New Documentary for the Carriage Horses of Central Park (NYC)~Must see and SHARE WILDLY!

from The Famous Horse Drawn Carriages of Central Park:


Our wonderful FB friends and fans can go a LONG way to making that a reality!!

We are asking EVERY person who reads this status to SHARE our new mini-documentary about our beloved carriage business, only 10 minutes long and narrated by Liam Neeson!!”


If you were to visit NYC, what better way to see Central Park than to enjoy a carriage ride thru the park!?! It has always been something special to behold and the truth about the lives of the owners of the horse drawn carriages are in jeopardy as the mayor is utilizing the agenda of  the Animal Rights Extremists Nazis and calling it inhumane however, it’s politics…There is little doubt that he doesn’t know the value of that property!!! Don’t be mis-led, it’s always about the money; proof in this mini-documentary!

What real estate you may ask-Why the stables of course!!! Bringing the Animal Rights Extremists in on this issue is a distraction from the real issue at hand-MONEY!!!

This documentary is very short and makes a very big point, I hope you will watch it and SHARE WILDLY!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B



~ by topcatsroar on May 21, 2014.

3 Responses to “New Documentary for the Carriage Horses of Central Park (NYC)~Must see and SHARE WILDLY!”

  1. We rescued nearly 400 horses in 10 months one-by-one from a commercial feedlot when they were at their last stop before being shipped to slaughter in Canada if not bailed out.
    Our family did not make a penny off those rescues, and spent a lot of time and our own personal money on them.
    However, as long as many of the horse rescues are donation-funded, and whose founders and primary participants have “rescue as their job”, we will never get commercial horse slaughter banned entirely because the people who are making their living in horse rescue based on “crisis” and/or “sympathy/pity” donations coming in whereby the get free horses and then “flip” them for a profit.

    The animal rights people may seriously end up winning these battles to make it so people cannot “do” anything with their animals, and if we are unable to get horse slaughter banned, carriage horses that find themselves out of a job very well may find themselves at the New Holland sale, or another “kill sale” just like it.
    It’s a fine line between which people are ignorant animal rights people, the people who are “into” animal welfare but don’t have a lot of knowledge of the various species and don’t realize that many animals are born and bred to “do” certain things that doesn’t harm them, and that many enjoy and grieve to still be doing after they are retired from it. And then there are the so-called “rescues” who are nothing more than horse or dog brokers posing as rescuers, and who live off of donations and adoption fees which often are retail sales pricing.

    So unless we can find some common ground, I really fear for the animals going forward because many more will lose their lives because of human nature of being contrary with one another, competitive, ego-driven for accolades, and sometimes downright greedy.

    • As long as there are people believing the BULLSHIT coming from the Animal Rights Extremists NFP Organizations there will always be opposition to uniting to take back our rights that as US citizens that are supposed to be protected: Life, Liberty and Property. Very few cases have come thru as a win in court to protect those rights. It was easy to ignore that there was a battle brewing that should have been fought before things got this bad and now a much bigger battle in protecting and preserving those rights guaranteed by the US and state constitutions as they have staked a claim to their victories and hope that people will not find out about the wins that demonstrate that people are making headway with the wins going against the Animal Rights Extremist Agenda.

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