ZOO WARS~Rare Feline Center Adds 5 More Tigers to “Recue Big Cat COLLECTION!” to EXPLOIT for EXHIBITION

So lets send more money to support a facility that needs an excess millions to make necessary corrections for public and worker safety issues!!!  Can you say “F” is for FAKE-PSEUDO-sanctuary!?! Let’s NOT!!!

Joe Taft has added not one tiger to his already existing problems at the Rare Feline Rescue Center-But FIVE!!! When’s he going to stop…Already has BIG financial problems with the facility-Admits these cats will be in substandard conditions due to other issues…and he actually thinks that’s OK!?!

Gag me-there’s no excuse or this-what’s it going to take to get this man to stop proclaiming himself a hero with more than 200 homeless big cats?!? Maybe when the USDA  goes in with IOSHA and shut him down?!? For all the good he may have done or more appropriately said, could do-he continues to ignore the rules and regulations and ignores his responsibility to not only the animals but to the general public and the people that work there.

Taft’s main source of income is exhibiting these animals-He like Baskin (BCR) and others who continue to state they are all about ‘rescue’ yet placing the animals with medical problems in substandard conditions with animals FROM substandard conditions according to the USDA and IOSHA.

Please see the following inks about “F” is for FAKE PSEUDO-sanctuaries:





Exotic feline center rescues five more tigers

It’s a refuge for more than two-hundred exotic felines, taking in cats that are often abused, unwanted, or neglected.

This week the Exotic Feline Rescue Center in Center Point continues to grow. News 10 visited the center to meet Apollo, Chantal, Sebastian, Mystic and Magic.

The tigers spent the afternoon basking in the sun but less than a week ago…

“They were in pretty filthy cages. You can see these guys are really small, undersized,” said Joe Taft, Owner of the Exotic Feline Rescue Center.

The tigers were among twenty wild animals seized from the Call of the Wild Sanctuary in New York.

“We were one of six organizations across the country who participated in the law enforcement action,” said Taft.

Due to the unfit living conditions the five tigers are suffering from serious medical conditions.

“One of them has extremely bad cataracts; several of them have apparent broken teeth. We’re going to have our hands full with these guys for awhile,” said Taft.

The medical expenses will put a strain on the center’s already tight budget of $700,000 a year, which equals less than $3,000 per cat annually.

“It might postpone buying steel or lumber, or concrete. It might cut out the building of a new cage for awhile,” said Taft.

Despite the struggles that accompany rescuing the tigers, it’s a challenge Taft has grown accustomed to.

“When these guys get back and come into a nice new enclosure and start enjoying a better quality of life that’s our payoff.”

Taft said they are already in talks with authorities to take in another cat that is in desperate need of a home.

The rescue center’s number one source of income is visitors.


He states he placed these animals in substandard conditions yet that was why they needed rescue-I don’t think this guy has a brain?!? What a looney tune!!! And already has another cats he plans on ‘rescuing’


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B



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