Bundy Ranch-What you are NOT being told

Comment to this blog you might have missed which included the u-tube above:
Interesting information of the manipulation of OUR federal public land (and this video at the link is discussing the controversy about Rancher Clive Bundy down in Clark County (southern) Nevada) by the BLM and various individuals, corporate businesses/industries, etc.

And I will say again, people from various walks-of-life should band together and KEEP the federally PROTECTED wild horses and burros ON their VAST Herd Management Areas (and many HMA’s have been ZEROED-OUT, and there are NO HORSES there anymore; does everyone know why that is? Yep, eradication of the protected wild horses and burros, and once the HMA’s are zeroed-out, the BLM does NOT reintroduce horses and/or burros again because the land is then fenced off, and being used for other purposes) where they are mandated by law to be allowed to ROAM FREE (no fences) because once they are eradicated, the fences will be strung very quickly that will allow corporate business interests operating on OUR public land to completely take over and FENCE ALL OF THE PUBLIC OUT.

And I’ll be really honest with everyone, as I always am, but I tend to put people off with my bluntness as I blurt things out; even though I’m hoping people will give a sh*t about other people, animals, the environment, etc and besides just their own agenda and what affects them, their family, etc, I still am not seeing various people, groups, organizations, etc being willing to work together to try to benefit all of us whatever our interests are, in hanging on to our PUBLIC land, and NOT letting corporate business interests entirely take it over……DIVISION between what are normally opposing groups is the typical way that the “powers that be” get what they want.
HOWEVER, there are also the “shills” and “pretenders” planted within our own groups that create DIVISION and unrest among people who are supposed to be “on the same page” but are not.

The federal wild horses and burros REALLY are federally PROTECTED folks, REALLY they are, and if it wasn’t important for the corporate business interest factions that want to control OUR public land to eradicate them using the BLM and other government agencies to do it so that they can put up fences everywhere to keep the public OFF our own public land, we’d be seeing them left alone to be managed PRIMARILY on the federal PUBLIC land as they are mandated BY LAW to be managed (Free Roaming Wild Horse and Burro Act of 1971). We also would not see the BLM dangling the carrot in front of peoples faces of paying them to keep captured wild horses of any and all kinds on their private land, and in “eco-sanctuaries”, which if any and all kinds of wild horses go there, they are nothing more than “zoos” with the “prime specimen” (genetically strongest and best) horses there that should instead be wild on the range because their genetics are what the wild horses are all about in terms of their strength, toughness, their natural physiology, and behavior that has not been screwed up by humans, etc.

But instead, no matter how many protests there are, no matter how many meetings wild horse advocates attend, no matter how much is written by so many people explaining why they should be primarily managed on the public Open Range, with solutions to keep them from over-populating there, no matter how often the misinformation is exposed, no matter what anyone does, they are STILL being eradicated in ramped-up numbers, and the DIVISION between opposing sides, and in our own groups continues, and is getting worse when certain people need to be “taken out” and “shut up” and they don’t have the money to fight back.

We “regular people” ARE the majority, so if we could ever decide to really CARE about other “regular people” and what they want too, we could WORK TOGETHER (and I’ve often through the years worked with people who I might not agree with on certain issues, or perhaps don’t really like the person, but in order to get what I want too, – in this case, the federally protected wild horses and burros primarily managed on the federal PUBLIC land as they are mandated by law to be managed -, I am willing to problem-solve and compromise a bit in order for us all to win) as the majority, and not be so “me, me, me, and only me and mine”, we can WIN what we want before it’s too late regarding OUR PUBLIC land, and before the DIVISION does the dirty work and the corporate business interests (and you know what everyone, corporations could even operate out there on the public land too, but with corporations, it’s always about “more, more, more” and “we want it all to the exclusion of anyone or anything else”, so that is not going to fly for we “regular people” and what we want) entirely take over OUR public land that we pay taxes on.

I would love to speak to “regular people” from all walks of life who want to SHARE our public land, so please SHARE this wherever you see fit everyone, and maybe we can turn this thing around before it’s too late.

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned, follow this blog and share this post -B

Thank you Laurab for yet another well written comment to this blog!!!

~ by topcatsroar on April 16, 2014.

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