Suit filed against a local Humaniac

Humaniacs are so focused on promoting animal cruelty, whether it exists or not, don’t even know when they have perpetuated FRAUD on the public and ABUSED their children by taking them into a possible dangerous situation.

This following comes from a “caring site” asking for money to help with legal fees. Obviously suit has been filed against her by someone who at one time she called a friend, for the fraud and damages she has perpetuated against not only the public but animal owners, her victims.

I for one, happy that someone is doing something about her illegal and unconstitutional deeds who is NOT one of her victims. Someone who knows the REAL deal and taking action against her and obviously someone who is only doing it to force her stop because she has no money and found it difficult for criminal investigation.

One way or another people are waking up and smelling the STINK of it and doing what’s right.

Liesa Collier is out of her mind, no different than any other Humaniac…Oh, she was noticed alright (certainly by her victims!!!) and not in the favorable light as she had expected. And instead of providing a proper defense, she will attempt to blindside the court with the false claims promoting animal cruelty. If Collier really wanted to be noticed for her “help” then she really would of helped animal owners with their animals rather than what she’s been doing all along.

Collier is on the Animal Rights Nazi Gestopo list for her wrongful actions against animal owners under the ‘color of rescue’.


“As most of you know I have been working hard to help change the lives of dogs for almost 4 years now in Pennsylvania. During that time I have had to deal with all kinds of people from all walks of life. It seems the worst have been the ones who have pretended to be my friend and in the end steal my ideas, take credit for my efforts and then accuse me of wrong doing. This is the case here and I need your help. I am being wrongfully sued by a former “friend” and fellow “rescuer” who feels that I have commited Fraud and Theft of Property among other things. I do not have money for legal fees because my money goes to the animals. I have sacrificed time after time, asked my family to go with out things in order to help a dog. I have spent countless hours in my car sometimes dragging my young children along all in the name of helping. I feel that my reputation should speak for its self and that my efforts have not gone unnoticed. I hate that I have to ask for your help because I feel that this kind of money could be better spent on saving animals lives but truth be told in a way a life does need saved, Mine. I need to end this once and for all and stand my ground. I need to fight for myself and would really appreciate your support. As a note your donation would not be Tax Deductable however once I win my case I and my court costs are awarded to be returned to me I would be HAPPY to return your donation to you if that is what you want OR we can use this money to continue to help other animals in need. The choice is yours and I thank you for taking the time to read my plea.”

Poem: First They Came Fro The Horses

First, they came for the carriage horses,

and no one spoke out,

because the didn’t know about horses,

and how they have lived,

Because they said work was cruel,

and the only work for horses in our world,

was to be rescued,

and never work.

Then, they came for the  the barn cats,

and no one spoke out, because no one knew

what the barn cats were like,

or how they lived.

they decided they must live like human children,

and be confined and dependent and safe.

Then, they came for the outdoor cats, 

because they said no animals should be free

any longer, they might come to harm, or hurt the birds.

Then, they came for the border collies,

because they frightened the sheep,

and worked in heat and cold,

and because animals should not ever work,

with human beings or for sport,

and then they came for the ponies in the old cities,

who brought vegetables to the neighborhoods,

in their carts,

because work was wrong,

and the ponies disappeared,

and they came for the donkeys who hauled

firewood and gave rides to children for quarters,

because they must live in nature, and not among children.

Then, they came for the Police Horses,

because horses do not belong in the city,

and no one spoke out,

because the carriage horses were already gone.

Then, they came for the dogs without big fences,

because all dogs must be confined,

and none must ever run free again.

And they came for all of the dogs whose people worked,

because they said it was cruel,

and because no one spoke up.

They said it was

about the rights of animals, and they needed to be safe,

and no one spoke out about that,

Then, they came for the breeders,

because dogs must never be bred or sold,

they can only be rescued,

and breeding is inhumane,

and no one spoke out, and the border collies and Labrador Retrievers

and Jack Russell Terriers and Pit Bulls and Poodles and Jack Russell Terriers

vanished from the world,

dogs could only be rescued.

Then, they came for the bomb-sniffing dogs,

and no one spoke up,

 because dogs must not work, must not be

in train stations and airports,

they must live the natural lives of dogs,

and then, they came for the seeing-eye dogs, because it is cruel to work,

it is not the natural life of a dog,

they must be safer than people,

they must not be confined to offices

and apartments, must live freely and the way nature intended.

Then, they came for the therapy dogs, because work is cruel,

and unnatural, and no one spoke out.

And then, where there were no horses, and no Labrador Retrievers, and there

were no seeing-eye dogs and search-and-rescue dogs and therapy dogs,

and no border collies on the farms or in the field,

or ponies in the cities, or donkeys or horses on farms, or pulling wagons,

they came for your horse and your dog,

for your barn cat, your outdoor cat,

because no one spoke up,

and they had grown bold and powerful,

and told us how we and our animals must live,

 because they now could.

And soon there were no animals left in our world,

for them to take away,

the horses had gone to slaughter,

in order to be saved,

they animals has vanished from our world,

the dogs and cats were all confined to their houses,

the working animals gone from the farms,

because no one could afford to keep them any longer,

or were afraid,

because there was no place safe enough for them,

nor enough money to follow the laws and regulations,

the vet bills and feed costs,

machines were cheaper and easier.

One day, the animals were gone,

 out of the lives of ordinary people,

and children, who never were to see them again,

because no one spoke out.

The animals lived only on rescue farms and in zoos,

if they lived at all,

and on cable news channels,

and Internet videos,

the only places safe enough for them,

the only places that could afford them,

and keep them safe from us.

and they were all safe,

and protected from life,

and banished from the lives of people,

and exiled from our world.

and vanished from it.

– Jon Katz


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned and follow this blog  -B



~ by topcatsroar on March 27, 2014.

3 Responses to “Suit filed against a local Humaniac”

  1. So she admits to dragging her kids along on her raids, and wants us to financially support her? Do cops have their kids in the back seat? Does a big-time chef have his/her kids sitting on a stool in the kitchen? Does the judge have kids sitting off to the side, waiting for the cases to be heard so they can get on with their lives? Does an airplane pilot or flight attendant have kids stowed in the baggage compartment? You leave your kids home where they belong. Her “plea” doesn’t really say much about WHAT she has done to “help” anyone. Even for vocal support, I’d need to hear the rest of the story. We all spend countless hours doing what “we” think is right, only to have somebody else bad-mouth our efforts, but what is it we are actually doing, and is it really “right” or is it only what WE want?

  2. Excellent! Bravo!

  3. Maybe Liesa Collier should have thought of all this before she went on her witch hunts… IS going to happen to more and more of the psychos like her because what many/most of these nutballs do is stalking, they commit fraud, they are control freaks and suffer from a “hero-complex”, some attempt, and even get away with extortion, and it is just plain wrong.

    And many of us are tired of the selective enforcement of so-called laws, and the “policing” being done by psychopaths, so it behooves everyone with animals to have addresses, photos, videos, etc of other properties that keep animals, especially their local county officials/poloticians, and if they are attacked for something that many other people are not being attacked for even though the conditions are relatively equal and/or in fact the same (for instance, shelters for horses not being a law, but someone being cited for no shelters and/or having to put up shelters when many other properties do not have shelters for horses), then the snowball effect should happen and the county or city will be kept very busy indeed following up on a lot of complaints.

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