from TX-RPOA~and it’s not good…

My suggestion is to move if you breed or prefer to keep your animals intact…Sorry but I am too familiar with their seizure laws and statute which has never been fought as too many people believe that it would stop animal cruelty and does no such thing. -The seizure statutes/regulations, no matter where you live, are designed to take animals-it’s CIVIL – NOT CRIMINAL which is covered by CRIMINAL LAWS referred to in Texas as a Penal Code (42.09 and 42.092). TX-Health and Safety Code is not only CIVIL but is unlawful and unconstitutional and MUST be repealed as written as their option for civil seizure under current laws and statutes…Animals are property.

from TX-RPOA this morning:

The Animal Rights Brigade uses our state legislature in Texas to get animal
laws passed and then set themselves up as vigilante enforcement teams.
They’ve done this for years in other states. California, Florida and
Pennsylvania come to mind. But their focus is now on Texas since many other
states are already in the HSUS hip pocket. Texas is really a coup if they
can pull it off. Should these extremist groups show up at your door, tell
them to buzz off! Let’s take back Texas animal issues!

An RPOA member sent us this link below and said he heard a radio
advertisement by SPCA of Texas asking people not to buy puppies at stores
because they come from “puppy mills!”

SPCA wants you to come buy your puppies from them, not a breeder! This link
is not for the radio station ad, but is the SPCA of Texas website itself,
where they say they will enforce the new Dog & Cat Breeder Law in Texas!
They urge you to go to the link on their website to report breeders to the

The crime is simply breeding dogs and cats now, but they’ll get to the other
species in due time. SPCA says never buy from a breeder as they’re just
selling puppies for a profit!
Pray tell, don’t animal shelters sell animals for a profit? Don’t
veterinarians make a profit? Feed stores? What is James Bias’ salary as
executive director of SPCA of Texas? Surely he doesn’t volunteer his

The mission of humane societies in all the larger Texas cities has changed
over recent years and they now work hand-in-hand with Texas Humane
Legislation Network (THLN, the HSUS affiliate in Texas) to end all use,
breeding and sales of animals. If their donors only knew! Before you
donate to your local animal shelter, ask questions! Are they at the
Legislature each session with THLN? Do they “enforce” animal laws? Or what
do they actually do?
RPOA used to urge donors to make contributions to their local humane
societies instead of HSUS, but we’re now re-thinking that statement.
Important to look at the organization’s mission-If it states to fight animal cruelty, then do not support them!!! Promoting animal cruelty is NOT what humane societies were originally designed to do-They know nothing about actual law, usually improperly trained, if trained at all, as animal control officers…Are NOT helping the community and private citizens with a NFP should have no say in government affairs…

Your property can be taken, given to private citizens to do as they please and YOU never be charged with any crime-They KNOW you will never insist on being charged with a crime yet…the TX-H&S Code 821 law doesn’t require criminal prosecution and is an ‘in rem’ proceeding although states based on conviction…no one can be convicted in a civil hearing and no one can be blamed in an ‘in rem’ proceeding-although owners and caregivers are held ‘responsible for’

The proceeding is based upon the condition of the animals and can be based on any little thing including that the animals are a “puppy mill” -Yeah, go figure that one out and each and every animal must be presented and ruled upon-It is impossible, so it is claimed, to list each and every animal on a search warrant so the animals are then addressed on the warrant as “all animals, alive, dead, and unborn”-IMPOSSIBLE according to how the statute is written as well as illegal and unconstitutional to use a general warrant to take all animals…Repeal the illegal and unconstitutional TX-health and Safety Code 821 and you take away the power to enforce the taking of any animals…TX-Health and Safety Code 821 does not stop or prevent dogfighting…If anything helps with the creation of animal bans..Does nothing to address ‘puppy mills’ and hoarders as that too is none existent or in and of itself, breaks no law-

Penal Codes represent the law…All criminal activity would not require TX-Health and Safety Code 821 to take animals…and no criminal activity is required to address the CIVIL taking of animals which is unlawful and unconstitutional…

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned and unite as the war has begun -B


~ by topcatsroar on April 11, 2014.

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