Roaring with Laughter-HSUS Has NO Insurance~Laughing so hard I am crying

I got curious this past weekend to see what Whinny Wayne had to say about the RICO settlement with the Feld Corporation. I went to Pacelle’s FaceBook page to see if he made any statement and if so, what he had to say about it-

It seemed a bit odd that in his statement he had the gall to advise Feld what the ‘right thing’ would be to do with all that money-huh?!? You ask me, Pacelle should be grateful that Feld was willing to settle!!! But it was almost as if Pacelle believed that suing all those Animal Rights Organizations cost Feld nothing. Well, turns out, it cost HSUS and all the Animal Rights Extremists Organizations plenty to pay Feld off although filing suits costs them nothing with all those pro bono attorneys they have (and didn’t they get what they paid for-HA!) to file suits and defend them but not the same for  ‘legitimate businesses’ that they attack like Feld Entertainment and reason so few fight back in filing complicated Federal suits; and what the Animal Rights Extremists had counted on all these years-But enough is enough-It was time to fight back.

Laughing so hard at the following post from HumaneWatch; never mind how much my leg hurts. How did I miss this post from HumaneWatch?!? Thank you Joey for the heads up-to think, I nearly misse

HSUS Denied Insurance Coverage in Racketeering Lawsuit 

The Humane Society of the United States, two of its lawyers, and its affiliate the Fund for Animals have paid $15.75 million, along with other animal rights activists, as a multi-party settlement of a federal racketeering lawsuit. Today, HSUS put out a defiant statement—a rather odd tactic when you have egg on your face—claiming, among other things, that “We expect that a substantial portion, if not all, of the settlement costs to The HSUS and The Fund for Animals will be covered by insurance, and in the end, that no donor dollars from The HSUS will go to Feld.” (Feld is the owner of Ringling Bros. circus and sued HSUS.) HSUS CEO Wayne “I don’t love animals” Pacelle asserted, “In the end, no donor dollars from The HSUS will go to Feld.”

There’s just one small problem: HSUS doesn’t have any insurance coverage for this litigation.

Last year, HSUS sued its liability insurance company, National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, for denying HSUS insurance coverage in the RICO litigation. Indeed, HSUS admits in its lawsuit against the insurance company that it is not covered for the racketeering lawsuit:

“28. Plaintiffs [HSUS and two HSUS lawyers] are now required to defend themselves in the Feld Litigation without the benefit of the insurance that HSUS (and its affiliates) purchased from Defendant National Union to protect them.” […]

“33. HSUS, Lovvorn, and Ockene are currently deprived of insurance coverage for which HSUS paid […]”

According to the suit, the insurance company alleges HSUS did not make a timely claim after it was sued by Feld in 2010 for bribery, obstruction of justice, and other torts. HSUS says it went by the book.

According to federal court records, this lawsuit between HSUS and its insurance company is still ongoing. The latest filing (yesterday) was a reply to a response to a motion to strike.

So as far as we can tell, HSUS is currently denied liability insurance for this case. Perhaps HSUS is confident that it will eventually prevail and get coverage. But for HSUS to say at this point that no donor money is at risk in the $16 million multi-party settlement seems misleading at best. We would call it a bald-faced lie, but you’ll note that HSUS wrote the weasel words “We expect” and “In the end.”

HSUS chose to omit the inconvenient truth from its statement—that, as of now, its coverage for the RICO lawsuit has been denied by its insurer.

But from a group that deceives its donors and (allegedly) paid a witness, taking the high road and being fully honest with the public and the media doesn’t seem to be the top priority—if it’s a priority at all.


OMG!!!-You just can’t make this stuff up!!! Of course it will be donor money that will pay the lawsuit off-It’s called Karma and I just can’t be any happier with the outcome of this suit…Maybe now Wayne Pacelle will go away-Surely the Board of Directors will consider seeking new leadership…Then again,  in the long run, maybe I’d prefer it if they just leave him there to screw up some more. Just settling with this  issue -RICO violations- was good enough for me but to learn that they will have to use donor dollars-Oh that’s just too much, hahahahaha. I guess BCR will have to make a bigger donation this year…as All the GFAS FAKE sanctuaries…

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B


~ by topcatsroar on May 19, 2014.

4 Responses to “Roaring with Laughter-HSUS Has NO Insurance~Laughing so hard I am crying”

  1. I LOVE THE WAY YOU SAY……..Whiney Wayne……and I am soooooooo glad the ANIMAL RIGHTS EXTREMISTS have finally LOST and BEEN EXPOSED for the THIEVES THEY ARE! And for their $26 MILLION IN MONEY SHELTERED IN THE CAYMAN ISLANDS ?????I STILL can’t help but feel for the multitudes of elderly folks who do without food themselves to send Animal Rights Idiots money…just GALLS ME!

    • I do feel badly for all the donors however, all that money wasn’t being put to good use anyway…until now that is…I hope you laughed until you cried, LOL!!! -B

  2. You mean they might actually have to pull a few million from their offshore investments in the Bahamas? -Or tap Wayne’s retirement funds? That’d be terrible. Or should I say deplorable?


    “And the HSUS affiliate the Fund for Animals, also part of the $16 million settlement, was also denied insurance coverage. The Fund’s lawsuit against its insurer is being litigated in state circuit court in Maryland.”

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