ZOO WARS-OHIO~They seize not only the unregistered exotics-but took ALL the animals

False claims on the rest of the animals will not be tolerated!!! He will either fight or the animals not requiring a special permit will be extorted from this owner-All to familiar with that game…Rither way it’s rigged so he can’t win in court…If anyone knows this owner please put him in touch with me…


Anacondas, a young alligator, rabbits and dogs removed from Ohio home

LANCASTER, Ohio – Authorities have seized two large snakes, a young alligator and other animals from a central Ohio home after neighbors complained to the local humane society.

Two anacondas, a young alligator, two rabbits and two dogs were removed Friday from a home in Lancaster, roughly 30 miles southeast of Columbus.

A humane officer tells the Lancaster Eagle-Gazette (http://ohne.ws/1haSLu5 ) that authorities expect to file neglect charges against the owner. He says the dogs, both English mastiffs, showed signs of neglect. They’re being cared for at the local humane society.

Its director says the animals’ owner didn’t have proper permits to have exotic animals.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture took the alligator. Columbus Zoo officials took the snakes.


No use for another alligator but note that Jack Hanna’s Columbus Zoo was quick to take those expensive snakes!!! Wonder what happened to due process!?! What BULLSHIT!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B


~ by topcatsroar on April 22, 2014.

3 Responses to “ZOO WARS-OHIO~They seize not only the unregistered exotics-but took ALL the animals”

  1. Can we please figure out a way to UNITE people that we may normally think are sometimes in opposition to one another i.e. rescues vs breeders, private pet owners vs breeders, private pet owners on board naively with so-called “rescues” that aren’t, etc, because this “seizure scam” racket is happening to ANYONE that has personal property animals, and our tax payer funded government agencies are being used against us over, and over, and over again.

    We NEED strength in NUMBERS, because there are far more people this is happening to that most of us even know.

    We can organize conference calls through Skype, “Go to Meeting” and various other Internet tools available for when people are spread out all over the country, because this is an issue in epidemic proportions and it NEEDS to be exposed that not nearly all of the rescue organizations, especially the larger ones, but even some of the smaller ones who have manipulators who are liars wanting to put their “names on the map”, are really “in it” for the protection of animals, and we need to go back to “locals helping locals” to correct any issues present (if there are any), and that seizing animals in many/most instances is just plain WRONG, and shouldn’t be happening.

    • Let me see, been asking that question for more than 20 years!!! Even those with the same agenda don’t seem to want to work together…It’s difficult for anyone to want to work with a rescue anymore…Kind of risky these days especially for a small rescue -I am sure you agree!?!
      And you’d think if someone was your neighbor that they wouldn’t want to be at war with their neighbor yet we hear about neighbors turning people in all the time…What’s with that anyway!?!
      Asking that question for YEARS…A community can benefit if the ‘rescues’ would work together but the don’t for one reason or another.
      Honestly, it’s just a passing though anymore but still attempting to accomplish this goal even though there are people whom I will NERE unite with-fear the stink just might rub off -B

  2. Well, let’s see, in this case, they said the dogs “showed signs of neglect.” Never mind what those so-called signs might be. If they said it, it must be true, so let’s go take the animals and anything that’s not bolted down, leave him with nothing, and then throw his sorry ass in jail for as long as the judge will allow. The neglected dogs should be ready to sell in a day or two, and turn a small profit. But all the other goodies seized could outfit a thrift store and make even more. Perhaps the same confiscation rules that apply to drug busts could be used to seize his house and car (if he ever transported those dogs in the car), and somebody would get a free house and car. He wouldn’t need them in jail anyway… When he gets out, his name could be added to the new abusers’ list and he’d never be able to settle in any decent community to tell the truth about what really happened. Gee, where can I sign up to be an animal control officer? Today, the job seems more lucrative than any executive career!

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