message from TX-RPOA~Texas Humane Legislation Network election endorsements LOSE! FAILED!!! DIDN’T CUT THE MUSTARD~WOO-HOO!!!

I could not ask for better news from the Texas elections!!!

THLN/HSUS and all other animal rights organizations and endorsers is loosing ground in Texas~WOO-HOO!!!
Hopefully, Texans will get their state back-
from TX-RPOA-

Two winners in recent Republican Primary Runoff Elections voted “NO” to the
HSUS/THLN misnamed “Puppy Mill Bill” in 2011! Congrats to:
former Rep. Sid Miller, candidate for Agriculture Commissioner, and
Senator Ken Paxton, candidate for Attorney General!

“Texas Humane Legislation Network” endorsed their opponents: Rep. Dan
Branch for Attorney General and Tommy Merritt as Agriculture Commissioner
who lost, which bodes well for future Texas animal welfare issues.

THLN issued a Scorecard for the two Republican Candidates for Texas Attorney
General (Rep. Dan Branch from Dallas and Senator Ken Paxton from McKinney)
and stated that this office is responsible for interpreting and sometimes
enforcing Texas animal laws.

THLN STATED: “Branch co-authored the Puppy Mill Bill (HB 1451) for
‘commercial’ breeders which took two legislative sessions to get passed.”

Senator Paxton VOTED “NO” to the HSUS anti-pet 2011 breeder bill!

Branch voted “FOR” the THLN Civil Seizure Bill (HB 963) in 2011 which THLN
says “allows law enforcement and animal control officers to seize cruelly
treated animals and remove them from their abusers.”
In spite of our opposition, the bill passed and made the cost of an appeal
impossible for animal owners; thereby ensuring that the “humane”
organizations would get ownership of the seized animals.
Paxton voted AGAINST the Civil Seizure Bill (HB 963).
THLN was responsible for past legislation removing the right of appeal
completely, which we succeeding in restoring during a later session. But
now that’s in doubt due to the high cost of appeals.

Texas Agriculture Commissioner, who ran against former Rep. Sid Miller.
Sid Miller is described by THLN as “a nurseryman and rancher from
Stephenville, TX, and self proclaimed calf-roping champion and livestock
enthusiast; has a past voting record that speaks for itself.” From reading
the THLN website list, apparently Miller has been a THLN opponent at each
Legislative Session since 2003. (See THLN link for more info!) Former Rep.
Sid Miller voted “NO” AGAINST HB 1451.

If you didn’t go to the links previously, you should do so now and you’ll
see “That’s what we’re talking about!” It’s time for reasonable voices to
take back animal issues in the state of Texas. Vote in the General
Elections! Your vote counts — just as it did in the runoffs. Job well


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B


~ by topcatsroar on June 6, 2014.

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  1. Absolutely AWESOME!

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