ZOO WARS-ACTION ALERT-Tell Louisiana Senators We are OPPOSED to Their Vote!!!


Contact the following Senators and ask them to vote yes to SB250. They have been mislead by Animal Rights Propagana & Lies.

The Following Senators Voted Against SB250 After A Flamboyant Display of Negative Comments From Senator Morrell From New Orleans. Of Course the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s Lawfirm is based there and they are very active in Tulane University where Morrell graduated. Morrell actually presented every Senator a letter/pictures supplied to him from Mathew Liebman an ALDF lead attorney immediately proceeding the casting of votes. The acusations were insanely BIZZAR but made the difference in the Votes outcome. The pictures were of the Tiger Truck Stop’s “CAGE” for Tony and LSU’s 3 million dollar “HABITAT” for Mike. Another classic definition of discrimination.

Dear Senator,

You have been mislead by Animal Rights Propaganda and Lies. Tony The Truck Stop Tiger is not a danger to the Public. He is at a USDA Licensed Facility and to suggest that the facility is not safe is rediculous. Federal Law requires standards to be met for public safety and animal welfare. Tony is 14 years old and very well taken care of with proper diet and the best veterinarian care money can buy. He is a joy to thousands of adults, children, truck drivers, tourists, and Louisiana Citizens. Please do not allow him to be stripped away from the people who love & care for him and the only home that he has ever known.

I want you to vote for Tony to remain at the Truck Stop!


Name ________________City, State_______________________


Adley- http://senate.la.gov/Adley/ adleyr@legis.la.gov

Appel- http://senate.la.gov/Appel/ ppelc@legis.la.gov

Broome- http://senate.la.gov/Broome/ lasen15@legis.la.gov

Buffington- http://senate.la.gov/Cheek/ smithbuffington@legis.la.gov

Chabert- http://senate.la.gov/Chabert/ chabertn@legis.la.gov

Cortez- http://senate.la.gov/Cortez/ cortezp@legis.la.gov

Crowe- http://senate.la.gov/Crowe/ crowea@legis.la.gov

Donahue- http://senate.la.gov/Donahue/ donahuej@legis.la.g

Erdey- http://senate.la.gov/Erdey/ erdeyd@legis.la.gov

Heitmeier- http://senate.la.gov/HeitmeierD/ HeitmeierD@legis.la.gov

Kostelka- http://senate.la.gov/Kostelka/ kostelka@legis.la.gov

LaFleur- http://senate.la.gov/LaFleur/ lafleure@legis.la.gov

Martiny- http://senate.la.gov/Martiny/ martinyd@legis.la.gov

Morrell- http://senate.la.gov/Morrell/ morrelljp@legis.la.gov

Nevers- http://senate.la.gov/Nevers/ neversb@legis.la.gov

Peterson- http://senate.la.gov/Peterson/ petersonk@legis.la.gov

Riser- http://senate.la.gov/Riser/ risern@legis.la.gov

Smith, G.- http://senate.la.gov/SmithG/ smithgl@legis.la.gov

Walsworth- http://senate.la.gov/Walsworth/ walsworthm@legis.la.gov

Brown-http://senate.la.gov/Brown/ brownte@legis.la.gov

White- http://senate.la.gov/White/ whitem@legis.la.gov

Thank You


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion ad the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

~ by topcatsroar on May 1, 2014.

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