name Pat Craig came up-interesting I am not familiar with him, so started a search to see who he is…Seems he appeared to the Louisiana House of Representatives about transporting and taking Tony the Tiger as if Michael Sandlin would be OK with him taking Tony anywhere!!! [Bloggers note: Still waiting on Governor Jindal to sign into law SB 250 so Tony can main where he is.]

The Rocky Mountain Wildlife Conservation Center is also known as The Wildlife Sanctuary whose site reads like that of the animal rights extremist and displaying caging much like the ones in China to collect the bones and organs of the beast. What they are calling holding cages appears as a feed lot for tigers that they claim is used during an adjustment period but there’s nothing mentioned how long the cats will be held there.

What’s built there appears as if the animals are allowed to roam in large areas but also appears to be lacking in structurally sound fencing in those holding areas that is below the standards of 16 feet. Pat Craig should go back to his facility and collect another $30,000.00 for improvements to the facility-see the video of Joe Speaks Out below]

There is a walkway that extends out about the areas where these animals reside…exactly how do they inspect that walkway .

On the website, the statements about animals, such as Tony the Tiger at the Tiger Truck Stop in Grosse Tete, Louisiana, are inaccurate as other statements about animals at the refuge. And like Black Pine Animal Sanctuary, In-Sync Exotics, Big Cat Rescue and sister facility, Wisconsin Big Car Rescue, and so many others, have decided that the Animal Rights Extremists will support their facilities if they follow thru by joining in their animal rights agenda to end all animal usage with claims that there would be nothing better than to close their facilities with no need to remain open once they have banned the keeping, breeding and contact with these animals.

I tend to believe that USDA inspectors and how they determine their inspection reports are guided by whose in with the animal rights agenda and whose not. This the true reason for the attack on GW Exotic Animal Park and Joe Schreibvogel who supports private ownership and all places that do not support the animal rights agenda. Furthermore I have been inspected by both the East and West Coast USDA and was able to determine that after my very last experience with the USDA (West Coast) that was ‘guided’ by Dr. Dan Jones, now retired, who spoke out of conjecture with information about me that did not exist and against the USDA regulations in having done so.

I contacted the USDA through the Freedom of Information Act for any and all of my records. I was advised that they no longer existed. A United States Attorney  stepped in after we filed for default judgment as Dr. Jones nor the inspector that came onto private property to inspect a private citizen who no longer held a USDA permit with no right to have done so, as no activity at that time required a USDA permit; had never responded to the court summons; and far longer than the time when a response was required yet, instead their late responses were accepted by the court…Their extremely late appearance before the court was allowed.

Since that tome, I have wondered why there wasn’t a single report of the USDA involvement in that animal seizure including concern for the welfare of animals taken by no one with any expertize with many of those animals and had been seized in a fashion that as not obeyed by judges order to have USDA approved experts for the animals. However, think I understand it now.

So, I became Dr. Dan Jones last animal facility closure in his conquest to “rid Texas” of these very magnificent beasts and shut down numerous facilities. The inspector on the property was provided with just enough information from Jones but he found nothing wrong under the circumstance and was told no report would be necessary-inspect other USDA facilities in the area and to write those.

Neither USDA inspectors were called to testify, at the FAKE KANAGROO COURT HEARINGS taking my animals. The claim of animal cruelty never existed but the claim served it purpose to take and keep the animals from us as a civil gesture although done wrong from the start with decisions of the court decided before any hearing, no matter the evidence or should I say lack of…

All this is not documented in any USDA records, POOF! it never happened but what Dr. Dan Jones hadn’t counted on was that it would become part of the warrant naming both Dr. Jones and his conversation with the district attorney and naming Dr. Lin Bourgeois as the inspector who trespassed on private property; was without a report and all done in his personal capacity. These two inspectors dismissed from a Federal Court case with the substitution of a United States Attorney who claimed they were working on their official capacity and therefore led to their dismissal. Appeal for these two defendants was not allowed and therefore both Jones and Bourgeois are off the hook.

It’s interesting that this can be the only conclusion as to why we are seeing so many facilities not meeting the regulations with no non compliance violations and seeing the end of good facilities who work hard to be in compliance with those regulations and regulations that do not exist; especially all circus animals that are always being inspected constantly without good reason. I remember one year we had an inspection once a month for a total of 7 inspections and no inspection when not traveling. Was in total compliance with each inspection or could easily and quickly become compliance before the issue of any report. Do to our efforts to so quickly comply for minor and trivial issues, instead of returning to provide a report, it would be mailed so there would be reason to return once again for yet-you got it-another inspection.

Only one conclusion exists-The USDA has been infiltrated by the Animal Rights Extremists and needs a complete overhaul.

Joe Speaks Out and you must listen to the truth of what is going on if concern is genuine concern for the animals…Of our 6 tiger,s there is only one still alive but not without first, nearly starving to death at the hands of the people who took them with the district attorney providing their care and again WAO where he sent them. Boris and Gizmo suffered, Boris never made it out of that Hell-Hole. Gizmo is now is at a private facility that I understand is a closed facility, adored and loved by his new owner. I imagine they hauled Boris’ lifeless body to the dump considering the lack of respect provided for the proper care of that tiger.

Put enough pressure on owners for repairs and improvements and they will loose their animals and their facilities. Create a horrifying incident and watch the ban for the keeping of these animals or create state regulations where it would be near impossible for a private owner to meet those standards; all supported by the Animal Rights Extremist that what we’ll see, is an end of all relations with any animals.


Link of interest: https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2014/05/23/people-protection-actthats-what-they-call-it-these-days

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Thing said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned -B




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