ftom TX-RPOA~Part I: TX Dept of Licensing & Regulation Meetings (2)


Today at 11:08 AM

> From Responsible Pet Owners Alliance Texas Outreach
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March 17, 2014

(PART II from TDLR to follow)
Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation is telling us that “Your Voice
Matters” and invites RPOA to join them in Lubbock, McAllen, Dallas, Houston
and Austin this month.  Our lobbyist Gib Lewis feels RPOA should be
represented at these meetings altho we already know how much TDLR values our
Today are Lubbock and McAllen Meetings.
March 24th are Dallas and Houston Meetings.  March 31st for the Austin
Hopefully our RPOA Chapter Chairmen statewide will be able to attend the
meetings but they are held during work hours.
You can give backup support to RPOA’s chapter chairmen by emailing the
letter below to:
(On our letterhead)
Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation
PO Box 12157
Austin, Texas 78711

Dear Sirs,
Our concerns are regarding the administration and enforcement of HB 1451,
erroneously referred to as the “Puppy Mill Bill.”  This bill never included
the words “puppy mills” and the “commercial” word was removed in a House
Committee substitute bill, as the type of breeders being licensed!  Cat
breeders must also be licensed.

In your invitation to this meeting, you asked us:  “What changes would we
make if we were king or queen for a day?”

(1)  We would move the administration and enforcement of this new law to be
administered under the Texas Department of Agriculture.  TDLR does not
license any other animal programs and lacks the experience and animal
expertise to do so.  Animals are certainly not comparable to regulating
Auctioneers, Polygraph Examiners, Cosmetologists, Barbers, Electricians,
Elevators, Property Tax Professionals, Vehicle Storage Facilities, Vehicle
Protection Product Warrantors, Water Well drillers and Pump Installers,
Weather Modification, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Architectural
Barriers, Towing Companies, etc.

(2)  We would eliminate the Licensed Breeders Advisory Committee.  We concur
with remarks made by Dr. Lori Teller, DVM, who stated in her letter
of resignation from the committee that she “had become disillusioned with
the process.”  Dr. Teller said she does not feel we are going down the right
road to improve animal welfare with this new law, which is driving the good
breeders out of business.  Teller further remarked:  “The breeders who do
seriously care about the animals they raise and improving breeds they are
passionate about will either be out of business, or at the least, out of
state.”  These committee meetings have been very contentious due to pressure
from animal “rights” extremists at every meeting.  They insist that the
U.S.D.A. regulations in the Animal Welfare Act, required by statute as
minimum requirements, are not strict enough!

We appreciate this opportunity to express our concerns and ask that you give
them serious consideration.
Mary Beth Duerler
Executive Director
Responsible Pet Owners Alliance
Texas Outreach

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