ZOO WARS~PSEDUO- “Sanctuaries” -“F” is for FAKE -Part II

Please see part I~ZOO WARS~PSEUDO- “Sanctuaries” -“F” is for FAKE: https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2014/05/30/zoo-warspseduo-sanctuaries-f-is-for-fake-part-i

A true rescue does not spend time attacking other people or places. Animal Welfare is about supporting all animal usage-Note: I did not say support animal cruelty…This is a human rights issue and is to be protected above all else. We don’t need a ban to stop something-will happen on it’s own. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again-supply and demand.


In doing research I’m learned an awful lot more than I thought I would and there will be several more posts; there are more PSEUDO-sanctuaries than I had originally thought.

 “F” is for FAKE PSEUDO-Sanctuaries in-operation that reveals why you should NOT be supporting their efforts even if real ‘rescue’ exists as they did nothing to help or stop the animal from getting into this condition and likely did things to promote the confiscation.

Diane Gustafson is another category of FAKE rescuer…She’s nothing more than a living room, couch potato who knows nothing about what it takes to run a facility or what a good facility would even be for rescued animals…

This is NOT about whether the animals needed ‘rescue’ but more about contributing factors and circumstance that led to this ‘rescue’ and questioning how well planned these rescuers are for doing the deed…apparently NOT from the transporting of animal to the begging of money while proclaiming themselves great heroes-HA!!!” -B

Link of interest: https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2014/01/26/part-two-zoo-wars-freak-to-freakmilking-an-old-unlawful-illegal-unconstitutional-seizure-of-big-catsone-more-time-otherwise-known-as-knee-deep-in-bullshit-lol

Now if what has been previously stated from Part I and this post; as well as several other posts previously made in this blog wasn’t bad enough,  it seems that it takes an accident for OSHA to make an inspection. I was certainly not familiar with ISHA making an inspection-this came out of the blue to me-

How about we clear the air a bit:

There was an accident not too long back at a well qualified Zoo in Oklahoma so OSHA was called in by PETA for an inspection of GW Exotics Animal Park, Wynnewood, OK -Yes, they were fined for no protocol and get this…for PINE SOL, the issue was addressed immediately-Yes, PINE SOL!!! -minor obviously. And while I am not privy to the actual report, the fine being so small, $2,500.00 would indicate that they didn’t find much to squawk about and grasping at straws. The money was easily and quickly raised that night on Joe Exotic TV www.joeexotictv.com  But other facilities have NOT been meeting the standards and the fines from OSHA are much greater. The fine doesn’t include how much it will cost for a facility to meet requirements for both public and animal safety.

Throughout this post, I will be going back to the Baskin, BCR, statements of their involvement and her accounting of it published on her website, of this past weeks ‘rescue’. She lists the involvement of 6 others and makes unbelievable and unrealistic claims that are not to be believed!!!

“On May 27, 2014 at 7:30 am Jackie Wisniewski found out the state of NY wasn’t bluffing.

“What she couldn’t know, and we couldn’t tell you, is that the International Fund for Animal Welfare, IFAW, had taken the lead and arranged for the 11 tigers, 3 lions, 3 bears, and 2 wolves to be picked up and transported to Big Cat Rescue in FL via Loving Friends, Safe Haven Wildlife Rescue Zoo in NV, Wild Animal Sanctuary in CO, In-Sync Exotics in TX, the Exotic Feline Rescue Center in IN, and Animal Lifeline would transport the wolves to a facility in PA.”

“We couldn’t let the cat out of the bag until after the last animal was rescued from the site for fear of starting a media circus that could propel the owner into doing something dangerous to the animals or the rescue crews. We know that most people who will donate to help big cats want to fund a rescue, but once the cats are safe, they are off to the next exciting rescue.”


Now there’s a lot of information contained in those two paragraphs of GREAT interest and concern…”We couldn’t let the cat out of the bag until after the last animal was rescued from the site for fear of starting a media circus that could propel the owner into doing something dangerous to the animals or the rescue crews.” BULLSHIT!!!

A more truthful statement might be: Their fear would be that these owners might just change their minds about allowing this so called rescue to continue out of concern for their beloved animals going to the places mentioned. For an owner of an exotic animal, not one of these facilities would be considered appropriate. There are many other places that could have made this “rescue” possible that would be more appropriate considering how much better the facilities would be elsewhere.

Essentially, what they did was talked the owners into surrendering their animals to these people and their facilities; including the threats they likely made to talk them into it; including that they would avoid criminal charges or that charges would be dropped if charges had already been filed…Pushing to make it quick and easy to remove the animals from their rightful owners-It’s done all the time-HSUS has a how to book…both BCR and In-Sync are both accredited (NOT verified) GFAS/HSUS PSEUDO-Sanctuaries.

I’ve already addressed many issues with BCR but not necessarily on all the others, however, they may have been mentioned in previous posts on this blog.

Joe Taft~CEO of The Feline Rescue Center in Indiana has already been discussed on this blog. This facility has a extremely large number of big cats at their facility and was sited in January by OSHA to make corrections for public safety and for the safety of the people who work there. The incident occurred sometime back and was extremely serious. OSHA came for an inspection and put a huge fine on this facility to the tune of nearly $70,000.00. This makes me wonder how many years has the place been out of compliance for public safety!?! So I have to ask -Why does it take an incident for OSHA to make an inspection concerning public safety and worker safety issues?!?

OSHA claims there are no such standards for facilities and that they go by USDA standards-WAIT A MINUTE HERE!!! This facility has been USDA inspected for years as all others-Does it take OSHA to become the enforcer and require these facilities to meet standards-Why hasn’t the USDA been doing their job properly all along or are their inspectors not properly trained and these USDA inspections a total waste of time?!? Both agencies supported with taxpayer dollars-duplicating themselves-What gives?!?

Maybe all USDA inspections should be accompanied by OSHA inspectors!?! They aren’t afraid to do their job properly!!!

Obviously, someone has dropped the ball in the USDA when inspectors have interjected conjecture and 1/2 truths about a private citizen who doesn’t have a USDA permit (note: there are regulations concerned with confidentiality) and then send an inspector a few hundred miles away for an unofficial inspection of a private citizen who at the time, no longer had a USDA permit; telling that inspector to go trespass on private farm property and then that no written report would be required. No way these USDA inspectors are properly conducting USDA business when this can and did occur.

A regularly inspected facility, is allowed caging that is old, rusty, held together with hog clamps with no lock-down in the middle of a highly populated area where hurricanes and tropical storms are familiar to the area. Are we indeed looking at a double standard for NFP sanctuaries while people who breed, sell and exhibit, possibly for profit, are targeted?!? Who decides which facility is going to be the ‘victim of target enforcement from the USDA’ and who is not!?! The following picture shows caging that does NOT meet the regulations and in use-where’s the accountability?!?


Please sign and share this PETITION: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/608/680/830/demand-the-usda-sends-in-a-new-inspector-to-big-cat-rescue-over-150-dead-cats

After reading the following article, you just might agree that there likely should be another petition to have OSHA go into ALL facilities for follow-up on all USDA inspectors and their inspections seeing as how the above caging can NOT be considered as meeting the regulations and requirements!!!  Public and worker safety can and should be properly addressed even when there has been no incident-Places with facilities this bad are just an accident waiting to happen!!!

How dare Baskin complain about any facility when the structures in use at BCR are well below the standard!!!

I clicked on a FB link and the following article was found-I saved the link for a future post before reading that Taft was involved in yet another rescue…Didn’t he just say something about downsizing and Whining that he could not afford the fine or make the improvements to his facility?!?

The following from January 2014:

http://indianapublicmedia.org/news/7-months-tiger-attack-rescue-center-facing-millions-61258  [pictures and video at the link]

Upgrades To Cost Rescue Center Millions After Tiger Attack

The Exotic Feline Rescue Center could be facing more than $3 million in safety upgrades.

On June 21st, 23-year-old Marissa Dub was working through her usual routine of cleaning and watering cages at the Exotic Feline Rescue Center in Centerpoint, when she was attacked by a Tiger.

The tiger pounced on Marissa Dub and pinned her to the ground, her screams were heard by her co-workers. By the time they got there, the tiger had her head locked within its jaws.

Exotic Feline Rescue Center Director Joe Taft sprayed it with the hose, while employees tried to lure it off Dub with some meat.

‘We were able to verbally command the tiger off of her and get the tiger secured in the shift cage,” he says.

Dub was airlifted to the hospital where she was listed in critical condition. The tiger attack left her with a broken jaw, injured her back and paralyzed the left side of  her face.

Tiger Attack Sparks OSHA Investigation

Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Administration spokesperson Bob Dittmer says serious work injuries automatically spark safety investigations.

“In November we issued a safety order based on our findings from the investigation. We found seven serious violations and two knowing violation of safety issues at the site,” he says.

Fines attached to violations total nearly $70,000.

They included not properly recording work injuries, not documenting training and work protocols and not having the required protective equipment or access to potable water.

But none of the violations were more contentious than the height of the fences enclosing the animals.

“They were saying that we knowingly exposed our employees to life threatening danger because our fences were not 18 ft. tall,”  Taft says.

Standards For Fence Heights Are Unclear

OSHA hasn’t established any of its own standards for wildlife facilities. Instead it relies on USDA’s regulations.

Taft argues those standards aren’t clear. And he’s not alone.

Lori Gagen, the Executive Director of Black Pine Animal Sanctuary in Albion, Ind., says the USDA rules don’t outline exactly how tall a fence is suppose to be.

“The USDA regulations are very vague and that is one of the problems we have here in America is that each inspector has an awful lot of leeway,” Gagen says.

Instead, the USDA guidelines state enclosures need to be of “sufficient height to keep animals and unauthorized persons out.”

IOSHA based its citations against the Exotic Feline Rescue Center on a 2011 USDA inspection report.

“In their investigations they cited the Exotic Feline Rescue Center for not having a minimum of a 12 foot fence,” Dittmer says. “We use that same standard, so we cited them for the same thing.”

Unspecific USDA regulations mean the onus is left with the facilities to determine how the animals should be housed.

The tiger enclosures at the Black Pine Animal Sanctuary are 16-ft high and topped with electric wiring.

Gagen says a Tiger can easily clear a fence as high as 14-ft high.

“You can’t idiot proof the keeping of a tiger, meaning that there is no way to make that inherently safe,” Gagen says. “There is always going to be risk involved if you are taking care of a tiger or a leopard or a chimpanzee.”

Rescue Center Upgrades To Cost Millions

The Exotic Feline Rescue Center has appealed the case to the board of safety, and the case will be reviewed over the next six to 12 months. Taft says the near $70,000 fine is nothing compared the estimated $25,000 it costs to modify each of the centers 120 enclosures.

“We turn away a lot of cats for every one we take,” Taft says. “There is no questions about downsizing. My phone is continually ringing with people who have animals that are in bad shape and are desperate for a solution to their problems.”

Taft says he thinks IOSHA is being particularly harsh on his facility because of the attention the attack  received, he says it really isn’t about fence heights at all.

“If our employee had not gone in the cage with the tiger, no none of this would have happened,” he says.

But IOSHA officials maintain the facility needs better enclosures and to better outline its safety procedures.

“This investigation was triggered by a very serious injury caused by one of the cats on an employee,” Dittmer says. “We were very focused on employee safety and that’s what we want to see as an outcome of this investigation.”

Marissa Dub, the woman mauled by the tiger, has since regained use of her right arm, though the paralysis to the left side of her face will be permanent, she will have a third surgery in late January.


I can’t help but wonder if OSHA knows he’s on another rescue, bringing in MORE animals to add to his ‘collection of rescued big cats’ rather than using that money to improve the conditions at the facility and adding to an already existing problem at his facility-

So because Taft says he already is turning away animals that require rescue and placement he should be allowed to continue in a fashion that doesn’t meet the standards while Joe Schreibvogel, for example, also has a large number of animals at GW Exotics has gone the extra mile and spent the money for a safe facility. I wonder if the cost for improvement are what Taft claims-Joe was able to do it for much less.

Sorry Mr. Taft, not getting it…Downsize means you are no longer accepting more animals. Exactly how many more animals has Taft added to his “RESCUE COLLECTION OF BIG CATS”?!?  I know Taft improperly transported cats from Lakewood Zoo. So, Taft has taken in many more animals since that 2011 incident knowing full well there was an issue with the USDA about the caging. Furthermore, Taft seems to always transport animals improperly and get this, while USDA inspectors watched him load up and head down the road with those animals in yet another Budget Rental Truck. The USDA actually allowed animals to be transported to the Feline Rescue Center  with no regard for animal health and exhaust fumes from the truck accumulating in the box of the truck.

Legitimate transporters are required to have special ventilated equipment for rehoming animals-Exhibitors are required to have proper inspected equipment before transporting animals-Why the Hell are these PSEUDO-sanctuaries getting away with the USDA turning away and allowing animals to be transported with equipment that is neither inspected or approved for some but not others!?!

Sounds like letters need to be sent to OSHA and petitions written concerning target enforcement!!! This SHIT is gonna stop-what’s good for one sure as Hell better be the same for another!!! Ever look at the warning on rental trucks that they are not intended for live transport and the danger of exhaust fumes?!? This is not trivial and should be taken seriously!!!

In the above article, Taft claimed he is downsizing and whining that he can’t afford to make the USDA improvements.

from BCR I read this from this weeks ‘rescue’:

“USDA contacted the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries and asked if they could place the JnK animals. GFAS made arrangements for all of the animals to be rescued, but then Jackie Wisniewski decided that she didn’t want to give them up and would wait and see if the NY Department of Environmental Conservation really would take action, or if they would, like they do in most places, just ignore the situation until someone was mauled or killed. ” 

Of course there’s little doubt that the NY Department of Environmental Conservation received phone calls complaining about the place and telling them to shut them down-GFAS=HSUS tactics!!!

“On May 27, 2014 at 7:30 am Jackie Wisniewski found out the state of NY wasn’t bluffing.”

“What she couldn’t know, and we couldn’t tell you, is that the International Fund for Animal Welfare, IFAW, had taken the lead and arranged for the 11 tigers, 3 lions, 3 bears, and 2 wolves to be picked up and transported to Big Cat Rescue in FL via Loving Friends, Safe Haven Wildlife Rescue Zoo in NV, Wild Animal Sanctuary in CO, In-Sync Exotics in TX, the Exotic Feline Rescue Center in IN, and Animal Lifeline would transport the wolves to a facility in PA.”

IT LOOKS LIKE IT ACTUALLY COST BCR NOTHING TO TRANSPORT THOSE ANIMALS!!! Baskin is good at twisting the truth and busy with her political venture and begging for more donations anyway she can get it-All these PSEUDO-sanctuaries are involved politically to stop the breeding and public contact although we see contact with the animals at every single one if these places -An example of the hypocrisy and more BULLSHIT!!!

big cat contact

So concerned about animals yet there’s another petition of concern about the live feeding of domestic rabbits at BCR: https://www.causes.com/posts/914917-bcr-continues-to-feed-domestic-rabbits-to-big-cats-dead-or-alive

The above article about Taft, Lorrie Gagen (sometimes referred to a Lorrie Gag-me) Of Black Pine Sanctuary steps in -also a facility located in Indiana. Lori Gagen’s facility is supported by Animal Rights Extremists and glorifies herself as being a secure and wholesome facility that appears to be siding with Taft on the issue over what is to be considered safe. Hummmm  so I went to Black Pines FB and website-Right off there’s a picture with Tim Harrison, another Animal Rights Extremist pushing to end Private Exotic Animal ownership…On FB there is pictured photo after photo of contact with the animals-huh?!?

Black Pines tim harrison

big cat contact3

What’s the deal here.?!? I’ll tell you what the deal is. Lorrie Gag-me joins the people she is in association with, Tim Harrison, Pat Craig and Jack Hanna-all against the breeding and keeping of big cats. All working hand in hand to stop private exotic animal ownership…ALL exploiting big cats to earn a living…ALL lying, caught in lies and makes no difference to them as long as someone believes their line of crap and people keep sending them money and supporting their cause. There will be more addressing Black Pines in future posts after seeing them attack a circus and learn they are supporting removing the posters around town that the circus depends upon for advertisement…I wonder how much Black Pines is charging to come in and see the animals-And if that’s not exploiting then neither are the zoos and circuses.

Black Pine Animal Sanctuary is NOT without incident: http://abc11.com/archive/6549025 Not incident is trivial not matter their explanation; especially when they go out of their way to critical of others FB page go here: https://www.facebook.com/blackpineanimalsanctuary

It’s no crazier to keep a tiger as a pet than it or to keep a dog or a horse. There are more incidents with dogs and horses each year than any incident with big cats…Possibly just as life threatening if not more of a threat considering the percentages…a judge recently stated that horses are inherently dangerous animals.

Why would the USDA even consider calling In-Sync with the recent distemper deaths of so many tigers at that facility-I smell a rat and the name would be Baskin…The entire article about the ‘rescue’ is not to believed. Time to ask the USDA if they were responsible for calling in these PSEUDO-sanctuaries…Watch for more confusing posts about the issues addressed in these posts “F” is for FAKE!!!

Links of interest -In-Sync Exotics:




Watch for more concerning PSEUDO-sanctuaries…You might be surprised just how many their are!!!


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B





~ by topcatsroar on June 1, 2014.

4 Responses to “ZOO WARS~PSEDUO- “Sanctuaries” -“F” is for FAKE -Part II”

  1. We have a friend who is licensed as a zoo, and who has never had any escapes in 30 years of having big cats, he has had no attacks, he imprints all of his cats from birth, and he also has double fencing and roofs on all of his enclosures so there is never a possibility the cats can jump out of their enclosures.

    He is USDA inspected many times over, and has always gotten a clean bill of health, never had fines, and is VERY careful with the public viewing his cats.

    So it can be done, but people need to have the skills, education, and inclination to do the hard work it takes to keep big cats safely and well.

    • There are many things that can effect whether an inspection can be 100% most or all of the time. I traveled for more than 2 decades and visited by numerous inspectors including crossing in and out of Canada…I would tend to say we were 90-95% compliant unless there was a change of the rules which did occur more than once over that span of time. It came down to expanding transport cages 2 inches in length-That’s 2 inches…That meant we would need to either downsize or get a larger transport trailer as well and make the modifications to comply; none of which could happen over night but did comply. This was a $65,000.00 expansion, practically ate us up, did the work ourselves and took years to make up for such an expense.
      I find it extremely insulting that I’m looking at improperly built and maintained caging and improper transport equipment at so many facilities. Seeing the pictures of one of Taft’s so called rescues done in a Budget Rental Truck and hearing that the USDA was on the grounds watching knowing full well that the truck had not been altered to meet transport requirements should not be allowed ever!
      Transporting animals who might really need ‘rescue’ in substandard equipment can be detrimental to the animals. Why should I have had to go to the expense to meet the regulations when others are over looked. Sorry but I’m not buying into that.
      That article revealing the truth of the situation at that facility yet he’s taking in more cats from substandard conditions (as claimed by Taft [and the others] making this ‘rescue’) to be placed in substandard cages at his facility that he’s been sited for by BOTH IOSHA and the USDA is WRONG and I’m not going to let him get away with it. -B

      • Yep, its called “selective enforcement” and is unethical, unfair, and should not be allowed.
        When the so-called ‘rescue’ that was trying to seize animals from us was in kahoots with a government agency agent, they were saying, and had written, “we’ll take the horses and worry about the paperwork later”…..REALLY? What was really going to happen is that they were going to heap more crap on us and blame the lack of health certs and brand inspections on us, THAT is why they didn’t even take any of the adoptable horses we have that were offered to them because they would have had to PAY for blood draws, health certs, and coggins tests, and no way were they going to do that.
        Basically, MANY of the ‘rescues’ that do seizures are common criminals, scammers, who are ‘into’ “rescue” for the donation money and accolades, and most don’t give two shits about the animals unless they can make money off them, so they kill the ones that have run through their “donation-value” and who are often unadoptable with or without a fee.

        These people should be reported to the state attorney’s generals offices over and over and over again, and also to the IRS for fund-raising fraud, income tax fraud, and non-profit fraud too.
        Unfortunately, many people who are attacked by these criminals go to ground and never pursue anything because they are afraid of more retaliation, but if more and more people who have been unjustly and illegally attacked unite, it will become easier to file complaints because others will have our backs and will rally for us because of strength-in-numbers.

  2. […] https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2014/06/01/zoo-warspseduo-sanctuaries-f-is-for-fake-part-ii […]

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