Zoo Wars~The Relationship Between Woman and her Beasts

Not too terribly long back, I posted a music video and I wondered about the woman and tiger in that video…I now know a bit more about the beautiful demonstration of a relationship between a woman and beast…This is Private Exotic Animal Owner-AWESOME!!! This is what the Animal Rights Extremists don’t want you to see that they are attacking and calling for a ban on ownership


Easy, tigers! Woman keeps two big cats in her garden and treats them like normal pets by stroking, nuzzling and even KISSING them 

  • Janice Haley, 57, keeps two pet Bengal tigers, Janda and Saber, in the back garden of her home in Orlando, Florida
  • Janda is a female orange Bengal, weighing 400 pounds, while Saber is a white Bengal male weighing 600 pounds
  • Each day Mrs Haley hand feeds the tigers their meat and says Saber can’t get off to sleep without suckling her finger

While most people tend to use their garden as a place of relaxation, Janice Haley chooses to use her backyard as a place to keep her two pet tigers.

Saber, a 600 pound male white Bengal tiger and Janda, a 400 pound orange Bengal female live in a cage at the back of Mrs Haley’s unassuming suburban home in Orlando, Florida.

Each day, the 57-year-old hand feeds the tigers as well as stroking and feeding them and says Saber, the younger tiger, can’t get off to sleep without suckling on her finger.

Mrs Haley quit her job as an admin assistant to spend more time working outdoors around 20 years ago and then took a tiger training course, which she spotted in her local newspaper.

Two years later she arrived home with Chuffer the tiger cub and was immediately bitten by the tiger bug.

In 2002 she bought Janda, who is now 12, to live with Chuffer. After Chuffer’s death in 2007 she then introduced Saber, who was only two weeks old at the time.

Janice Haley2Janice Haley5Janice Haley

[More pictures and video at the link]


You may recall all that ruckus when Joe Exotic used pictures of Janice Haley and her tigers in a music video?!? Well, apparently led to more complaints and inspections that were neither called for or necessary…a simple phone call inquiring about the picture would have been sufficient…Not good enough…Carole Lewis Baskin and her supporters and other Animal Rights Extremists HSUS/GFAS facilities went wild sending complaints wasting taxpayer dollars YOUR taxpayer dollars for these waste of time inspections from various agencies.

Enjoy the video:

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Statements made are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B


~ by topcatsroar on June 5, 2014.

3 Responses to “Zoo Wars~The Relationship Between Woman and her Beasts”

  1. Cat lover she is, but has she thought about the danger that those two useless beasts represent to herself and to people who live in the neighbourhood?

    • Those animals have been there for sometime and the property in FL has to be a certain size to even get approval…Barking up the wrong tree…And if the neighbors don’t like it they can move…if I don’t like your dog it is not my business…and dogs are far more dangerous than caged animals in proper cages that are over-regulated-Get a life and worry about what’s on your property and not your neighbors!!! -B

  2. truly i think it’s amazing what she is doing :)

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