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Help Save Exotic Animals in Ohio

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A lot of you don’t have any idea what the State of Ohio has done concerning exotic animals. Last year Ohio passed a law on the ownership of exotic animals. The “Dangerous Wild Animal Act” Most people are supportive in this law, but do not understand it fully. They never stop to think about the fate of these animals held in captivity here in this state.

Many people say that these animals belong in the wild, I would agree. Except, What Wild really is today? Because Man is the biggest danger to these wild animals a lot of these species only survive because of private ownership.

Did you know that we once had 9 species of Tigers roaming our earth? We now only have 6 species left, only 1 species survives through private ownership with their numbers ranging around 100 left. No exotic owner will argue that these animals belong in the wild, but since man continues to take that wild away with today’s population, growth and high demands for resources there is not any wild left. These animals were born in captivity and the lifestyle they live is the only they know.

They do not know what “The Wild” is. Most were bottle raised and loved by humans. In my case most of my animals were rescued. I saved them from being killed when no one else wanted them. I gave them a place to call home and live out their life without fear.  It is up to private owners to help conserve these species. I don’t know about you but I hope my great great grandchildren have the opportunity to actually see a tiger in person rather one stuffed in a museum.

With the new law in effect many think that if you owned an exotic before the law was passed you are grandfathered in. False! No one was!

  • The state has given private owners such HIGH STANDARDS that we cannot meet them. The standards they require are higher than the Federal USDA Regulations and are higher standards than local Zoos are required to have.
  • Private owners do not have the funds and resources available that the zoos have. In my case the money to take care of these animals comes from my pay check. Last year we had to have every animal implanted with a micro chip and registered with the state of Ohio.
  • Many of us cannot afford the upgrades the state is requiring from us. 1 enclosure upgrade can cost anywhere from $3000-5000 not to mention the yearly fees and insurance required. Most of us are blue collared workers living check to check.

As of January 1, 2014 exotic animal owners that cannot comply with the new state laws will have to surrender their animals to the state. The State of Ohio will confiscate these animals we have given a home to, animals we have loved and given everything up for, made a part of our families. The state will lead you to believe they will place these animals in other zoos or sanctuaries. However the zoos and sanctuaries in Ohio have already said they are full and can’t take any of these animals. There is nothing different about zoos and sanctuaries in other states, they are all full or soon will be. So where will these animals go? The 3 million dollar facility Ohio built with our tax money can only hold 30 large animals. There are 888 registered animals in this state. Sadly these animals will be pulled out of the only homes they have ever known, shortly after they will be euthanized for no reason at all and we the owners will be charged $1000’s of dollars for all this.

I know what you’re thinking, so if we cant comply why don’t we try and find homes for them out of Ohio so they won’t be killed.

  • The State prohibits us from selling or donated these animals to anyone even if they reside out of Ohio. We are only allowed to surrender our animals to the state or have them confiscated. Either way these animals die!

I started this letter to help try to inform the public of what has happened and about to happen. This law is absurd! Just because there is a law doesn’t mean people will stop owning these animals. This law will cause people to move underground. People will be housing animals in small un sturdy unsanitary enclosures enabling more animals to escape. More people will get hurt if not killed. I personally would rather know and see these animals instead of them being hidden.

There is only one way to stop the massacre of these magnificent animals. We have hired an attorney to fight this law for us. To get it overturned and save these precious animals. We aren’t against regulations but a Ban is unacceptable! Help us continue to love and care for these animals.

We give up everything just to provide a home for these animals. Help us spread the word on all this.

Please donate now to help save the Exotic Animals in Ohio

~ by topcatsroar on March 17, 2014.

One Response to “Zoo Wars~Exotic Animals Ohio”

  1. This is OUTRAGEOUS! On the lines of the Chinese LIMIT ON THE NUMBER OF CHILDREN a couple can have (ONE), so most female children are slain or adopted out, so the family name may be carried on(until the number of females has dwindled low enough to make the CHINESE race EXTINCT? Or, as outrageous as per the Bible story, of the king ordering the killing of all male Jews children in order to get to the ONE male child proclaimed to be the SAVIOUR! Animal Genocide?!! OUTRAGEOUS !

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