from TX-RPOA~Texas Farmer reports break in, deputy shoots his dog!

April 24, 2014

RPOA received the information below from Martin Kralik, our RPOA Dallas
Chapter Chairman. This incident could have been avoided if the deputy had
simply stayed in his vehicle and honked his horn. This is a rural area.

View Video and Article at:
Please watch the videos – they are very telling. The incident is under
investigation and when I called, all inquiries are directed to:
Sheriff David Traylor
Rains County Jail
P. O. Box 398
Emory, TX 75440
Phone: 903-473-5000 ext 280

This by all appearances is a clear case that this deputy should have never
been in this position of authority given his statements on video of previous
dog encounters and fear of getting bitten and/or he was NEVER trained or
poorly trained. NO ONE like this should ever be given a position of public
or private authority!!!

He obviously should have been ‘retrained’ that ALL DOGS BARK AND COME TOWARD
He claims to have been threatened, ON THE FARMERS PROPERTY, however the dog
was shot in the BACK of the head (see Vet report).
This is an OUTRAGE!!!
I would hope that this deputy will be fired and the county held responsible
for losses to the farmer.
Martin Kralik


Is Raines County out of control much like Marion County?!? You bet we are watching and paying attention to what happens in Texas…and when yet another incident occurs we make sure that too is re-addressed…links of interest that apply to Raines County:

So when you make that call, please remind them that isn’t the first case of actual, intentional animal abuse that is done by or supported by the sheriff’s office and their judicial system…MAKE IT STOP!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B


~ by topcatsroar on April 24, 2014.

3 Responses to “from TX-RPOA~Texas Farmer reports break in, deputy shoots his dog!”

  1. Most likely, the deputy’s legal eagle will first try to claim “qualified immunity” -meaning, he was on the job and can’t be prosecuted for decisions made in the line of duty. Then, when that fails, they’ll come up with a story that the dog momentarily turned at the moment the gun was fired, catching the bullet in the back of her head, but was still “charging” him. When that fails, they’ll attack the vet, claiming she’s not an “expert witness” and therefore, her opinion can’t be used in court. When that fails, you can be sure they’ll come up with some other excuse, to drag it out and try to wriggle out of it. They spend far more taxpayer money trying to avoid responsibility than it’d cost them to just own up and pay off the farmer for the damage done. I find it interesting too, that the deputy is now on paid “administrative leave,” which is another way of saying “paid vacation,” also at taxpayer expense.

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