Why are people still supporting these extreme animal rights organizations when the information has been out there for years exposing the truth…Getting back to basics…Exposing the truth…These animal rights extremists are nut jobs!!! Worst part about it is the these groups have gone into the national and state legislatures passing the AR Super-Buck to support laws to limit your right to own property…This show was on Showtime 10 years ago and even after the exposure these groups flourish and grow…Doing damage to people and more to animals with heir 99% kill-rate.

Some considered this comedy and in a sense it is…That our country supports this nonsense-Can you say you haven’t been brainwashed along the way by these groups?!? I bet not-Would you buy a fur coat? Do you support animal research? Have you gone vegan?

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion ad the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

~ by topcatsroar on April 3, 2014.

2 Responses to “BULLSHIT SHOW-PETA Kills”

  1. I am 100% with you on this one Top Cat! Simply amazing that people do not pay attention to the facts instead of the lies! Just don’t get it! All animal owners need to get fired up and get involved at the meetings and numbers are what count not the dollars! Show up folks and be counted before there are no animals left to stand up for or sit down with! Get Sane…re-think HUMAN…e!

    • I once had a copy of Newkirk’s first book and all the propaganda and now more than 20 years I see how much of it was actually accepted by so many people and has spread into the beliefs of people who should know better!!! Now has become controversy when before that book it wasn’t. Some of the things that strikes me the most is people going vegan yet fish oil supplements are required-often disguised as omega 3-Their children use crayons and crayons are made with animal by product…diabetics take insulin that had an animal not been used for research, there would be no insulin and certainly they wouldn’t deny themselves the insulin.
      The economy is so bad that many of us don’t have meatless Mondays-we go several days without meat. Who can even afford to purchase all those vegies that are so good for you?-Many can not…
      The differences from then to now are striking -fur raising is close to nil…Breeders condemned with people proclaiming buy rescued animals (oh, adopt them and save an animal -the fake slogan) And if that wasn’t bad enough it’s no longer S/N if you don’t intend to breed-If your animal is intact, then you buy a license-huh?!? The price to S/N gone thru the roof or you go to some S/N clinic where it looks like an assembly line and risks animals lives-Done at ages that also risk the health of an animal-I am more than horrified.

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