ZOO WARS-Louisiana SB 250 passed the Senate to keep Tony at the Tiger Truck Stop!!! YAY!!!

The bill moves on to the house and there’s still work to be done-But for now we pause to celebrate with tears of joy!!!

Much thanks to Senator Ward for all his hard work and all the diligent work that everyone put in to making this happen!!!

senate votes to keep Tony home

This is a big win as the bill originated in the Senate and will likely be approved by the house…More coming soon on what you can do to make sure this bill passes in the house…This is the best news!!!

from Michael Sandlin: “We just went up against the wealthiest Louisiana lobbyists and won SB250! 20 yes 18 no, Tony gets to stay home! Now we are taking it on to the House!”

capitol building to keep Tony home


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B



~ by topcatsroar on May 13, 2014.

4 Responses to “ZOO WARS-Louisiana SB 250 passed the Senate to keep Tony at the Tiger Truck Stop!!! YAY!!!”

  1. Yes! YES! YeS!

  2. Seems to me just last week, someone who’s determined to steal Tony for her own roadside zoo jumped the gun a bit in declaring “victory” for the truck stop haters. This bill was voted down in the first presentation, but was far from dead. It was only 2 votes shy of the needed number, and after consideration, enough senators realized it’s a good thing. While not a slam-dunk, it now stands a pretty good chance of being ratified by the House. Best wishes to Tony, and Michael and Scott as well!

  3. It’s amazing that anyone would think a cage at a gas station/truckstop is a proper home for a tiger. Tony is considered property and nothing more by his owner. So sad that this website has put such a convoluted spin on the plight of Tony. He actually has a chance to live a life closer to what was intended by God. I hope that representatives in the house realize that and vote their conscience & not be swayed by misguided colleagues or financial backers.

    • I think you need an education sweetheart…my next post will provide a link to the documentary about HOW Tony lives and you might change your mind in your opinion of WHAT Tony is to his owner and how Michael Sandlin loves this animal. While it is true, the tiger is his property; just as your dog is your property-you do love him, just as Michael Sandlin loves Tony.
      Maybe I don’t like how you keep your dog and where he lives-Does that give me the right to hound you and have the authorities take him from you?!?
      Be careful because maybe your neighbor or a disgruntled friend or stranger doesn’t like you and will seek to destroy your life and take your dog away from you based on lies he’s made up about what you or how you feel about him -Making accusations about animal cruelty are so damn easy to make up and you will have to claim him as your property that no one has the right to take.
      I challenge you to watch the documentary and learn the truth. -It just might enlighten you and change your opinion as it has so many others-the TRUTH can be so revealing. -B https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2014/05/14/zoo-wars-the-truth-about-tony-the-tigerhow-to-kill-a-tiger/

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