ZOO WARS~Liars, Cheaters and Thieves in NFP organization

Blessed be- she got caught!!! I am so sick of thieves taking donated money for animal car and then use it for personal use!!! What do you actually think a convicted bank robber-felon (Kozlowski)- is actually using all that money on the animals (WBCR)-think again sweetheart!!! He has his live-in girlfriend and their two children-HELLO!! Baskin (BCR) has her personal need for greed as well-she takes money designated for an animal not even in her care -will never be in her care. None of this is OK!!! And how many others?!? The finances of all 501-C- should be examined as to “Show me the money!!!” How about looking into what happened to each and every single animal ‘rescued’ -was one sold on the side-What…Do you actually believe that all these ‘rescues’ are honest’ -Already a lie when they claim you are saving an animal or ‘rescuing’ an animal…they SOLD you an animal-got it!?!

But how about all the big cat sanctuaries-HELLO!!! Awfully popular for something where no one is making money beyond a pay check don’t you think-most claim they don’t get a paycheck-HUH!?! You actually believe that?!? Might be true -IN YOUR DREAMS, lol…There’s always a benefit and frankly some might be just fine-example…When picking up the free food (That’s right-most get at least SOME free food for the animals) they pick up groceries for themselves-a personal item or two-That’s just fine provided they are spending their own personal money for it-HELLO!!! HOWEVER, if not drawing a salary, then where’s the money coming from and did they momentarily forget where the money came from and for what purpose…

There are no righteous souls out there-only some people being more honest than others…If they claim they aren’t drawing an income, it’s reason to suspect-if both husband and wife are involved -then there is reason to suspect…Remember, they can to be held accountable for the money and disclose their accounting records…


Cat sanctuary admits boss misused funds on bawdy books, clothing

The board of the refuge has hired an outside accounting firm and changed how it handles its donations.

The board of a charity-based sanctuary for exotic cats has agreed to change its business practices after its executive director acknowledged misusing thousands of dollars in donations to purchase personal items, including undergarments and bestselling bawdy books.

As part of the agreement filed in Ramsey County District Court with the state attorney general’s office, the Wildcat Sanctuary, located in Sandstone, Minn., must hire an independent outside party for the next two years to monitor its business practices.

Executive Director and sanctuary founder Tammy Thies is repaying all of the donations she misused for an array of personal items, services and $550 in taxes for her house, which is on the facility’s property, a sanctuary representative said. The largest reimbursements cover $4,900 for four years of cellphone service and $3,200 in propane to heat her home.

The sanctuary’s statement Tuesday did not identify the personal items that were purchased. The agreement filed in court, however, said there was “extensive use” of the sanctuary’s credit cards “for personal expenses” by Thies and listed many of them:

Ladies’ underwear, movies and hair-removal products. She also used donated money to buy two books by ribald comedian Chelsea Handler.

She also received “double reimbursements” from the sanctuary for the same expense, had an oil change paid for on her personal vehicle and a dog run built on her property. She also had the sanctuary pay for her husband’s sky-diving lessons.

The allegations against Thies were first made to the board in March 2013 by sanctuary employees. Later that year, the board placed Thies, who is still the executive director, on paid administrative leave for a few months while an investigation continued.

“Our donors have stayed with us even as we have stumbled and made mistakes,” Thies said in a statement. “They deserve a professional and transparent organization that unfailingly meets the needs of the animals they support.”

The fenced sanctuary is located about 90 miles northeast of the Twin Cities. It opened in 1999 with 10 cats on 10 acres and now is home to more than 100 lions, tigers, cougars, bobcats and a host of other exotic species on 37 acres with natural habitats for all of the animals.

The sanctuary has an annual budget of about $850,000, which includes staff salaries and the care and feeding of the wild cats.

“We have been working for several months to grow our business infrastructure to catch up with our tremendous growth,” sanctuary board director Gail Plewacki said in a statement. “Some of these challenges are just the result of a fast-growing organization that used to be small and run by one person [Thies] who didn’t even get paid for years.”

Even before the agreement, the sanctuary said, all bookkeeping had been outsourced to an accounting firm and new policies on how donations were to be used had been put in place.

The sanctuary had been substantially free of controversy since it relocated to Pine County from Isanti County more than seven years ago, after a dispute over a tiger.

Thies has led efforts to ban private ownership of wildcats and to impress on the public the dangers associated with raising wild animals.

Several attacks, at least one of them fatal, have occurred at private locations in Minnesota in recent years.


No the dispute did not led to the ban on private ownership…If it did than we’d have to consider a ban on ALL  the sanctuaries as well for the mis-use of funds…What a stupid thing to say…But not stupid for all NFP to step back and learn something from this-LOOK AT THE MONEY, WHAT IT’S BEING SPENT ON AND WHERE ALL THAT MONEY IS GOING!!! How is that a NF who operated out of a PO Box for years and years suddenly can build a facility thru ‘contributions’ when it was collecting money for years and went NO WHERE…How many times have we seen money go from one hand and into the pocket of another?!? Many are liars, cheaters, and thieves!!! Careful who you trust with the money-founder and president of something doesn’t make them any less of a scumbag…

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B

~ by topcatsroar on April 26, 2014.

3 Responses to “ZOO WARS~Liars, Cheaters and Thieves in NFP organization”

  1. YAY! is all I can say.
    This article will help with the case we are filing shortly with a states Attorney Generals office.

    • Do my best to help out anyway I can…that makes me happy, do let me know how it turns out!!! I think you need to search for the case on pacer for the case law rather than a news article to get his attention. Would like to read that myself, lol -B

  2. About damn time! It is time for all these “lyin’, thievin’,preyin’ on the emotions of good, hard working people and the elderly to donate their bread crumbs while they do without, to be JAILED and the KEY THROWN AWAY!

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