ZOO WARS~Joe Speaks Out and Everybody Listens-Watch Out Black Pine-“F” is for FAKE Another PSEUDO-sanctuary

Honestly, when Joe Exotic Speaks Out people listen as he says it in his own special way. If you work in the animal industry then you should know above all else that you support ALL animal usage. You don’t go bashing others when in fact, you support your business EXHIBITING animals just like anyone else!!! Lorie Gag-me has no business bashing others-Hope she’s prepared for what comes next…Instead of uniting she’s joining the ranks of Anima Rights Extremists…really?!? Doesn’t seem like a solid plan to me!!!

Joe’s not messing around and he’s been messed with one too many times already-You want war-you think this a game-It’s no game when you mke attempts to destroy a circus date, when you bad mouth other places and people with animals trying to earn a living the same as your facility-Watch out…Especially when you are only aided by people who have nothing to loose…Damn, where’ the couch police when you need them!?!


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion ad the opinions of others…Calling out the “F” is for FAKES PSEUDO-sanctuaries and ‘rescues’ for destroying what good they could have done and doing the bad that they are doing to an industry and themselves-ZOO WARS  -B


~ by topcatsroar on June 2, 2014.

6 Responses to “ZOO WARS~Joe Speaks Out and Everybody Listens-Watch Out Black Pine-“F” is for FAKE Another PSEUDO-sanctuary”

  1. i had to laugh at this dolt. he is so ignorant he cant even make sense. got to hand it to him– if you dont have anything real to say, just makes stuff up, and show your personal collection of dating devices.

    • Last post I will approve unless u have something more to contribute in this. “F” is for FAKE and has been on this blog for sometime now but these PSEUDO sanctuaries…Guess you only notice because Joe Speaks Out-GOOD!!! Now which ever pace you support-go help them clean up their act and their MISSION or continue to be called out bud.

  2. thats as good as you can do? really? he tells more lies than he has teeth!
    if that is your spokesman, your champion, y’all are doomed.

    • You say Joe is lyng-Then take the time to prove it…otherwise your just talking out your ass and displaying anger towards him for revealing it. You need to do your homework or shut the fuck up!

  3. Another great video from Joe….. thank you for posting…..

    • More on the way from Joe-More on the way from TopCat!!! The bashing is gonna stop -These places have a moral responsibility to recognize that their mission is Animal Rights Extremists BULLSHIT as the only TRUE mission is to protect and provide for the animals and goes beyond the animals in their care with the only outcome of bashing others is to do harm to others. Baskin intentionally and purposely has gone out of her way to inflict harm on the entire industry and found her hole with Pacelle and HSUS and that’s what she wants. Others have joined in thinking it was successful but only successful for a hater because she was not accepted by AZA and others-the facility and the care provided at BCR has never met the standards. Hiding as a NFP sanctuary she’s not properly provided care and caging then bash others to make herself look better. Remind you of how many so called equine rescues you’ve discussed here!?!-Call them out!!! And so many equine facilities are GFAS/HSUS supported that it’s shocking!!! -B

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