from TX-RPOA~Part II~Texas Deputy Fired for Killing Cattle Dog…from me~It’s about time the ‘authorites’ got involved in the illegal, unconstitutional activites in Texass!!!

April 25, 2014

RPOA received two emails criticizing our Action Alert yesterday, feeling
that the Australian Cattle Dog owner was to blame for the deputy shooting
his farm dog by not keeping his dog confined.

RPOA has a very diverse membership and an overall perspective on the
historic use of animals, so we may not all agree at all times. “Working”
dogs have a job to do on the farm and are not kenneled at all times. Yes,
city pets should be on a lease or confined to their fenced yard. But
working farm dogs have a job to do!

Tiny Url:

Rains County deputy who shot dog terminated on Thursday.

After having viewed yesterday’s video, it was obvious this was rural
territory and the “working farm dog” was shot by the deputy when it could
have been avoided by using common sense. Usual protocol in the country is
to honk your horn to let the property owner know you are there before
stepping out of your vehicle!

There are two videos at the link above: Yesterday’s video and a new video.
The devastated owner of the Australian Cattle Dog said he had trained his
young dog … was a “natural cow dog.” There’s more at the link.

The incident has resulted in the sheriff setting new policy in place
regarding training for confrontation with “aggressive” dogs: 1) To call
the property owner on the phone before getting out of the car or 2) Honk
their horn! Sorta what RPOA said.

The deputy was suspended Wednesday and fired Thursday. The Texas Rangers
have been asked to assist with a criminal investigation. In the meantime,
the heartbroken dog owner is burying his best buddy and co-worker. There is
no happy ending for anyone in this fiasco.

There were complaints to RPOA-now that’s funny!!! Althou I am sure Mary Beth didn’t think so!!! But seriously, the cop had a decision to make and he chose the wrong one-Furthermore, it represents what he could do to a citizen with a another improper bad decision!!! Screw the haters!!!
Actually there could be a happy ending if the authorities would delve into ALL the illegal and unconstitutional activities concerning our animals in East Texass!!! This wasn’t the first time for Raines County…What about Longview!!! Worse yet-Marion County!!! The Humaniac is building her building now…it’s not going to be no-kill-NEVER WAS!!!-There has never been the first ‘tear shed’ for the animals-but didn’t that play well for the press and won’t fly in any court room with the exposed past!!!…It’s NOT about the animals…it’s ALL about the money in Marion County and under the umbrella of the county-after all, Sheriff McKnight got the Humaniac of the year award!!!-for helping them do it!!! MULITIPLE TIMES!!! with the ‘claim of immunity-BULLSHIT!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned -OMG!!! I wish here wouldn’t be more but seems it’s heating up just in time for summer -B

~ by topcatsroar on April 26, 2014.

8 Responses to “from TX-RPOA~Part II~Texas Deputy Fired for Killing Cattle Dog…from me~It’s about time the ‘authorites’ got involved in the illegal, unconstitutional activites in Texass!!!”

  1. Again, COMMON SENSE & EDUCATION would have saved so much heartache and a man’s job! Getting this education to law enforcement officers AND to John Q. Public BEFORE an incidence such as this is ONE KEY to solving this problem. I am afraid, until people are EXPOSED to tragedy or someone going through one at the time, ALL the education in the world, will not SINK IN in time to divert this sort of occurrence! I pray I am wrong!

    • No, your right…the one thing you’ve forgotten is that many just don’t give a damn…All they care is how it suits them, never mind if it’s illegal or damages someone else…After all…they have that claim of immunity, even after they realize they were wrong-they aren’t admitting to it. A dirty cop has always been dirty and no telling how far back it goes…often referred to as the high school bully…and will continue until he’s caught. Now this guy could be one of ‘those’ or he made a really piss-poor decision not realizing he was dealing with an over friendly dog and the rest is history…He might be immune from prosecution in this case but he’s not immune from civil suit for making a bad decision-he’s going to be harassed to some degree or another but has already received the ultimate punishment-it cost him his job…and that’s just for starters…good!!!
      How many others have shot and killed family pets and gotten away with it!?! PLENTY lately!!!-After all, didn’t the Dallas SPCA just kill two donkeys right in front of the family that was taking care of them-steal a third left the 2 they killed o be buried by the caregivers on their neighbors property so they had to dig them up and rebury then…and the Dallas SPCA just drove off!?!-AND GOT AWAY WITH IT!!! Judge calls in the poor lady, threatens her, claims it was a legal warrant, does nothing to the Dallas SPCA AND he wasn’t punished for his bad play in that game…Poor donkey likely ended up slaughtered as well…excuse me but fuck that shit too!!!

  2. Just saw an interview with the cop and his attorney-I don’t feel the least bit sorry for him-yeah, he was crying-sure was-He lost his job…No way did I believe he’s sorry for what happened-He used to work for the SPCA-Killing animals is common place for them…’I told the dog to stop and he didn’t’ -of course he didn’t you dumb fuck-It’s a dog!!!

  3. You said that in the city a dog should be on a leash or confined in a fenced yard. But the trigger-happy cops shoot dogs in their yards in the city too. And a dog on a leash would get its owner jailed for “cruel confinement.” You just can’t win with those people. And this dog WAS on its owner’s fenced and gated property. Funny the cop was blubbering like Rev. Jim Baker in this new interview, but he didn’t appear at all remorseful in the videos of him arguing with the owner on the property. And to say a working farm dog should be “confined” when the owner had no idea when the cop would finally show up, demonstrates a lack of understanding of just what a working dog’s job is. Maybe the new policy for Raines County should be for all officers to carry a T-bone steak in their car for when they have to distract a dog?

    • Maybe the cops in Raines county should stay at the doughnut shop…They can invite their lying, stealing, animal killing Dallas SPCA buddies for company…

  4. Now the poor cop can’t go to a store or pay his water bill without people seeing him and jeering. Whatta shame. I don’t think the farmer can do his work without missing his dog either. And the cows no longer have their familiar guard dog keeping them secure. This cops says he “didn’t want to shoot Candy.” He didn’t seem to mind pumping two bullets into her when she wouldn’t obey his command, but then when the farmer begged him to put her out of suffering, with a third, well-placed bullet, THAT was what he did not want to do. Pretty humane for an ex-animal control officer, isn’t it?

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