ZOO WARS~PSEUDO- “Sanctuaries” -“F” is for FAKE -Part I

WOW-ALL these PSEUDO- “Sanctuaries” are so much alike-it’s dumbfounding…Another rescue at BCR and the story told about previous owners spun into a political rant against public contact with cubs to the animals used as photo cubs being tossed when their usefulness is done. Frankly, if a cub is not handled and received human contact, I would never accept the animal considering it would be cared for by me and the only way to provide quality care and vet care would be for the animal to be accustom to contact, rather than to fear it. There is a difference between a well adjusted cat and one that has never received quality care with human contact as a cub, that can be provided.

I know it seems as though I am always going after Big Cat Rescue of Florida but CEO~Carole Lewis Baskin really takes the Award for being the most offensive and owning the most DEPLORABLE PSEUDO-sanctuary with so little thought and care that goes into a facility to provide properly a quality life that these animals/any animal deserves.

Baskin's front door

BCR is not the only PSEUDO-sanctuary I will be addressing here but is at the top of the list to be addressed first before moving along to others.

Cages don’t have to be fancy but the cages at BCR are old and rusty…held together with hog rings and not secured to the ground. To top it off, there’s no way to safely lock out the animals or provide for transport for that unexpected hurricane to keep the animals secure during such an event. Built on an old landfill in Tampa, I believe the grounds are contaminated and the water pumped in is from a questionable source. To the best of my knowledge, there’s never been a single test performed with reports available on the ground or the water provided for the animals. You’d think that when the question came up over the alarming number of death rates at this facility over a short period of time from cancerous tumors, that Baskin would look into it as a ‘responsible owner’ for answers. Instead, they laugh at the allegations. Where’s the accountability?!?

There’s something to be said about ‘going undercover’ and taking a tour while secretly ‘conducting an inspection’ of our own periodically and recently…the results to be released soon.  There have been several people going in from time to time and bringing back photos and info that makes it so hard to comprehend the USDA/APHIS inspection reports that we are reading on the USDA website. We’re not even being as picky as an inspector is expected to be but the people who went in, know exactly what to look for and the only thing not ‘inspected’ while on a tour was the paperwork.

This brings me to my first question -Exactly  how is this possible that the USDA inspection reports from BCR state, compliant?!? Or no violations…It’s NOT possible for any facility to be in total compliance all the time. Especially with cages that do not meet regulations with obvious rust.

BCR cage 2

Often a facility is targeted by the USDA for more frequent inspections sometimes an investigation when there have been so many complaints made.  Return visits to verify that corrections have been made in the time allowed but after all the numerous complaints; I do NOT see frequent inspections occurring at BCR-WHY now being the bigger and more important question. Noted on one such report that I read there was a question about the caging at BCR; written on an inspection report by an inspector yet, no report ever followed revealing what decision had been made to bring the caging to be updated to meet specifications so those small rusty unreliable cages have remained.

The one thing that stands out is that recently, it’s always the same inspector conducting these inspections. The place fails on many counts to meet the rules and regulations. Considering the volume of commercial traffic and that they bill themselves as a Florida Attraction; it would seem that it would be extremely important both to FFW as well as the USDA-From what I’ve reviewed, it looks like an accident waiting to happen which is totally unacceptable. With so many complaints and no report requiring repairs, expansion and updates as well as lock outs for the animals it would seem if an accident does occur, that both FFW and the USDA could and should also be held accountable.

PETITION: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/608/680/830/demand-the-usda-sends-in-a-new-inspector-to-big-cat-rescue-over-150-dead-cats

Interesting enough, this hasn’t stopped BCR from staking a claim to another rescue and just yesterday brought three more tigers to the facility. The most shocking thing about it is how they stake their claim to the rescue-Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!!!-OMG!!! Where does the BULLSHIT end and the truth finally surface?!? Just because they’ve staked a claim to it doesn’t make it so.

News coming out of BCR:

HUGE NEWS! Big Cat Rescuers rescued 3 starving and severely neglected tigers Tuesday from a dilapidated pseudo-sanctuary in New York…. JnK Call of the Wild was finally shut down by authorities yesterday when they seized close to 20 exotic animals.”

“The 3 tigers that will now call Big Cat Rescue home – Keisha, Kimba and Zeus — arrived late on Wednesday.”

“We couldn’t let the cat out of the bag until after the last animal was rescued from the site for fear of starting a media circus that could propel the owner into doing something dangerous to the animals or the rescue crews.”

After the usual plea for donations:

We had to give up the chance to involve everyone in the excitement of a rescue because these cats depended on us keeping quiet so the owner wouldn’t do anything foolish. We were able to load our tigers by 1PM on Tues. May 27, but had to maintain silent mode until all of the animals were safely on their way to other rescue sites.

What?!? There are other qualified rescuers now?!? EXCITEMENT OF RESCUE?!? -WTF?!?

First of all, there’s nothing exciting about doing a ‘real’ rescue-It’s sad when things go wrong for animals!!! It can be very upsetting to see animals in such a state as to require rescuing. She states that one had died before their arrival-WHAT EXCITMENT???

It’s more a huge worry and concern whether or not an animal will make it thru the transport and in this case, it appears it might mean a sever adjustment for them. But if the animals hadn’t made it thru transport; you and I both know that the previous owner would be blamed-

They never take the time to leave the animals where they are for a few days or a couple of weeks for health purposes before such a long trip -Did they even bother to get health certificates with a vet stating that the animal(s) can safely be moved?!? If there was, then the blame must fall on the so called rescuer along with the vet that approved the transport, and not just the previous owner!!! This just is not what I would categorize as excitement!!! Seems little to no thought is actually ever given for the animals health until time to put their hand out for a donation!!! Oh, blame that on the previous owner and what they might possibly do or change their mind before giving up the animals and being subjected to the slanderous statements rather than allow them to join in and be happy that the animals will be rehomed.

And now there’s a new reason to collect donations-Ahhhh, MONEY-Now that could be exciting I suppose; there’s not a ‘rescue’ in this country (no matter what type of animals are being ‘rescued’) that goes by without a big ‘collect the money campaign’ for donations and this one is no different. Interesting to see the press releases that are ultimately the same as the last rescue they did; new story with the same ending-Give us money <I think I just barfed in my mouth a little> $10,000.00 per animal <BULLSHIT> and rarely do they show just how much they were able to bring in and how that money was used for the care and upkeep for the animals that the money was intended for.

BCR Audited Financial Statement Report: http://bigcatrescue.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/2013-Audited-Financial-Statements.pdf

Furthermore the cost of the care that each animal is to receive would be an estimate and usually blown way out of portion; a claim of $10,000.00 for each animal rescued is way out of line. Sounds like a THOUSANDS  times more than the actual amount of money needed to get the animals healthy once again. It would be an extremely rare instance that it would take that amount of money for each animal…Sounds like Pat Craig, CEO~The Rocky Mountain Wildlife Center (Watch for Part II)

So what happens to the money collected and not used for the care of these animals?!? In the case of BCR, this has been addressed in previous posts and I have provided many reasons for NOT donating to Big Cat Rescue as a ‘public service announcement’.

-I can only come to a single conclusion that BCR has more than enough money backing themselves up or they certainly wouldn’t be traveling around the country to promote a change in laws and regulations that will effect animals poorly, file lawsuits, engage in purchasing mineral rights that may never be received and not particularly valuable, falsely testifying as an expert when Carole Lewis Baskin is not an expert BUT go find another rescue so that the cycle of collecting donations begins once again and so much easier with a thin tiger in rescue.

So we once again, we see Baskin stating she has taken in ‘more cats needing rescue with fear of what the owner might do to the animals rather than allow the rescue’…Of course, if I still had big cats and needed for someone to come in and take them for <cough> ‘rescue’; I guarantee you, PSEUDO-sanctuaries would never be allowed on my property thus less given a single one of my animals knowing the HELL the animal/animals would be facing the rest of their born days at the place…especially Big Cat Rescue!!!


NEWS ALERT-Big Cat Rescue is an accredited GFAS sanctuary but is NOT  VERIFIED and yes, there is a difference…Yet the new laws are requiring accreditation-NOT VERIFICATION!!!

EXPLANATION: Verification means that the sanctuary or rescue facility meets the criteria of a true sanctuary/rescue and is providing humane and responsible care of the animals. To be awarded Verified status, an organization must meet GFAS’s rigorous and peer-reviewed animal care standards which are confirmed by a site visit and they must also adhere to a demanding set of ethical and operational principles. Question is -Do these lawmakers know the difference?!? Probably not…and therefore, approved places, by law, shouldn’t be when anyone can apply and buy their accreditation!!! That is if the law is designed to discriminate as so many of the new laws are.

Sadly, I venture to say Big Cat Rescue is not the only PSEUDO-sanctuary with such outrageous claims to rescue-Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue is yet another with their hand out staking a claim to rescue. Owned and operated by convicted felon, Jeff Kozlowski, who helped manufacture a “F” for Fake rescue so that he could stake a claim to it.. He needed a rescue…after all, he had purchased all his ‘rescued cats’ or from one of his “accidental breeding’s” that had been used for photo ventures. Once again we see another private exotic animal owner begging for donations. After getting FCF~PSEUDO WELFARE ORGANIZATION (Lynn Culver) to support the fake rescue by helping to provide funds for the theft of the animals from their rightful owner due to an illegal and unconstitutional seizure of the animals. He then advertised and stuck his hand out for more donations in the same fashion as his sister organization, Big Cat Rescue (BCR) for totally healthy and very expensive animals he had no right in the taking, with a rented U-Haul truck (against USDA regulations) and without a health certificate issued (against USDA and WI regulations).

Kozlowski and the prosecutor even managed to guide and manipulate the USDA to make FAKE, off the record statements based on conjecture and outright lies to sending an inspector for an unofficial inspection; just enough information to provide information for a warrant although nothing was found that would be considered out of the ordinary under such conditions by inspection and therefore, the warrant lacked  probable cause.

There was no official report made by the USDA official who made those statements concerning the phone calls between himself and the prosecutor beyond what was stated on the warrant. There was no official USDA report written and no justifiable reason for an inspection of a private citizen who was not USDA permitted at the time when no permit was required yet, the inspection did take place and the animals were seized…Neither USDA inspector testified at any hearing…There were no criminal charges and any charges that were filed were dropped but this prosecutor managed to not only seize the big cats but all the very expensive animals from their rightful owner. Kozlowski managed to get’ first pick of the big cats’, the youngest and most expensive and then transported them off to icy Wisconsin and called it a rescue.

Both USDA inspectors were working outside the scope of their job and were recently excused from a federal suit due to a technical mistake made by pro se litigants but most certainly does not absolve the USDA inspectors from working outside the scope if the agency and their jobs. Imagine being a pro se litigant in a lawsuit of such magnitude because there would be no attorney with the ability to file or dare to take the case. The suit now on appeal, the fight for justice continues without ever naming Kozlowski for fear he would no longer properly provide for the animals now under his control.

Shortly after the seizure, there was an accident at WBCR and Kozlowski was found responsible for not properly supervising but instead, keeping warm in the confines of his toasty home on a cold Wisconsin day. A convicted felon, guilty of causing an incident where a volunteer was badly injured yet he too is out there campaigning against private exotic animal ownership in Wisconsin. What the Hell is anyone doing listening to a convicted bank robber…from the prosecutor in Texas to the Wisconsin Legislature?!?

Why does a convicted felon have in his possession a USDA permit and/or control of big cats. Furthermore, if Carole Lewis Baskin is so concerned about the possibility of the public being mis-led by association by a sanctuary operating with a similar name; why has she never filed a suit against Kozlowski?!? Must be a sister facility right?!? Isn’t Kolowski possibly receiving money intended for Big Cat Rescue?!? Wouldn’t Baskin just love to take over that sanctuary and stake a claim to that property as well?!? Isn’t she interested in taking healthy animals away from their owner or is it only animals in need that bring in the big bucks?!? Baskin and Kozlowski must be in association with this convicted felon Kozlowski, as the only conclusion or possibility…Or is it true that Baskin is obsessed with Joe Exotic considering WBCR as never been served.

Once again, another PSEUDO-sanctuary operating as an attraction just outside of Baraboo, Wisconsin-Would you even consider going to WBCR knowing it is owned by a convicted felon…He’s not allowed to vote and more importantly, allowed to own a gun to protect the guests?!? -Would you allow your children to visit this place if you knew the background of the man in charge of this facility?!? And get this, Kozlowsi is not the only convicted of a felon with big cats and a USDA permit…there are others and members of FCF-WTF?!?

Incidently, Carole Lewis Baskin has a missing husband that she had declared dead so that she could inherit millions-What happened to Don Lewis remains a cold case.

corruption sign

Link of interest: https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/zoo-wars-whered-the-cats-go

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned Part II already being written  -B




~ by topcatsroar on May 30, 2014.

6 Responses to “ZOO WARS~PSEUDO- “Sanctuaries” -“F” is for FAKE -Part I”

  1. By my understanding of fund raising for particular things, like “rescuing” and “seizing” animals, a 501c3 animal rescue, and even just a not-for-profit registered with the state, must register in their state of origin to do a fund raiser, and must also have an entirely separate rescue account (bank account and PayPal account for instance) for where the money from that targeted fundraiser goes.
    That is to keep “rescues” from co-mingling funds, and to account for donations going to, and being spent on, what the “rescue” says they are spending the money on; in this case, the animals they are supposedly “rescuing”.

  2. It should be perfectly obvious why the need for speed and silence in this latest “rescue” by BCR. Any heist or burglary needs to be in, out, and done before somebody gets wise. The more peeps who know about it, the more dangerous it becomes. Not just for the animals involved, but for the perps. Most likely, the owner of the NY sanctuary was tricked into leaving the place for the day, Can’t you just see Carole, ala Angelina Jolie, in black tights, uplift bra, and magnetic boots, rappelling into the place through a skylight on a strand of piano wire, black backpack loaded with 100 pounds-plus of tools, an Uzi, a Samurai sword, and a couple bricks of M-4…? I wonder if her sidekick Howie came along for the ride, or to serve as lookout? Bet she got those tigers out the same way she came in, right up through the tiny skylight and down through a hole cut in the roof of the U-Haul… Yup, they had to keep it low key, and apologies to all who’d have liked to be there to help…

    • I can go along with that and even in vision that with the exception of the ala Angelina Jolie…More like ala Phyllis Diller before her transformation…

  3. Maybe like Betty White swinging on the wrecking ball?

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