ZOO WARS~The Re-Birth of A Website-Animal Sluts is Back Complaints Filed with the Attorney General of the USDA

So, as the story goes, with many places going out of their way with their “F” is for FAKE PEUDO-sanctuaries bashing and stealing animals from supposed failing facilities (yes, I said STEALING) that they claim are failing but just how responsible those places are for causing  another private owner to fail to be able to properly provide?!?-NOT so unusual and YES, happens all the time-Carole Lewis Baskin (BCR) has pushed for animal seizures throughout the country; even filing complaints with the USDA or other government agencies that aren’t factual, sharing them and asking others to file complaints…It’s still going on…and what a waste of  time, energy and taxpayer dollars.

You might ask why would I care?!? After all, I no longer own a big cat-but at one time, ‘once upon a time’ I did. My husband, myself and our daughter were well known for a behavior modification program we utilized to train the big cats and at one time lucky enough to train and present the largest group of mixed big cats in the arena, all assembled at the same time with not one but two trainers demonstrating the relationship we had with those cats.  One woman was Hell bent on destroying us one way or another even after one of us had passed on, Carole Lewis Baskin of Big Cat Rescue reached far and wide to destroy owners of big cats whether for profit or not for profit.

Shrine Circus 2006 KC

Performance, 5 tigers 6 leopards

Upon hearing of my late husbands death and learning my location, Baskin, joined by her group of followers, filed such a complaint on me…with unwarranted claims, in an attempt for a USDA confiscation. Upon inspection, it was determined I was in compliance, there had been members of that community helping me whether I needed food for the animals or help with their care, they came and gave of themselves as people naturally tend do when someone is suffering from the loss of a husband, a best friend and partner; the loss of a business and displaced in trying to rebuild another life for myself and my animals for retirement.

I happened to read the complaint and to see who had sent it but also found it on one of her many sites and in a ‘hate forum’ found on line, with a direct threat from a Sky Williamson along with a news article about the woman with all ‘those animals’ as they had also called the local news station. That was in 2007 and their first attempt to take me out. That news article and threat from that animal rights hate forum with a Sky Williamson message was attached to the warrant to search and seize my animals, as if it was probable cause for a judge to issue for an animal seizure in 2010-

The Internet war wages on against private exotic animal owners as Baskin continued with her hate mongering on the Internet to this day. She has a website filled with news articles and her own special lies as she twists the truth for an ‘animal seizure’ and how great it is to put an end to all privately owned exotic animals. One way or another, Baskin is out to make herself a hero amongst animal rights extremists and make herself a big cat expert which, she is not.

This is the pay back I received for helping to prevent her 3 tigers from being confiscated in the early 90’s when she was housing those tigers illegally in Florida. This she did to someone she acknowledged in a How to care for cub book as I had attempted to prevent another cub from dying in her care with proper information on the care required for cubs. I sent a letter to FFW explaining that I felt comfortable with the Lewis’ keeping the tigers  as they demonstrated their ability to care for and provide for them for the past year before they were caught. This the payback for a breeding loan of a Florida Panther (Morgan, a type of dark brown cougar, several generations out of the wild) who was returned in horrible condition and near starved to death and this the pay back for having given Don Lewis, her late husband (remains a cold case as the what actually happened to him), an ocelot named Oakey that had never been used commercially for exhibit that we considered a pet; that Carole just had to have. In return, Don promised a that we would receive a free lynx. Well, we never received  that FREE cub and actually paid for it; we received a Serval that  died within a few days after we received it.

Little did I or did anyone else know, that a MONSTER was hiding behind Don Lewis. Kicking myself for having anything to do with “Bat-Shit Crazy”-“Animal Slut”!!!

Baskin training session

 Carole Lewis Basin-“Bar-Shit Crazy”-“Animal Slut”

Why any exotic animal owner would find ‘excitement’ in the rescue of suffering animals is beyond me. If there were real suffering it becomes a very painful and worrisome process for the animals needing rescue. Baskin refers to rescuing animals as “exciting”. She posts all kinds of BULLSHIT on her blog about the animals that she ‘welcomes’ to her facility. She’s been caught in more than one lie about the ‘good work’ she does in rescue and caught feeding live domestic rabbits for the thrill of the hunt. Bunny lovers know the truth about Baskin and the agenda of HSUS/PETA/SPCA as complaints were filed and nothing done to stop this practice, an act of intentional animal cruelty considered a felony and believed that she is once again resumed feeding live animals to big cats because no one is doing anything about it.

Baskin is at the top of the list of offenders. Baskin has animals at her facility living in questionable conditions. Currently there are two petitions circulating on the Internet; one for another inspector be called in and the other out of concern for the rabbits.


Now if you don’t take Animal Sluts seriously -How about complaints sent to the USDA Attorney General’s office about double standards?!? Damn right the situation is serious when animals are taken from their rightful owners for far less than what is complained about in the following youtubes.

Part I

Part II

You can read ZOO WARS in this blog dedicated to calling out other “F” is for FAKE PSEUDO-sanctuaries.

When Black Pine Animal Sanctuary attacked both performing animals as well as GW Exotics, the rebirth of animal sluts (http://www.animalsluts.org) was created for the purpose of calling out these facilities out:

“So this site is set up for the bullshitters and game players. If you want to throw stones, be sure you don’t live in a glass house.  People, all we can tell you is that this is the most cut throat industry there is. Do not be swayed until you go to any facility of your choosing and be your own judge.”

Currently looking for the Top Ten offenders but I’m certain there will be plenty more, animal sluts is calling them out-ZOO WARS will post updates placed on the animal slut site as well as some of their own.


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B

~ by topcatsroar on June 5, 2014.

2 Responses to “ZOO WARS~The Re-Birth of A Website-Animal Sluts is Back Complaints Filed with the Attorney General of the USDA”

  1. Here’s something I just wrote you may be interested in:

    The good news is that since what is reported on at the link at the bottom of this post is happening to more and more people across the country, many people are taking the rescues who make money from these “seizure scams” to court and winning because elected government like judges, police chiefs, sheriff’s, etc are realizing there is something wrong with this picture, and people and counties and some government agencies are also getting sued for fraudulent seizures in collusion with ‘rescues’.
    The story from John Stossel for 20/20 was in 2006, so a lot has changed since then as people are fighting back regarding the confiscation of their personal property animals by thieves who pose as “rescues”:

    What would be refreshing is if these rescues who make a living off of “seizures” would report to their true believer, naïve donors and followers that “we’re doing a seizure, but we don’t need you to send any money because we are using our own money”…….the reason no one will ever hear that is because most of these so-called rescues that do seizures of personal property animals will NOT spend their OWN money because 1. “rescue is their job” and they live off of naïve donors money and 2. even if they have their own money, far be it for them to spend their own personal money on rescuing animals because then how would they get their nails and hair done, go out clubbing, buy nice vehicles, etc?

    The other thing that would be really refreshing is if these ‘rescues’ would actually collect donations to help animals right where they are at on the owners property instead of seizing ALL of the animals, sorting them, selling the good ones, and killing the ones that have issues and then blame it on the owner.
    The reason they won’t do this is because they would have to account for every, single penny they collect in donations to “save” animals at someone’s property and couldn’t use the money for ‘whatever’, they would actually have to physically go over and actually HELP people and animals, they would not be able to stage their handy-dandy photo-op’s in front of the media, or for posting on their website or Facebook page, etc……. in other words, they would NOT be able to embellish and manipulate and lie regarding the situation and what’s going on.

    Just a little bit of “food for thought” for people:
    How would people like it if they had an older, thin horse on their property, (or a dog, or cow, or alpaca, or whatever), or maybe you are a kind person who takes unwanted animals who can’t or won’t “do” for people anymore into hospice care, that is similar to older people that become thin because of illness, age, chronic issues, they “just don’t feel like eating” some days (and this happens a lot with people and many relate “food doesn’t taste good to me anymore), or for whatever reason, and a “rescue” shows up and say’s “we want to help”, but the “help” they are offering is to actually TAKE your other nice horses (and often other adoptable-for-a-fee animals too) and “find homes for them” (adoption for a fee), and if you don’t take their “help”, they will “go public” with your thin or skinny horse or horses (or whatever other animals you might have who perhaps don’t look great but it is NOT from starvation) and get the media involved, file a complaint with animal control, whip up a mob of people, and will tell people you are “starving your horses” (plural), not giving them water, etc.

    Sound far-fetched? Well, it is NOT and it is happening to personal property animal owners all over the country because some unethical and unscrupulous people calling themselves “rescues” make a living off of doing these “seizure scams” and “smear campaigns” in order to receive thousands of dollars in “donations”, and also get entirely FREE animals they then sell, calling it “adoption”.

    If that were not the case, why wouldn’t they be offering to “help” animal owners right where the animals are at, instead of going through and either “cherry picking” the animals that are good for “adoptions for a fee” and getting them entirely FREE and/or seizing all of the animals, including the ill, old, debilitated ones who are excellent for getting in thousands of dollars in “pity/sympathy” donations from kind-hearted, naïve people who are never seeing the animals in person, and also have short-memories and are not keeping track of seized animals after the ‘rescue’ has taken them?
    And if people don’t think this can happen to them if they have ANY animals that are not ready to be “put down” or euthanized but perhaps don’t look so good even though they are still enjoying this phase of their life (once again, similar to old and/or sick people who may not look so great, but they certainly don’t want to be killed), then guess again, and if you have good and great looking horses, dogs, llamas, alpacas, etc, but also some “not so great looking and/or ill animals, it would behoove you to hide the not-so-good-looking ones from the public eye because YOU could be next on these criminals posing as ‘rescues’ “hit list” for an extortion attempt first and/or a “seizure” under the guise of ‘rescue’.

    Here is a press release from Dr. Henneke that he posted before he passed away. He is the inventor of the weight assessment scale for horses. In his press release he states that horses should NOT be moved from where they are at, he states that his weight assessment scale has been being misused, he states that horses need to have blood analysis done to determine what is going on with them, and he also states that these seizures are happening in epidemic proportions across the country, and that if the allegations are found to be bogus/unfounded, the attackers should be prosecuted by the state.


    In closing, any person who involves themselves from the comfort of their chair in front of their computer and blindly follows a so-called ‘rescue’ doing a attack/seizure on animal owners without knowing if it is bogus or not, and also libels and slanders other people, threatens them, harasses them, stalks them, sends money enabling the so-called ‘rescue’ (criminals and manipulators basically)to seize personal property animals off someone’s property which they then sell the good animals with “adoption for a fee” value, and kill animals with “issues” after they have collected as much as they can in “pity/sympathy” donations, or helps these “rescues” with a history of often attempting extortion first with the threat to the animal owner of “going public” if they don’t just give their good animals to the ‘rescue’ (this is what happened to us first, and then I decided to call animal control, which I promptly did, told the bogus rescue this is what I was going to do, and then they went on the attack on us), and continues to support the ‘rescue’ performing seizures IS subject to the FBI Cyber Crimes Unit investigating them for Animal Enterprise Terrorism, and could also be subject to a civil lawsuit by the animal owners who were unjustly attacked and harassed.
    Several people who were attacked have now won their lawsuits against attackers, and we know of 3 more who are getting ready to file lawsuits that they will most likely win.

    Hopefully this will get the “mob mentality” that the ‘rescues’ who do “seizure scams” count on to stop under the threat of being prosecuted and/or have civil lawsuits filed against them and them being investigated by the FBI and/or the states Attorney Generals offices, and the people who are addicted to “rescue” from the comfort of their own home sitting in front of their computer monitor may actually go out into their own neighborhood and community, and actually help people who really need help with keeping their animals……..THAT would really help animals that need helping, and would keep the scammer rescues from running their rescue rackets, pocketing money, selling animals under the guise of “adoption for a fee”, and putting their rescues name on the map as the “great rescuers” when they are nothing more than grifters and con-artists who are often simply suffering from illusions of self-importance..


    • Not all the cases filed are won especially when pro se and lack proper representation with these extremely complicated cases so, they never see justice although there have been a few. I encourage everyone to at least try we need to take back our courts in following the LAW -Rules of the court are bent for authorities while the pro se litigant is held tightly to the rules and therefore never get to see justice properly served and rather than use that to continue to expose the truth, they hide. We need to take back our rights and hold these courts responsible for properly seeing that justice is served rather than allow people out of suits with judges knowing full well what was done was 100% wrong with the people he is protecting should be held responsible -Not left off!!!

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