ZOO WARS~Virginia Bill has Nothing to do with Animal Protection or Public Safety

Performing elephants - natural behavior or not?


Looks like the old PETA/Newkirk argument that is outdated with animals that are many generation out of the wild. Animals that are used for educational purposes, are the very same animals that are used in the circus today.

This age-old argument fails with all the research and results from that research are contrary to the points made. What is pointed out here is no longer valid as training today has evolved into ‘behavior modification programs’ and requirements stipulated by the animal welfare act that are strictly enforced. Transport cages are measured and must provide not only protection for the animals health and welfare but also must protect the general public from possible escape. ‘Snap’, on the spot inspections, of traveling animals are strict and often frequent requiring the owners to be compliant with laws and standards set forth by both state and federal regulations. Show animals and animals that are bonded to both their owners and trainers often receive superior veterinary care as well as are hands-on with the medical care they receive.

How the animals are transport are not only inspected by the department of transportation by also regulated by both state and federal laws.
Past research indicates that these animals live longer than other animals born and raised in captivity. They are well socialized and performance is considered an enhancement of the animals well-being. The appearance of these animals tells an entirely different story than those made in this article.

This is just one more attempt made by animal rights extremists attacks on animals and their owners. Any member of the government that supports such laws and bans limiting US citizens should not be in office.

Animals, even exotic, non-domestic animals are property and as such can not and should not be judged any differently than domestic animals with consideration to current animal welfare laws and regulation. Bans on working animals can and would be challenged as unconstitutional. The law will not pass once again as no new points and disproved, are made in their argument pushing for this bill to pass.

Thank you once again for the article making people aware that this bill has once again surfaced in Virginia.

Jim Moran (D) might want to consider the damage that supporting such a bill might do to his reputation as well as his ability to be re-elected for wasting taxpayer money on bills that have nothing to do with animal welfare or protection of the public.



Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act rolls back into town again

U.S. Representative Jim Moran (D), Virginia, has brought back the Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act again this year. Previously introduced in 2011, the bill died after referred to committee.

The new introduction on April 30, 2014, is another attempt to ban the use of exotic animals in mobile circuses due to claimed unavoidable suffering and having to perform unnatural acts.

Many circuses use natural behaviors with rewards for specific behavior, causing the desired result which does not fit the criteria for an attempt to ban use of exotic animals in a circus. It is apparent conflict amongst circus and activists exists, which keeps being rehashed through legislative channels.

The cost associated with such legislation and the loss of a viable industry are also considerations in any proposed bill. A close watch of the bill often shows stark differences in opinion versus fact. Certainly something to keep an eye on for all concerned and interested.

The findings listed in the previous bill state:

“Congress finds that—


For the article and information on the proposed bill in Virginia that attempts to ban performing animals from educational shows as well as the circus follow the link.

Awareness of the bill is the first step to stopping the ban.  Exotic Circus Animals today-Domestic Animals tomorrow…

Please contact Legislatures in Virginia informing them that you are against this bill which is contrary to rights provided  to US citizens by the US Constitution does nothing concerning animal protection and is not a safety issue. Tell them there are proper regulations; both state and federal, that address the concerns pointed out in this bill which is merely another attempt by animal rights extremists that are considered terrorists within our borders.


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B


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