ACTION ALERT~ It’s A War Out There-In the Wild, Wild West…

Call Nevada Governor and tell him to protect the Bundy’s NOW !!!
Brian Sandoval
State Capitol Building
101 N. Carson Street
Carson City, NV 89701
Phone: (775) 684-5670
Fax: (775) 684-5683

Us citizens are protected by the 10th Amendment

Video Dispatch from the Nevada Range War (Raw footage of ranchers turning back BLM Agents)

Nevada is a crazy place. Casinos, legalized prostitution, peyote, instant marriages and divorces, Harry Reid, Elvis, the fact that it looks like the surface of the moon with the odd cactus, makes the state unusual. Don’t forget area 51 too. Not that it exists of course.

But one of the most interesting elements of the desert southwest are the people who live out beyond the glitz of Vegas in the dust and tumbleweeds. These people do not play, and they remind me of the mountain folk who live not far from me in Virginia. They are hardscrabble and they are independent. They mend their own fences and they don’t like that the Federal government has been encroaching on their lives for 3 generations. Some people from the city might call them hicks. I call them blessedly free.

This “range war” has a lot of “ins and outs and what-have-yous” as the Dude might say. It is not just a case of some rancher gun nut not paying the BLM protection money. His family worked the land for over a century before the BLM decided he couldn’t ranch it anymore. That matters a lot. Plus he offered to pay fees to the county and not the Feds but the county refused the funds. (Likely under pressure.) I wonder if the guy should have to pay any fees at all given that his family has mixed their work with the soil (such as it is) for such a long time.

We’ll see how things play out. We should all be thankful for iPhone recording capability that’s for sure.

Attached is raw video of a confrontation between Nevada locals and federal agents. The Feds are over reaching. If there is any place one shouldn’t have to worry about federal agents threatening you it should be in the Nevada desert.

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinions of others…Stay tuned, take action  -B


~ by topcatsroar on April 10, 2014.

5 Responses to “ACTION ALERT~ It’s A War Out There-In the Wild, Wild West…”

  1. See, this is where we’re kind of trapped in the middle……..we rescue horses and other animals, we are wild horse and burro advocates, and we live out here surrounded by federal and state public open range. So we know all about the various issues, and are not going to play the extremist game for either side of any issues because unfortunately, dishonest, dishonorable, selfish people seem to abound on different sides, but the issues are not nearly as simple and cut and dried as they seem.
    So Mr. Bundy here had been paying grazing fees on his cattle grazing on OUR PUBLIC land that many of us who live out here would LOVE to be able to graze our livestock of cattle, horses, sheep, and goats for $1.35 AUM (that’s for cattle, and it is calculated differently for smaller livestock) but because we cannot get approved for grazing permits, we have to instead pay top dollar to buy hay to feed our livestock), but then decided for whatever his reasons are to NOT pay anymore. Does that sound fair to the other ranchers who do pay grazing fees for their cattle if Mr. Bundy doesn’t have to for whatever reasons?

    The other reason I am not on-board with many of the ranchers who do, or sometimes don’t, pay their grazing fees is because for decades now, they have filed false complaints on federally protected wild horses and burros who are mandated by the protection act of 1971 to be primarily managed as “free roaming” (and this protection act as written actually protects we the public from factions, our government, and others from fencing off OUR PUBLIC land helter-skelter and them taking control of it so that we the public, who pay in subsidies by the billions of $$$ to maintain the land, and also pay for private businesses to operate on public land, can recreate, camp, hike, horse back ride, fish, etc on OUR public land without having to either pay a user fee, or perhaps get fenced-out of our own property and get cited and/or arrested for trespassing if we go on it) on OUR PUBLIC federal land, just as we tax payers pay taxes to have OUR wild horses and burros managed on OUR land, but also pay taxes through subsidies to private business interests like ranchers, mining operations, developers, etc, so that these PRIVATE business interests make money from our tax dollars with no return to taxpayers…..all some of us ask in return for our tax dollars going to these private business interests is to have our wild horses and burros primarily managed on the public land in their herd management areas (HMA’s) as per the law.
    So when the BLM promises the ranchers “whatever” for decades now if they will file those false complaints to remove wild horses, and then the BLM, who is basically controlled by corporate business interest factions, turns on the few “mom and pop” ranchers that still exist and then go after them, we are hard pressed to feel at all sorry for them when they are attacked because they were vile, nasty, and dishonorable enough to file false complaints on the PUBLICS wild horses.

    Now certainly we do have A LOT of extremist so-called horse “rescuers” and wild horse advocates who have the attitude of it’s their way or the highway, and many of them are actually “welfare rescues” or “welfare rescuers” who commit non-profit fraud on a daily basis, they commit “seizure scams” in epidemic proportions, and they live off of good-hearted, naïve people’s donation money, and some/many are actually horse traders hiding behind being a “rescue” when they are not.
    But there is no way many of us can be extreme in any direction, even after we’ve been attacked by other “rescues” who are committing fraud, and also by government agencies in collusion with these so-called “rescues” because that is NOT how we were raised; in other words, we are honorable, honest people that understand there are a lot of people occupying this planet, and that have a lot of different agendas, and what we should all seek to do is weed out the dishonest, dishonorable, and extremist assholes because they are the ones that usually have their own agenda that often involves $$$ and themselves, and people like that can never be trusted to turn your back on them because once their use for others is over, they will turn on people like a snake because their only allegiance is to themselves.

    Mr. Bundy is not an innocent victim here, and because of him and even as I write this, wild horses being called “estrays” when they are NOT estrays and are in fact federally protected, are being captured illegally, with some probably being killed, and THAT is not what should be happening……….when humans act extreme, dishonest, dishonorable, arrogant, and like nasty, uncivilized pigs, it’s 99% of the time the animals who suffer and are used as scapegoats because many humans are quite frankly absurd and vile. Just my opinion as always.

  2. The way I understand it, it’s kind of like a combination of eminent domain land grab for a freeway, the new overly restrictive exotic animal laws in Ohio, and the Waco, Texas standoff, rolled into one.

    No, it’s not eminent domain because it’s “public” land. This is land that formerly was wide open and unclaimed. If you owned adjoining land, you were free to use parts of it, just as you were anywhere else in the country if your land adjoined public land. Then the government started charging fees and has been increasing those fees ever since. The rules, like those of Ohio, are calculated to drive people out, not to control anything or promote safety. And like Waco, the government is determined to impose those rules, come hell or high water, even if it means an armed standoff and people get killed. They can simply call out the Army and bomber planes if it comes to that.

    Also, from what I’ve heard, Mr. Bundy is not alone in this battle. Like cases of eminent domain, where property owners are bought out one-by-one to create space for a park, shopping center, big business, or freeway, it boils down to one or two holdouts, and then they get the public to focus on this one “unreasonable and selfish” person who won’t go along with their buyouts. Here, there were originally around 40 other ranchers and farmers also using those federal lands. But the government managed to silence the rest of them. Now they are calling the sole holdout a criminal and trying to simply strongarm him into compliance. The million dollars they claim he owes in taxes and fees also includes arbitrary penalties and fines they’ve tacked on, but don’t talk about in the media stories. The actual debt is probably a tenth of that, if not less. And even that is probably inflated and calculated to drive him out.

    Latest news is, the standoff has ended -for now. They’ll be back, you can bet on that. The government does not back off, even in the face of a court order. There’ll probably be problems in the future with “poachers” and unmarked planes flying low, shooting the cattle. That or he may suffer the same fate as Terry Thompson did in Ohio.

  3. Nope, you don’t get to use public land to graze your animals just because you live next to it. I’ve many times lived next to adjoining BLM land, but I couldn’t use the public land to graze any of my livestock on no matter what type they are, and if I did turn them out, they’d all be considered “estrays” and/or I’d be fined for illegally turning out my animals on federal and/or state public land.
    You have to have a grazing permit and are granted a grazing allotment, and they are very hard to get, with the ranchers sometimes “sub-letting” them out to other businesses for far more than what they pay.

    But this issue really isn’t mostly about that (I had an epiphany because of what is happening in Southern Nevada, and since I posted my comment above…..I still don’t believe Clive Bundy is an entirely innocent victim, and I am disappointed regarding the capture of federal wild horses in Iron County, Utah that should not be being captured, but which is the typical response from ranchers when they are ticked off. However, we need to unite, otherwise we’re all going to lose, and that’s why I’m not against dog or horse breeders even though I have a rescue, because if I side with the extremist, whack-job animal welfare/rights jerks, MANY animal owners, no matter who they are, will lose), so here’s something that was written and posted in a few different places. It comes from observations of what really looks to be happening, and also includes experiences of being on the receiving end of revenge by agencies and individuals if you piss them off, and what they will do to shut people up, and perhaps even try to destroy their lives too:

    “Sure wish we could ride the wave of patriotism and stay with this issue of OUR federal public land after this battle with rancher Bundy and his family is over because this isn’t the last time it will happen, and it has already happened to others that got no help from anybody, and now are angry and hurt that no one wanted to help them because they perhaps didn’t know how to make things go virile, were afraid for their families (kids, wives, animals, and even their friends who stuck up for them), or were standing alone and too afraid to push things and lose everything, including their livelihoods and perhaps their freedom too.

    Unfortunately, what we see is division, division, division, and “divide and conquer” a hundred different ways to Sunday, with groups, individuals, and organizations being pitted against one another, with the CORPORATE business interest factions, along with the politicians who are in bed with them, and who want to FENCE OFF our public land so that no one, and nothing can use it, are causing the divisions as they use government agencies that we tax payers pay with our tax dollars to operate, do the dirty work.

    And then we have the “shills” in our midst’s posing as rescuers of domestic and/or wild horses attacking other rescuers and creating division inside the groups against one another whenever a carrot of $$$, accolades, promises of support, etc is dangled in front of their faces by various agencies for them to attack their own people on the same side (supposedly) because the almighty dollar and also “celebrity” corrupts.
    And then we also have the ranchers who turn on other ranchers depending on if they are corporation-owned ranches now and have the “screw the other guy” corporate attitude now, they are trying to gain favor with agencies, are trying to “keep a low profile” and stay off the government agencies and corporate factions radar, etc).

    The BLM is supposed to “multi-use” manage our federal public open range, so that means managing the business interests that operate on the public land, managing the environment and protect it from damage, manage the wildlife, manage plants, manage the water, and also manage the FEDERALLY PROTECTED wild horses and burros.
    So why it escapes all the various groups including wild horse advocacy groups, “mom and pop ranchers”, small scale mining businesses/hobbyists, outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy motor sports, hiking, hunting, fishing, camping, horse back riding, etc on our federal public open range that the only creatures that stand between us and the corporate factions who wish to take over and FENCE-OFF the range in order to control it through “no trespassing” and/or charging the public a “user fee” in order to go onto it, are the federally PROTECTED wild horses and burros who are federally mandated BY LAW to be “free roaming” with no fences in their vast herd management areas (HMA’s), I just don’t understand it anymore even though we’ve been writing about this issue for almost 20 years.

    Now I’m sure if the “powers that be” that want OUR public land could get away with it, they’d hire people to simply capture the horses and burros they could and ship them off to slaughter, and would simply shoot, poison, run to death (like we heard was happening with the Bundy cattle), the other ones and they would be gone in a few short months.
    However, as long as the federal public land wild horses and burros are PROTECTED by the FREE ROAMING (no fences) Protection Act of 1971, that cannot be done without a lot of outrage from the public.

    So instead, we’re all pitted against one another in the various groups, and even within our own groups with “shills” and/or egotistical, and sometimes greedy, people, and then all of we “regular people” are divided over, and over, and over again.

    What we should be doing is putting aside our dislikes and animosity toward others (so wild horse advocates should be meeting with the “mom and pop” ranchers, the small scale miners, the hunters, the motor sports enthusiasts, etc and figuring out how we can turn this into a “win for all” and “balance on the range” scenario), even if we actively dislike them for whatever reasons, and any “regular people” that either utilize the federal public open range and/or are wild horse and burro lovers that want the law to be followed as written, should be opening a dialogue regarding keeping the wild horses and burros primarily managed on the federal public land because then it can’t be fenced under the current laws, we could implement privatized eco-sanctuaries only for those horses and burros that are “failure to thrive” animals, are lame, are older and not keeping up with their bands anymore (and wild horses don’t have bunches of natural predators in the wild anymore that “cull the herds” naturally because most are killed so that they cannot kill cattle and sheep, and because stuff that is happening on the range that is business resource related (fracking and such) are places where the entities that operate the businesses don’t want the wildlife either), and also places for the younger, more adoptable horses to reside, and be TRAINED, so that when they are adopted, we will not see so many what we call “adoptions gone bad” where people couldn’t train the horse for various reasons, so when they gain Title after a year, they often give the horses away and they are bought by horse traders and/or kill buyers and they go to slaughter.
    Eco-sanctuaries could also charge fees to host “gentling” and horse training seminars, people could pay to become certified in those methods, and that would help with operating costs for the privatized eco-sanctuaries.
    And they also could be used to educate people on the behavior, physiology, and psychological of horses that are true wild horses living in a natural hierarchy.
    Unfortunately, I think some people are being enticed with promises of money to take in any and all federally protected wild horses off the federal public open range into their eco-sanctuaries they have planned (that damned money-and-accolades-thing again), and at that point, an eco-sanctuary is nothing more than a “zoo” in my book because wild horses and burros are by law supposed to be primarily managed in the wild in THEIR Herd Management Areas (HMA’s), and that will keep our federal PUBLIC Open Range unfenced……..because once the federally PROTECTED wild horses and burros are eradicated, ALL of us “regular people”, including “mom and pop” ranching and mining operations, people who like to recreate on the federal PUBLIC land, AND the wild horses and burros, and many types of wild life and plants will NOT be able to use all but a few areas we’ll have to pay a user fee to use, and the rest of the public range will be off limits to anyone, or anything besides the corporate business interest factions (oh, and MANY of the Open Range cattle ranching operations we have out here are corporate owned, and that is why whether this rancher is right or wrong, we’re sure not seeing any noise being made by them because those ranchers who manage those corporate-owned ranches don’t want to lose their jobs).

    We “regular people”, no matter what we want the federal PUBLIC Open Range to be kept OPEN and UNFENCED for, NEED to get together at the same location and speak WITH one another, and not let ourselves be divided and pitted against one another so that corporate business interests take over OUR public open range at the expense of many people AND animals.
    I’ve spoken with many ‘mom and pop” ranchers and miners, and also hunters, campers, motorcycle riders, quad riders, etc, through the years at ranch auctions, gun shows, rv shows, I have friends who are fishermen and hunters, etc, and I have been involved in the horse industry as a multi-breeds and discipline trainer, judge, clinician, college course instructor, commercial transporter, etc for over 40 years, and nearly across the board, all of us “regular people” don’t seem to have a problem sharing the open range, so let’s stop fighting and back-biting and attacking one another and get to speaking with one another as normal, down home regular folks do, and problem solve into a “win for all” and “balance on the range” situation before it’s too late and the corporate factions, along with some of our politicians helping them (and I’m an independent who voted for Obama, but I really think that the politics keep us divided too because when regular people speak face-to-face, we normally get along pretty damn good even if our politics are different, and many of us are actually “individual issue” people, who first and foremost play by the rule of dealing with issues with honor, fairness, honesty, ethics, and integrity, and those qualities being the most important factors when deciding any issue), entirely take over our state and federal public land, and also perhaps our personal property (like Rancher Bundy’s cattle for instance), and our private property too.”

  4. Very interesting and thought-provoking! If only that message could get out to the “regular people” and the powers that be… My mentions of “free range” on public lands actually referred to way back, generations ago, not in recent times.
    My father (died in 1978 at the age of 73) was a hobby “rock hound,” (also called lapidary or lapidist, but not a geologist) and some of his field trips and rock hunting explorations took him and others on federal or public lands. These lands had always been open, and they had not yet begun charging entry fees for individuals. Then the “powers” (if my memory’s correct, this was in the early 60’s) began restricting the taking of rocks, fossils, ores, and anything else from those lands, fish, bird, and animals included. Of course, this was directed toward the mining companies and poachers and desecraters of federally-protected native American sacred grounds. But it also meant anybody picking up an agate in a federal park could be prosecuted as a thief and criminal.
    Branding originated long ago as a way of identifying animals that grazed on open and unfenced “public” lands. Today, with everybody fencing and selfishly protecting the lands we used to share, there’s not much need for branding. There’s other ways of identifying the animals anyway. But my point is, people today no longer want, nor understand the concept of, sharing and using the lands, like the native Americans and past generations once did.
    Huge difference too, between the big corporate farms and ranches, and the mom-and-pop family operations that may be several generations old.
    And I agree, there’s just too much bickering, back-stabbing, and turning in our own for the money or status or perceived favors. And it’s far from limited to horses and cattle. Those who finger others won’t be immune for long from being fingered themselves. And then who’ll be around to stand up for them?

  5. I just posted this post a few minutes ago on my FB page regarding the issue with Rancher Bundy, but also what I believe is happening regarding OUR public Open Range in the western states. There is a link to a horse rescue blog where it is clear he simply doesn’t “get” how it is out here, but hopefully I’m educating some people, but I am also sure I’m pissing off some of the “women in rescue” who are ignorant:

    Unfortunately, the author of the article at the link at the bottom of this post is on target regarding the stand-off with Rancher Bundy and the BLM, and the BLM seemingly backing-down (for now).

    However, wild horse advocates generally come from a far different background, and live in much different environments than ranchers, and others of us who live out in the often very harsh and unforgiving desert. They generally do not understand how it is out here, what it is like to live and work here out in the elements, what it is like for the animals and how they too adapt to where they live, etc, so they often annoy, and sometimes disrespect and insult people who do live here, and while sometimes it’s unintentional, unfortunately, sometimes it is an attitude of “I’m better than you because this area is really nasty and a hellhole” (many areas out here look like we had a nuclear bomb dropped on us, and we and the animals are the survivors and now live in desolation….lol).

    So that is how it’s perceived by desert dwellers out here who often have worked hard for what they do have, and they don’t want real or perceived snotty jerks cutting them down, picking on their way of life, etc.
    And then because the BLM agents, Department of Ag agents, the Sheriffs and sheriff’s deputies, and other law enforcement are often of the background of being ranchers, hunters, they 4-wheel, fish, ride motorcycles, etc in the desert, and are basically sportsmen, it is them basically “speaking the same language” and even if they are on opposing sides of an issue, the tendency is always there to feel sympathy for a ranchers plight, even if he’s wrong and/or it is of his own making, so issues are often solved differently than if these agencies were dealing with “outsiders” who are different from them, and who they start off disliking.

    So basically when wild horse advocates come to an area to protest yet another wild horse capture, or to go to a livestock sale yard for a reservation horse sale, or “estray” wild horses being sold at the yard, it’s pretty much an attitude of “you aren’t from around these parts” by the locals of the sale yards, the wranglers at captures, the ranchers, the hunters, etc (and I even have trouble dealing with most advocates too because they “just don’t get” how it is here, and it frustrates me, just as it does a lot of other horse people I know), advocates are perceived as “snobs”, as ignorant of horses and how they are kept on ranches and most desert properties that are nothing fancy, they don’t understand our way of life out here, our work ethic and dealing with the elements and environment we live and work in 365 days a year, rain, snow, hot, cold, windy, etc, and at all hours of the day and night when you have horses and livestock to take care of, and many other things.
    So the treatment advocates would receive if there were any threats of violence from them would be dealt with swiftly and surely, with the advocates being made out to be the whacko “horse huggers” or “do-gooders”, and with many being thrown in jail if they threatened violence, and most likely, the other advocates wouldn’t “back them up” as this rancher had family, friends, militia from out of the area, “regular people” who wanted to be a part of what they saw as a patriotic American citizen defending his rights (and honestly, I don’t believe Mr. Bundy is a totally innocent victim regarding grazing his cattle on federal public land because I can’t simply turn out my livestock to graze on public land just because I feel like it, so they would be picked up as “estrays” and sold at auction if I didn’t claim them because I didn’t want to be fined for them being loose on public land. However, I do believe there is a lot more to this story of greedy factions wanting something that will make them money through fracking, with water rights, etc, and this was/is NOT about protecting the desert tortoises at all because many of them are being killed because the tortoise sanctuary cannot afford to operate, so rather than turn the tortoises loose and give them a chance to survive, there is a better than even chance they are euthanizing half of the ones they have….WTH!?), etc, backing him up because “our side” tends to try and distance themselves from negative issues, from people who are controversial, from people who are blunt and/or abrasive when they speak, from people who perhaps know more than they do which makes them feel insecure or stupid (even when they are not….they just need to become more educated by listening and computing information from people who know more than they do on certain key issues), and because “image is everything”, and they don’t want to be connected to others who are thrown in jail, or get “in trouble” for speaking out in other ways.
    Also, many advocates have been observed as always “jockeying for position” as “the greatest rescuer” (which does get the donations flowing in like water), and the more passive fall in line behind who they perceive as their “new leader”, even when their new leader doesn’t know much more, if anything more, than they do.
    So I’m sorry I have to “speak plainly” here, but these are my observations from living here and watching wild horse advocates “do their thing” for 20+ years, and still the wild horses are captured in ramped-up numbers, so what is being done is not working, and I believe a big part of that is due to the fact that many advocates do not understand the lifestyle, way of life, and mindset of people here, and they do not know how to speak with people on opposing sides, and instead often aggravate, insult, and disrespect them, accidently, and also sometimes with indifference and/or on purpose.

    I speak with non-corporate employed “Mom and Pop” ranchers quite often in my travels around the rural desert, public open range, at ranch auctions, gun shows, and other places, and we often do discuss wild horses on the federal public range, and I do mention that I am a wild horse advocate, but I also come from experience in many areas of the horse industry for over 40 years, and that I do live and work outdoors here in the desert 365 days a year just like they do, and that I want the law followed and wild horses need to be primarily managed in the wild, with privatized eco-sanctuaries used for failure to thrive horses, for older and/or lame horses that cannot keep up with the band anymore, (and seeing as the predators to wild horses that “cull the herds” are very scarce nowadays because they are killed, these horses need sanctuary rather than die more slowly in the desert, with predators like coyotes that can’t kill them outright eating them as they are still alive), and for young, adoptable horses to go to in order to be TRAINED before they are adopted out so we would have far fewer what we call “adoptions gone bad” whereby people can’t train their adopted Mustang, so they wait a year, gain Title and then give the horse away for free, often to a horse trader or kill buyer and they end up shipped to slaughter.
    So after we’ve talked about our opinions, discussed wild horses, and sometimes even discussed commercial horse slaughter, which I am totally “anti” on, most of these non-corporate “mom and pop” ranchers agree with me, and actually don’t mind their livestock sharing the range with the wild horses, as long as the wild horses are not allowed to simply breed unchecked on the range.
    Same goes for the smaller scale “mom and pop” miners I speak with, small scale non-corporate developers, with hunters, motorsport enthusiasts, etc.

    You know, “regular people” who are not attached to corporations in any way, and who want to run their businesses as they have for decades, who want to recreate on the UNFENCED public Open Range, and we who want the wild horses primarily managed in the wild, with solutions for some horses to be captured and go to eco-sanctuaries that private citizens will own and operate and make their money too so they can provide a place for some wild horses that need sanctuary, training and adoption, etc.

    So the bottom line for me as a taxpaying citizen who wants our Open Range left unfenced and Open AND also as a wild horse advocate who only cares about the wild horses and not what money I can make off them and/or receiving awards and accolades for doing what quite frankly comes from my heart and soul, so I don’t need money and/or awards for doing it, is establishing “balance on the range” whereby OUR federal public Open Range is not fenced off by mostly corporate businesses operating on OUR public range and fencing us “regular people” out.

    Now here’s the real kicker that MANY people lose sight of: wild horses and burros are PROTECTED animals under the FREE ROAMING Wild Horse and Burro Act of 1971.
    This means that they have to be allowed to ROAM FREE in their vast Herd Management Areas (HMA’s), and fences CANNOT be put up that would keep them from ROAMING.

    Now I’m sure if the “powers that be” (corporations and politicians who are in bed with them mostly) that want OUR public land could get away with it, they’d hire people to simply capture the horses and burros they could and ship them off to slaughter, and would simply shoot, poison, run to death (like we heard was happening with the Bundy cattle), the other ones and they would be gone in a few short months, and then we’d REALLY see the take-over occur, with fences going up willy-nilly to control the PUBLIC land and keep us ALL off of it through fines and/or being arrested for trespassing, or having to pay user fees to go on OUR public land.
    However, as long as the federal public land wild horses and burros are PROTECTED by the FREE ROAMING (no fences) Protection Act of 1971, that cannot be done without a lot of outrage from many “regular people” in the public.

    Basically, the only creatures standing between us and our ability to use the Open Range for non-corporate business purposes, to recreate on, to hunt and fish and camp on, etc, are the Wild Horses and Burros who are federally PROTECTED and must be primarily managed on the federal public land, and must be allowed to roam free with no fences

    But instead, we’re all pitted against one another in the various groups, and even within our own groups (whatever that group might be) with “shills” and/or egotistical, and sometimes greedy, people, and then all of we “regular people” are divided over, and over, and over again.

    I believe what we should be doing is putting aside our dislikes, differences, and animosity toward others, and wild horse advocates who live and understand the lifestyle and mindset of desert dwellers, ranchers, hunters, etc should be meeting with the “mom and pop” ranchers, the small scale miners, the hunters, the motor sports enthusiasts, etc and figuring out how we can turn this into a “win for all” and “balance on the range” scenario, keep our protected wild horses and burros free roaming (no fences) and primarily managed in the wild, with eco-sanctuaries set-up for some that either need sanctuary, or are young horses that could be trained and go out into the public as Ambassadors of what great horses Mustangs are, and have the BLM multi-use manage OUR public federal Open Range, and not be operating for the very powerful corporate business factions interests which include fencing off our Open Range, and eradicating OUR PROTECTED as free roaming wild horses and burros in order to get the job done of taking over all of we tax paying American citizens Open Range to do with as they please.

    Let’s stop the division, and the “divide and conquer” scenario taken straight from the corporate play-book before it’s too late, and be the independent “regular people” I know a lot of us are that we do meet, and even when we have opposing viewpoints, we often figure out ways to focus on working together to achieve what “regular folk” want because we are NOT of the corporate attitude and just want to take care of our families, have some fun in our lives, and in my and a lot of other peoples cases, we want our wild horses and burros to be free roaming and our public Open Range to remain unfenced so all the “regular people” get what they/we want, and our wild horses and other wildlife remain free.

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