ZOO WARS~UPDATE: ZOO WARS~Rare Feline Center Adds 5 More Tigers to “Recue Big Cat COLLECTION!” to EXPLOIT for EXHIBITION

Pictures from this “F” is for FAKE RESCUE and all about the money to bring in more people for the exhibition of these big cats. I don’t see a single photo to support the claim of starving malnourished big cats BULLSHIT!!! So what they did is rehome animals from one place to another both providing sub-standard conditions!!! Well, they claim from substandard conditions-possibly mire BULLSHIT!!! Taft joins Baskin (BCR) in the “F” is for FAKE PSEUDO-sanctuary…along with many others-Their stories will also be posted and hope to include more photos.

Big Cats at RFRC10

Joe Taft enjoying contact with his new “RESCUED TIGER” mal-nourished and needing immediate medical attention-where?!? Which one?!? They all look pretty dog gone good to me! This was NOT a rescue-this was a rehoming…I’d sure like to read the vet report after complete examination for the 5 !!!

Big Cats at RFRC8

Big Cats at RFRC7

Big Cats at RFRC6

Big Cats at RFRC5

Big Cats at RFRC3

Big cats at RFRC

Big Cats At RFRC2

All seem healthy and in pretty good condition-If an older cat has cataracts they usually only operate on one eye and the cat will never see correctly as no lens can be inserted in a cats eye to improve sight anyway. Unless totally blind this would normally not be a reason for the surgery. Cataracts can not always been seen with the naked eye but would be clearly visible at night when shinning a flashlight into the eyes and reason we can’t see it or this condition does not exist.

Big Cats at RFRC4

Where’s the accountability for proper caging?!?

This is proper caging:


A well built and safe structure at GW Exotic Animal Park!!!

GW Interactive 3

Visitors at GW Exotic Animal Park

tony at the truck stop

This is proper caging -Tony the Tiger at the Tiger Truck Stop!!!


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B



~ by topcatsroar on June 1, 2014.

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