Zoo Wars~Truth Exposed – Big Cat Rescue/Wildlife on Easy Street

In recent weeks there has been another attack on a good facility that is totally uncalled for…I’m certain that Carole Lewis Baskin had a hand in it…Enough is enough and every time there’s a new complaint, REAL or FAKE the USDA will inevitably go investigate AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE and Carole Lewis Baskin is costing us some serious tax money!!!
Life changed after Yaro passed away and I’ll be the first to admit there were times it was a struggle…Often wondering if I’d make it thru the day with so much work taking care of all the animals and getting lost with their life became my reason for survival at some point…Sometimes a friend would stop by or people who really cared about the animals and their owners survival.
I had one of the greatest friends in the valley who came frequently, we’d often joke she was going to marry Boris my REGISTERED SIBERIAN TIGER…I still wear the necklace she gave me for Christmas that I dearly love…with happy thoughts about her many visits and treating me o special and quite a contrast from slaving with animal chores…We’d sit in the barn on the fairgrounds and watch the cats…it would give me peace of mind and allow me to rest. We loved the animals and would reminisce…talk about my commitment to the animal and the promise to continue; life wasn’t great but it was good.
I finally found how to possibly reach Baskin and pass along what Yaro wanted to say and yet never did…Made an inquiry as to how to get in touch with Carole Baskin  and this is what I received:
BigCatRescue <MakeADifference@BigCatRescue.org> wrote:

Dear Barbara,
I heard that Yaro died and I know what it is like to lose a mate and business partner.  My heart goes out to you.
I have also heard that you are in over your head with 20 big cats on the road and that things are about to implode.  I know what that sort of stress is like too. 
It is no secret that I am opposed to the use of big cats in any sort of traveling act and am doing everything I can to stop it.  The animals always get the raw end of the deal and end up suffering when the money dries up.  We just rescued four tigers from Robert Baudy after he lost his USDA license.  That put us pretty close to full.  
For the cats,
Carole Baskin, CEO of Big Cat Rescue
an Educational Sanctuary home
to more than 100 big cats
12802 Easy Street Tampa , FL   33625
813.493.4564 fax 885.4457
I think you misunderstood why I wanted to contact you!
I’m NOT going out of my mind with 16 cats…they are comfortable and well fed and in good health.  I have plenty of support and doing fine….  The adjustment of loosing Yaro has been difficult!  The adjustment of making new plans without him is difficult but proceeding with wonderful plans for myself and my animals.
I am so sorry that so many people are not as committed to their animals as I am…as I believe you are and have been over the years but I am concerned about you!
I contacted you because when we found your web site, we just couldn’t believe what we were reading!  I can no longer stay silent after seeing that you are on letter writing campaigns which hurt the animal industry.
I can not be single in my commitment…I know I am not….I can not be single in gentle training the animals that preform whether that be for entertainment or educational purpose (I say that because Yaro and I have done both and I plan on continuing with both).
I know so many animal trainers that are as committed to both and the belief that there is an appropriate way to handle and transport animals, that take every care and precaution in doing so.  Rossair, Marcan, myself to name a few!  While I am paid for presentation, I have received no financial gratification in what I do!   I am so lucky to be tied to my beliefs and love for the animals and lucky to be able to support them!
Many of us have also rescued our share of animals and not necessarily animals that were used for entertainment.
I have taken in animals needing care and found them an appropriate sanctuary.
I have expressed over and over again that we can not all be grouped into one slot as you and so many others have done!  I have found that on the most part, most sanctuaries are in agreement and then I came across your web site.
Have you forgotten that when we met that the state of Florida wanted to confiscate your animals and that someone who was working roadside with preforming animals signed you off and spoke to the authorities on your behalf? 
Did you forget that you sold those lynx babies and that the one I paid for and received one that died within days and was never replaced as promised? 
Have you forgotten you attempts to breed and that there were babies born at your facility? 
Have you forgotten that my cougar Morgan (now 18 years old) was borrowed for breeding purposes and was returned to me in poor health after being at your facility? 
Have you forgotten that you even acknowledged me in a baby care book that you published? 
I am indeed shocked!  Yaro was disappointed and appalled!  We stayed silent but I can no longer be quiet to you about this!
OK, those were the early years when your husband was alive and somehow you have made your way to a large accredited facility!
I wonder though why you don’t speak the truth or even the whole story on your web site!
Those of us that are good people and sincere care givers will do about anything in support of our animals including changing the way we live and the life style that we were accustom.  I stand in defense of what we do and why we do it.
I write this because I just can’t believe that you do not recognize the truth and reality of the world around us.
I don’t know about Robert Baudy and the loss of his USDA and not sure why you even mention that to me unless you thought I was contacting you to take my animals.  I purchased many animals from him, one even required cataract surgery, still with me and doing just fine!
You seem to take pride where the animals have come from including RBBB Circus….seems to me this should be between you and the person donating the animals to you!  It’s as if you take pride that they such ‘fine’ animals have been given to you!  Amazing!
Frankly, if I ever gave up any of my animals, yours is the last facility that I would turn!  I’ve had many offers, including people willing to purchase them!  ALL HAVE BEEN TURNED DOWN…I have one animal that will be leaving but only because I have a friend that he was promised years ago and was told last December, before Yaro died, that he could have him once his cage was complete….this is a sanctuary who has rescued many animals and many that I have rescued and my situation would not be appropriate for them.
DO NOT allow anyone to believe that I contacted you for that purpose!
Carol, I just wanted to express my sincere concern for the path you have taken in acquiring money for your facility.
I am shocked that you do not recognize your roots and acknowledge those people that helped you many years ago.
Maybe you do not like that animals are used for entertainment purpose but by grouping all of us together hurts the animals rather than help them!  I firmly believe that this attitude with policy must be changed!
I also see you are trying to stop exotics as pets when that is why you got started with your cats in the first place!  There are many people who qualify but become volunteers instead….is that the deal here?
Please enlighten me because I once took pride in helping you and now I am ashamed that we did so!  I am only able to deal with my thoughts about you in knowing that you are providing appropriate care for the animals in your facility.
I find myself wondering if you now have a closed facility or if there are still groups and tours and camps and I group that as entertainment!
I wonder just how you have such low self esteem that you have found it necessary to adopt such poor opinions and policies.  I am writing in suggestion that you adopt some new opinions!
I read your website further….The Secret….or is it your secrets?
I am sincere and do not intend to insult you in any way!  Even you can become one of those facilities that will not be able to support itself with the way the world is so quickly changing and I am sure you would desire aid for your facility and your animals rather than be publicly humiliated.  Nothing is set in stone anymore, it could happen even to you.  You then might find yourself once again turning to someone like me who would turn you down because of your policies.
Please enlighten me!
Barbara Hoffmann
Hoffmann’s Exotic Endangered Cats of the World Show
Educational and Entertaining Shows for more than 20 years
Licensed by the USDA and working in compliance with their rules and regulations.
Since 2007 I have learned of more than 124 cats have died at Big Cat Rescue and makes me sick how people have bought into her BULLSHIT!!! The ever changing BULLSHIT for money…Baskin now appealing to radical animal rights extremists and if they know the truth from fiction then maybe they wouldn’t be so willing to believe.
Animals that die from a natural cause is one thing or an occasional unexplained death but neither seem to be what’s happening at BCR…There’s a large number dying from tumors and should be subject to USDA investigation for contaminated ground and water provided…lack of husbandry skills to provided a proper diet…or just plain failure to do anything about the problem before it becomes fatal…
Something is way wrong when you have to distract others to someone else and make up issues that don’t exist but I’m still looking at Wildlife on Easy Street and wondering why and where the inspectors are. So quick to attack following a letter filled with lies and answer authorities when in more than two decades there was never any serious issue…
GFAS Sanctuaries are not real sanctuaries when their doors are open to the public 24/7 like BCR is…You have enough money and you’re in. It’s  just a payoff to HSUS for accreditation…So just how much has BCR actually changed from Wildlife on Easy Street with how it functions as a facility!?! Truth is, not much!!! And still wondering about behind closed door breeding or purchases!!!
Unknown to me at the time, even before receiving my email, Carole Lewis Baskin was starting a letter writing campaign for USDA inspection filled with lies…If that wasn’t bad enough, individuals and a zoo were attempting to take my equipment and/or my animals from me…The USDA inspector came and went, finding nothing wrong. But in part, became an Internet issue, again, unknown to me until later…Then used to secure an affidavit to seize the animals taken from an animal rights hate page on line, filled with untruths and outright lies-WTF?! Much of it is still there and additional ‘crap’ added since…
We had USDA officials speaking off the record with conjecture -also on the affidavit to the warrant…And to top it off, even thou I was no longer licensed with the USDA, an unofficial inspection occurred AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE. His findings confirmed that nothing was out of the ordinary considering the inclement weather was probably considered exceptional; considering in that kind of weather you’d expect to find more than one dead animal. DandyLion died in transport in the transport trailer and had been buried…!!! He had a defect since birth-amazing he lived as long as he did-it’s called specialized care…
But, sadly, they forged ahead with their seizure and a Criminal case of animal cruelty was heard in justice court even though that court is not allowed to hear cases of class A misdemeanor (the only citation received is the warrant and the bond-all stating it as criminal and nowhere can civil be f0und); we appeared in court with public defenders…there’s no mistaking that-all of it documented…Nor is there any mistake that the county court gave it a civil number and all over the final judgment of the county court as civil…and as if the cards I had been deal weren’t bad enough, to add insult to injury, the county court that had no jurisdiction over civil matter with both judges as laymen-non lawyers.
If you know anything about the law, criminal is appealed as criminal and civil appealed as civil…ALL of this at TAXPAYER EXPENSE and the costs continues just as our lives and the lives of those animals took a drastic change…Certainly not for the good of the animals with so many killed or died because of the process in the hands of an unskilled veterinarian who didn’t follow the law…All of it something that never should have happened…
We were exempt with state registration and had 1.2 million dollars of insurance…proper caging and supplies for weeks that was taken (although not on the warrant) to care for those animals…With a warrant claiming we had none of it!!! -SERIOUSLY!?! Is that really worth it when this case is not alone filled with corruption to steal animals from their rightful owners  and destroy the lives of both?!? For what?!? Donations and sales of animals to a private NFP organization?!?
My wallaby went to a petting zoo (nice Christian family-huh?!?) that turned around and sold him rather than return him to his rightful owner…
Why did the equine leave Texas to North Dakota!?!-How odd is that when their owner was there to take them back yet the prosecutor refused to give him his animals back…governed by law…Then again, what did he care about actual law-The prosecutor had a special touch of manipulating people and the law…
Seedy…Oh yes when the big cats ended up with the facility in Wisconsin that made the complaint about “roaring” was a convicted con-man/FELON who took the cream of the crop!!! What exactly does “roaring” have to do with public safety or animal cruelty anyway?!?
Portions of this blog and this post from the book being written as to what really went on…What a complete waste of TAXPAYER dollars!!!
What a complete waste of the last four years of our lives to see that justice really be served!!! And will it?!? Just how is it that a judge, in the federal court, didn’t see the abuse of the law and our Constitutional Rights?!?
Beware, if it can happen to me…It can happen to anyone!!! Learn the animal laws in your state, county, city if you are an animal owner!!! Know the difference from lawful to unlawful and make sure someone is listening…watching and witnessing…
Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned -B

~ by topcatsroar on March 24, 2014.

One Response to “Zoo Wars~Truth Exposed – Big Cat Rescue/Wildlife on Easy Street”

  1. Sorry if you received the work sheet to get the emails posted…I have no idea how that got posted, it’s been trashed…oh well…I’m tired and not up to snuff…
    Question remains-
    Will justice ever happen with this case?!? I am leary when law enforcement gets off for tazzing a woman in a restraining chair in the jail for crying out loud, what is that?!?

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