ZOO WARS~Really Howie!?!

Interrupting a post I was working on to post an update to the never ending saga of the war waged from the ranks of Big Cat Rescue (BCR) against Joe Schreibvogel. Apparently, Howard Baskin, Carole Lewis Baskin’s husband, has been feeling left out and has decided to start posting on his own…

Joe’s reply to him was hilarious and more truth revealing than Howie cares to admit…Every bit of their activity has been documented with a report to be filed with the IRS for ‘certain activity’ that is questionable and clearly not allowed with a 501-C-3 as that type of activity requires a C-4 IRS status.

Money donated to BCR thru their 501-C-3, is for the care of the animals at BCR and not to be used to further educate against private ownership, lobby or get involved in political activity against Private Animal Ownership and/or to wrongly attack other facilities.

Any such activity can cost BCR their 501-C-3 status -tax free no more.

The investigation has been kept very quiet but considering practically all that’s left to document is any NEW activity, I see no harm in exposing it.

Once again ranting about Joe and desperately making a poor attempt to justify BCR illegal activity, Howie posted once again about Joe -Likely an attempt to take the heat off Carole (oh how gallant of him-HA!) and on to himself. Not really working as well as he had thought it would though as he fails to address many issues and lies that his wife tells to anyone who will listen. Carole Lewis Baskin is not a self-made woman as she wants everyone to believe

-From walking the streets of Nebraska Ave to millionaire -come on, more accurately would be that she ‘whored around’ and built off the wealthy man she married and ‘killed’ and then managed to catch yet another wealthy man; this one an attorney -WOW…<cough> what an achievement…

In case anyone missed it: https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2014/05/25/pubic-service-announcement/

My response to Howie for his rant about Joe:

“Howie, Stop blaming Joe and take a good long look in the mirror -Whatever ‘good reputation’ you might have had before marrying Carole, has been flushed. Now why don’t you go look up what you are allowed or not allowed to do with that 501-C-3 and that to legislate and become involved in politics requires a C-4. You even admit to it “The purpose of our large presence at this year’s conference is to promote awareness of and support for the federal Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act, HR 1998 and S 1381, to the 1000 attendees who care about how animals are treated.” and in other posts by your lovely wife <cough> and Kremer plus the statements to the press, all of which has already been collected and will go as an IRS complaint.” “You know it was recently said that ‘Birds of a Feather’ stay together and deserve each other and while your buddy Wayne Pacelle was smart enough to give up a suit with Feld Entertainment for RICO violations, knowing he would loose, you and Carole seem to forget that the further you take it the more you are going to bury yourselves with your own violations and C-4 is very serious (I don’ believe you can buy off the IRS) and might just cost you your C-3 status-Best of luck with that-Hope this post entertains you as much as Joe’s did.” 

From taking money and using it for ‘other activity’ to the slander against people on her 911 animal abuse site, the Baskin’s are not being honest with what they intend to use the money collected for animal care.

Furthermore, without a C-4 status, BCR and the owners are not allowed to participate in political activity including trips to Ohio and Washington DC…That has nothing to do with educating the public about the plight of the big cats and has everything to do with stopping private exotic animal ownership. Howie, how about a little more entertainment from an award winning documentary with the truth about Tony the Tiger at the Tiger Truck Stop in Grosse Tete, Louisiana “How to Kill A Tiger” : How To Kill A Tiger 

So Howie, would you share this post?!? After all, don’t Animal Rights Extremists, just like anyone else, deserve to know the truth and how you and Carole spend their hard earned money  donated to BCR for animal care?!?

-That Big Cat Rescue really is Wildlife on Easy Street with commercial activity -a Florida attraction right there in Florida in line with all the other ‘roadside zoos’ in Florida…Is NOT considered a sanctuary by FFW.

-With more than 150 dead cats taken to a taxidermy rather than buried or cremated and ‘set at peace at last’ from their life in captivity. And actually a money making proposition with each one that dies there.

-The caging at BCR barely meets the standards if, in fact, they actually do!!!

I’m still wondering what will happen if Tampa ever has a direct hurricane hit considering BCR location in a highly populated area with no ability to lock the cats down or remove them from the property before hand.

You fail to address all of this and more…

-You even fail to have the ground and water tested nd prove us wrong that those animals living there and drinking that water pumped from that ‘lake’ is safe for the animals.

-You fail to state why Carole has never taken a polygraph with what she might know about Don’s disappearance-In your position you should have been concerned about Don’s disappearance long before you married her!!!

 -That suit filled against Joe yet none filled against Kozlowski, a convicted felon for the use of the name with concern for money going to there that was possibly intended for Big Cat Rescue…

And why has Sky Williamson disappeared from the scene?!? Did the girls have a spat?!?

-Is Sky Williamson even ‘real’?!?

All this and more you have failed to address-

How about a polygraph yourself and what you might now know about Don’s sudden ‘disappearance’.

I promise you, if you ever managed to take GW, there’s other property in Oklahoma where Joe would be welcome and you’d achieve nothing beyond robbing him of what he and his family built to honor his brother with their blood sweat and tears!!!

You honestly think all that donated money spent on lawsuits is going to be worth it?!?

Joe and his family are not independently wealthy like you and Carole-or is it the liligers that she’s after for her collection and a location where animals aren’t dying from cancer.

There’s no fancy house there or fancy back entrance…are you so sure that Carole could handle it and do you honestly think that the Attorney General of Oklahoma s going to put up with her crap?!? There wouldn’t be police protection from family in law enforcement like she has in Florida.

No Howie, I don’t believe you’ve thought this thru…


~ by topcatsroar on May 28, 2014.

2 Responses to “ZOO WARS~Really Howie!?!”

  1. If there was an annual “Anna Nicole Smith” award, Carole would take it easily. Being a lawyer himself, ole Howie should know that a notary public cannot sign off on a family member. How many of their documents have the notary seal of the daughter or whoever it was who notarized them? Those are all void, sorry Howie.

    • Good point and another illegal activity at Big Cat Rescue. The list just keeps on keeping on-Just how long can they keep it up before the authorities finally put a stop to it is my question-Oh my, “What would Frank Losey do?!?” -B

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