HSUS Claims to Have 2,000 Pro Bono Attorneys-You try to find one to represent you-HA!

Animal Rights legislation violates Search and Seizure law, Constitutional Rights and your Human Rights.”

“PETA indoctrinates your children with classroom teaching materials and political positions with which you may not agree.”

“HSUS is among the richest Animal Rights legislative forces in America but less than 10% of their $100 million per year income (non-taxable donations) helps animals in any way!”


“SAY NO! to State and Local politicians who sponsor or vote for subversive “animal rights” legislation or who accept campaign contributions from any group or shelter that does.”

-The Dog Press


Just be accused of animal cruelty and try to find an attorney-HA! They don’t exist for people accused of a ‘heinous crime’ with no way to prove themselves innocent-There’s no way to get anything struck from the record; even if the information came from a warrantless search. Watch the abuse of your civil rights get flushed down the toilet when it’s a fact that you did nothing wrong -How could you possibly commit a crime against an animal but exactly how could it that you can commit a crime against your property and could be considered a felony in some states even though it is a non-violent ‘passive abuse case’. Even if they drop the criminal charges against you, they still keep your property!!! If they dropped the charges and therefore no crime committed then, what gives anyone the right to keep your property-your beloved animals!?! Animals you may have had for more than 20 years-Yes, there are many animals kept as pets that could live more than 20 years.

When they take the animals they do not have a medical consult with the owner although the animals will be judged in an ‘in rem’ proceeding (the condition of the property) with no one accused of any crime with absolutely no consideration for any medical attention they may have been receiving. And frankly, even when they are advised that an animal is receiving treatment, the owner or caregiver is completely ignored as if the animal had been sick and nothing was being done to provide proper care for the animals in the first place.

I know these things because my little horse had a guttural infection, had been receiving medication and had told the Angel of Death (The Vet) and her partner in crime, the Humaniac (president and founder of the Humane Society of Marion County), and showed them the medication was freshly opened, well within date, that Magic had been receiving…her special diet and brought in nightly into a horse trailer with heat. She had her specially ordered winter coat on to keep her warm and protected; this was a very special and very expensive, tiny mini horse. The medication was left behind and not taken to any clinic or facility that cared for horses but to the vets home, out of the county and control of the court. She never received her special diet although they took feed and supplies that were available to the animals.

A few weeks after the raid the vet claimed that Magic was lame-no she wasn’t lame-she went down because she was not fed properly or provided with any medication-but a guttural infection would not make a horse go down…However, plural pneumonia would and was that cause of her death-weeks after the raid yet, I was blamed for her death. This vet admitted she was not a horse specialist, as a matter of fact, admitted that she knew little or anything about some of the animals placed in her care and she could not have been home to properly monitor the animals taken there-I truly doubt she was brought inside at night or provided heat in the sever weather that occurred that winter.

My point, she has an attorney…The Texas Board of Veterinarian Medical Examiners never did a full investigation; they simply made an inquiry…Received her reply, these were seized animals so she must not be the cause of any animals deaths-BULLSHIT!!! Dogs died more than a month from being seized of ‘un-known cause’ and guess what, that was considered my fault as well and when after a month they were taken to a no-kill facility, the dogs were then in worse condition than any claim made against us including one with respiratory; a condition that he didn’t have when he was taken (stolen) during the raid…the dogs stayed at the vet clinic all that time…you bet she likely changed the diet as dog food went on sale causing sever intestinal problems that likely was the reason for the deaths.

All the house cats were left in an un-insulated storage shed out back behind the clinic without heat…no testing…and no permission to kill those animals from the judge or us as the actual owners before any hearing -It was the following day. Together, they euthanized them without giving it a second thought.

A ‘hold order’ was placed on the fowl by the state unless they were tested an found a reason to kill them…Ironically, there was no permission given to take the first livestock animal, no mention of the penal code to take those animals so therefore she had no business placing her hands on a single livestock animal and yet, was the direct cause for their deaths-period. The warrant demonstrated no probable cause or even identified properly what was to be taken…We can not find proper representation yet the vet does an so does the humaniac who now has a building under construction where they plan on doing low coast spay and neutering…likely the same vet will do these surgeries and as far as I’m concerned should never place her hands on another animal ever again who has a lawyer who knows all this yet accepts her lies to get her out of a suit filed. Had she not agreed to participate in order to promote her business then she never would be in a suit in the first place with her LAWYER!!!

We are pro se litigants in a federal suit that may or may not agree with us. While not trained in the law, we know more now than we every cared to know. Had they not done this raid, they would not have had a suit filed against them. The vet’s business was the registered agent for the humane society at the time and should have never made a not for profit part of her business but her business was already failing as her plan backfired in a community that frowns upon such business in their community…She billed the county sheriff department directly…you bet she became just as responsible for a wrongful seizure as the authorities did.  She has an animal rights extremist attorney or he would not have taken the case. As a veterinarian/lawyer, he knows she broke the law and harmed those animals yet he represents her-We have no attorney…and certainly not a pro bono attorney. I don’t know that he’s charging her or not but I do know that the statements made in her documents that he supports her claim of innocence. All the evidence was presented to the court that he claims wasn’t but I guess he wasn’t paying attention to my affidavits or the supplement to the affidavits….All part of the record and demonstrated to the court. The only way they can be dismissed would be on some technically like the USDA inspectors did with a United States attorney against pro se litigants and for some reason what they did doesn’t matter to the court although working as pro se litigants and supposed to be taken into consideration.

So the next time you wonder why people aren’t filing suit if they are innocent you now KNOW why-There is no balance in our system to protect the innocent from wrongful seizure.



By Frank Losey, Retired Pentagon Attorney, May 2014

For a decade the Humane Society of the U.S. (HSUS) has flawlessly orchestrated its sophisticated political lobbying prowess at the federal, state and local levels of government.

However, with little public fanfare, the HSUS has simultaneously, and ever so subtly – like poisonous carbon monoxide – focused its attention on “brainwashing” and hijacking a major segment of the legal profession.  In this regard, during the last 10 years the HSUS has, “with malice aforethought,” infiltrated the legal profession; law schools; American Bar Association (ABA); State Bar Associations; and the National Association of State Attorneys General.

For example:

v     The HSUS claims that more than 2,000 attorneys throughout the U.S. are providing “pro bono” (free) legal services to the HSUS. The HSUS website lists 74 articles that discuss how attorneys, many from large prestigious law firms, have provided “pro bono” (free) legal services in lawsuits filed or supported by the HSUS, such as the Retail Pet Store Rule Lawsuit.

v     Each year more and more law schools are establishing student animal law groups and presenting animal law courses for their students. For example, Jonathan Lovvorn, Senior Vice President of the HSUS and Chief of the HSUS Litigation Division, is an Adjunct Law Professor at a Georgetown Law School in Washington DC. Additionally, Ethan Eddy, a former HSUS Senior Litigation Attorney, now serves as a trial attorney in the Department of Justice and as a law professor at the George Washington University Law School in Washington DC. Additionally, he is a Past Chair of the Animal Law Committee for the District of Columbia Bar Association.

v     In 2004 – – the same year that Wayne Pacelle became the President and CEO of HSUS – – the American Bar Association (ABA) created an Animal Law Committee, which each year seeks to persuade the ABA House of Delegates to adopt resolutions that support the HSUS agenda.

v     Most State Bar Associations have now established Animal Law Committees.

v     In 2013 the National Association of State Attorneys General invited Mr. Pacelle to speak and he spoke to nearly all 50 state Attorneys General on the Topic of “cruelty to domestic animals.” 


v     HSUS in-house and pro bono attorneys are directly and indirectly involved in the drafting of every Legislative Bill or County or City Ordinance, and Regulation, that the HSUS lobbies Government and Elected Officials to support at the Federal, State and Local Levels of Government.

v     The current Chief of the APHIS Investigative and Enforcement Branch is Sarah L. Conant. She founded the Virginia Animal Law Society while a student at the UVA Law School; then became an HSUS Intern; then served as an HSUS Litigation Attorney. She now serves as the APHIS Investigative and Enforcement Branch Chief, and is responsible for the assessment of fines and enforcement of the APHIS rules and regulations against all existing USDA licensed breeders, and “future” USDA licensed hobby breeders.

–Yes, after a disaster in Oklahoma the fund raising activities of the HSUS are now being investigated by the Oklahoma Attorney General;

— Six State Attorneys General have filed lawsuits that seek to overturn a California statute that was sponsored and financed by the HSUS; and

— A Treasury Special Agent is investigating the documented complaint (Treasury File Number 55-1307-0105-C) submitted by Frank Losey, which alleges that the IRS and Lois Lerner, an active member of the HSUS, failed to hold the HSUS accountable for its failure to comply with the U.S. Tax Code, and the Lobbying Disclosure Act. An adverse finding against the HSUS could result in it losing its public charity status!

Editor’s Note:  Early 2014 Congress begins investigation into Lois Lerner’s illegal activities as head of the IRS Tax Exempt section.  She takes the Fifth Amendment which could lead to higher-ups in government influence-peddling.  Go to Video Theater for more details on IRS and Lois Lerner.


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

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One Response to “HSUS Claims to Have 2,000 Pro Bono Attorneys-You try to find one to represent you-HA!”

  1. Thing is, if they can simply take your animals in civil seizure and try them in rem, because they were not cared for in the manner somebody else thinks they should have been, what’s to stop them from doing the same with your car or your house? If you don’t change the oil on schedule, and don’t take your car to a commercial car wash, isn’t that neglect? If you don’t vacuum the carpets, using a Dyson like somebody thinks you should, or happen to have a sink full of dirty dishes, last week’s leftovers in the fridge, or scum on the shower walls, that can be termed neglect. What’s to stop them from seizing your house and car and giving them to some non-profit to flip and sell to some “deserving” individual who’ll then trash them even worse?

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