Texas Unlicensed & Licensed Dog/Cat Breeders Alert!

From Responsible Pet Owners Alliance Texas Outreach
March 28, 2014

Action Alert!
Texas Unlicensed and Licensed Dog and Cat Breeders

All reference to “commercial” breeders was removed from HB 1451 before
passage by sponsor Rep. Senfronia Thompson. It’s simply “dog and cat
breeders,” which proves HSUS isn’t thru with Texas yet.

Instead of Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation (TDLR) having to prove
certain breeders must be licensed, ALL dog and cat breeders are being
harassed by TDLR Inspectors knocking on their doors, wanting to check
animals, kennels, mailing out return forms seeking personal information,
etc. Breeders have to prove they do NOT need to be licensed! One cat
breeder recently had to hire an attorney to stop the harassment as she
wasn’t required to be licensed and didn’t want TDLR inspecting her home.
TDLR has no right to enter private homes without permission or a Search

TDLR is holding the last of their regional, face-to-face strategic planning
sessions Monday, March 31, in Austin, and claim these open, interactive
sessions will help shape their vision and chart the course for TDLR’s
future. They say: “This is your opportunity to let us hear your ideas with
no filters. Join us at Wyndham Garden Hotel, Executive Learning Center & Guadalupe/ Barton Creek
Rooms, 3401 South IH-35, in Austin.”

* 3:30 pm – 6:00 pm – For Auctioneers, Combative Sports, Legal Service
Contracts, Licensed Breeders, Polygraph Examiners, Professional Employer
Organizations, Property Tax Consultants, Property Tax Professionals, Service
Contract Providers, Vehicle Protection Product Warrantors, Water Well
Drillers and Pump Installers, and Weather Modification.

RPOA’s Talking Points:
* Move the Licensed Breeder Program administration under Texas Department
of Agriculture, where there’s extensive animal expertise instead of under

* Abolish Breeder Advisory Committee as they did in Oklahoma. It is
stacked anti-breeder.

* No “Breeder Bounty,” no anonymous complaints which TDLR must investigate
by law.

RPOA realizes we need to change the law itself at the next Legislative
Session, so be prepared. It’ll be a rough ride.

We appreciate our RPOA Chapter Chairmen representing us in Lubbock, Dallas
and Houston to date at TDLR Meetings. We’ll have a full report after
Monday’s Meeting, which completes the five meeting tour held statewide for
public input.

Texas Humane Legislation Network (THLN), the HSUS AFFILIATE in Texas, is
rallying the troops to attend the Austin Meeting Monday also. To the Animal
Rights Brigade EVERY dog and cat breeder is a “puppy mill” and must be
eliminated. Some of the THLN Talking Points are:
* Ask TDLR for more personnel and money to support the program.
* Unnanounced enforcement and inspections so facilities have no forewarning
to clean up or remove animals from premises.
* Increased outreach by TDLR to the public in identifying “puppy mills.”
* Use local animal control officers and humane investigators to help
identify unlicensed activity.
* Ask TDLR “Under what circumstances can TDLR enter a breeder’s property to
determine if a license is needed?”
* Ask TDLR “What legal process must TDLR follow if a breeder refused access
to their property?”

So there you are, what fanatics! Let RPOA know if you’ll be attending
Monday’s TDLR Meeting.

If you cannot attend: Email TDLR your ideas and
comments at: and they’ll include them in the
discussion, or so they say.
Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things sad are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned and follow this blog  -B




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