ZOO WARS~Don’t Let Them Take Another Animal

They took my animals under false pretense-They know it…They didn’t give a crap about the animals…They don’t care what would happen to us…They had/have their own agenda-and unless we stand up to it and fight for our rights for ALL  Animal Ownership, then your animals just might be next!!!

Ohio built an animal penitentiary costing the  taxpayer millions-I guarantee you it had NOTHING to do with public safety issues…and everything to do with the pay-offs…

Maybe you don’t have exotics but as pointed out on this blog-It’s to end all human contact and animal usage-or have you bought into their agenda built on lies…Do you believe that you should only purchase from an animal shelter and to put an end to all animal breeding?!? Do you think that anyone with more than one or two animals is a hoarder?!?-It’s BULLSHIT!!!

Please donate to USZA-No amount is too small…If we come together as animal owners/animal lovers, we just might end the war against our right to ownership!!!


Here’s the HSUS TRUE Agenda:


New Offices

Animal Protection Liaison in White House – appoint an Animal Protection Liaison in the White House, similar to the new position announced for Carol Browner and/or the Council on Environmental Quality, to help coordinate animal protection concerns (policy issues, legislation, and regulations affecting animals cut across several different agencies – Agriculture, Interior, Commerce, EPA, HHS, State, Transportation, HUD, DOD, FTC, Education, etc.)

Animal Protection Division in the Justice Department – appoint an additional Assistant U.S. Attorney to head a new Animal Protection Division in the Justice Department, similar to the Civil Rights Division, to ensure strong enforcement of federal animal protection laws

Please follow the link below for more-12 pages of garbage from HSUS that will interfere with your life as you know it and cost you and me, the taxpayers, millions!!!:


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned and follow this blog  -B



~ by topcatsroar on April 3, 2014.

3 Responses to “ZOO WARS~Don’t Let Them Take Another Animal”

  1. This bull about hoarding and hoarders got ridiculous a long time ago. So far, as far as I know, there is still no law against hoarding per se. If there were, all the warehouse-type stores would be shut down due to their “hoarding” conditions, and all their products seized to be either destroyed or given to the competition. Why not? That’s exactly what they do with animals. They can seize all of Jay Leno’s cars and motorcycles, since he’s obviously a hoarder. Most museums have extreme hoarding conditions in their back rooms and work areas. How many women have a closet full of shoes? How many do-it-yourselfer men have a dozen of the same tool in their shop? And don’t forget the kids with huge doll -or other toy- collections.

    They say it’s only a crime when animals are involved; That having too many animals limits the amount of attention you can focus on them individually. So I guess that’s why HSUS and a few others are now going after farmers and ranchers? A rancher with a herd of a few hundred cows or horses can’t possibly focus on each one, and a chicken farmer certainly can’t do it with his flock. So by their reasoning, the rancher should be limited to two or three cows, one horse to ride and two to graze. The farmer should only have 3 chickens -even for egg production. And if they should have more than that, arrest them and jail them for several years, since hoarding amounts to neglect and “failure to provide” which is a class A misdemeanor. Never mind that every one of those animals is healthy and contended. The way the “laws” are written, the accuser decides what’s acceptable and what isn’t. And the accuser, more often than not is an armchair/laptop expert who likely has never owned an animal herself/himself.

    Until the public wakes up and quits buying into the Animal Rights agenda, we are getting closer and closer to Wayne Pacelle’s and Ingrid Newkirk’s dream world of total vegans and no relation whatsoever between humans and animals. Those changes they promote to government only end up costing the taxpayers more, in times when we should be cutting back. And all they really do is hasten the HSUS agenda…

    • What about Paris Hilton and her ‘town’ of Chihuahuas or Sharon Osborne’s large ‘collection’ of dogs that we know potty in her home!?! Or the other celebrities that have large numbers of animals…or exotic animals like Tippi Hedren…That’s not a sanctuary-that’s a full blown private zoo…
      The HSUS agenda not only limits humane relationships with animals but jeopardizes the health of all US citizens-especially the young and the old!!!

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