ZOO WARS~What you see out front is not what goes on at the private entrance-Such is the case at Big Cat Rescue/Wildlife on Easy Street (BCR/WOES)

I was looking at some pictures at sites on line, you know, surfing the net, and couldn’t help but to put this together -Surely, you want to know what has gone on behind closed doors-right?!? After all, you may have given them a donation or showed some support for their cause-right?!? Or you might know a friend who has been misguided by their website or what they claim to support-right?!?

So let’s get educated to the truth…

Baskin's front door

 Here’s the front door, looking rather gloomy, sad and pathetic-certainly could use some sprucing up -right!?!

Now get ready for it?!? Here’s the Private Entrance ‘around back’:

Baskin's back gate -where the donations went maybe

Most certainly is a far cry from needing your hard earned money isn’t it!?!

It takes a scam artist to do this and Carole Lewis Baskin is a scam artist of the worst kind-If she could no longer support those animals that she chose to buy (see below) then she could have easily said and asked for a little help but with the mysterious disappearance of her late husband Don Lewis and getting the paperwork in place to control inherited money. She couldn’t actually do that as it became a high profile case of it’s own by it’s own making and her doing, whether she killed him or not and as far as many are concerned-Don’s mysterious disappearance  remains a cold case. Suddenly, ALL those cats became rescues and the name if the business changed, attaching the word sanctuary to it; although, BCR/WOES is NOT an accepted Florida sanctuary and is considered a Florida ATTRACTION with all the COMMERCIAL activity that continues at this facility.

Baskin has admitted to being a breeder but it’s what she fails to admit to is the horrible care and accidents that occurred as she attempted to make her facility the only place in the world with each species; both male and female intact…A COLLECTER!!!-Often referred to as a HOARDER. She even applied for zoo accreditation with several organizations and was turned down!!!

What really went on behind closed doors has never been addressed by Baskin with explanation from the horrible way the cats were kept to the accidents that occurred as she allowed unsupervised sleep overs with the animals…

Baskin bucket baby 2

Baskin Bucket Baby

I have seen pictures of animals seized with their owners accused of ANIMAL CRUELTY for conditions that weren’t as bad by comparison.

How far did they go to imprint these animals for Baskin to turn around and, according to her, never lay hands on her own animals again because she suddenly ‘sees the light’ of the animal rights movement and begins her terror on Private Exotic Animal Owners who already feared her?!? But where is the money coming from for the lobbying?!? She does not have C-4 with the IRS-OPPS!!! What’s a little thing like taking money for animals and using it for political purpose including large donations to HSUS!?!

It’s also what has gone on with the life in the middle between those two gates that has everyone concerned. From “bucket babies” to numerous deaths; Life at Big Cat Rescue/Wildlife on Easy Street remains at question!!!

Baskin behind closed doors

Baskin cats

Baskin imprintng on the cats

Baskin sleeping with the cat

Baskin training session

Who dresses like that?!? Who is crazy enough to wear that flimsy clothing around cats!?!-Carole Lewis Baskin that’s who!!!

Speaking of flimsy-along comes Howard Baskin-an attorney with big money and fit the bill for just what she needed; being as much a loon as Baskin herself.

Condemning photo ops with big cats-The photo ops continue with the cats at BCR.

Baskin-What constitutes posing with tigers posing for money

At one point condemning Jack Hanna; they make peace and enter into ‘partnership’ condemning private ownership and accusing people of things they themselves are guilty of. Hanna still paying to use animals from the private sector for his shows.

Baskin and Hanna best buds

Baskin and Hanna

Note- Hanna is hand feeding that cat with no concern for his hands so close to the cage.

Hanna himself also has a past history of accidents.

Where did those animals come from…

Baskin bought thise animals 2

Please note they were bought or traded-Morgan the one loaned to her was mine and placed there on breeding loan-returned underweight and sickly…

Baskin bought those animals

[click on the pictures for larger viewing]

Well, ALDF supports GFASS sanctuaries but not zoos-WTF?!? Here’s my comment to ALDF that is under moderation and will likely not be published or answered:

Please explain the difference between a zoo and an animal sanctuary-I see cages in sanctuaries that don’t come anywhere near what I see at zoos and at GW Zoo. Cages that are required by law no matter what they call the place; zoo or sanctuary. Much the same advertisement and hand out for donations.
I think that ALDF has confused the line between some of these so called sanctuaries doing things below the standards to cut corners that a zoo would never do.
I also see these so called sanctuaries with sub-standard cages an numerous accidents and too many animals that they can properly care for.
If ALDF is going to support GFAS sanctuaries then I’d like to see the reasoning and answer to these questions especially with BCR open anytime day or night, is not an accepted FWW sanctuary due to all the commercial activity and there’s question as to dirt and water contamination as reason for the high death rate.
Frankly, I wonder if ALDF is truly concerned about animals at all.


Why hold his place above zoos with experts is beyond me!!! Baskin is NOT expert and she’s NOT in association with anyone who is -including Hanna…Her associates are animal rights extremists or the marks that had no idea…Not even other members of GFASS are in association with her.

As the only one who stuck up for Wildlife on Easy Street (BCR/WOES) to prevent the animals from being confiscated by the state, I am stating for the record that I am against everything it stands for and sickens me as to what she has become. Certainly, if I can change my mind to not support this place and provide information that demonstrates as to why I made that choice-You can do the same…

Taking Cassandra for a walk

Picture featured in the Tampa Tribune from the shopping center where we were doing educational shows in Tampa the year we met and asked if we would help them stop FWW from confiscating her tigers. In those days it was legal to ‘take kitty for a walk’…Two trainers with a safety.


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned for more Big Cat Education…Investigating the fake sanctuaries from the real ones and providing the knowledge to know the difference  -B


~ by topcatsroar on May 7, 2014.

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