I’m a little bit stunned…

The following message from TX-RPOA is their weekly report of donations to a group that is fighting for your rights as animal owners in Texas and is pretty much, all you’ve got if you live in Texas-

I strongly suggest that if you love your animals, that you start contributing to this organization!!! They provide the only lobbyist (singular) fighting for your rights as animal owners to the legislator. The pot is low people-lobbyist don’t come cheap…Sure you might think that’s a lot but it’s nowhere what it should.

No one pays me for this blog or to support any singular position-It’s all my opinion of what I recommend…Whether you live in Texas or not, you should contribute to this organization on a monthly basis even if it’s only 5 bucks-It would be the best $5.00 you ever spent!!!

Remember what happens in any state  spreads…and the Animal Rights Extremists are strong in Texas…The Animal Rights Nazi Gestopos are busy in Texas…HSUS has a strong sister organization in Texas, THLN…HSUS has set up shop in Texas…Unlike other states that have thrown these groups to the wayside…They are welcome in Texas-Do not allow them to continue and up the anti…RPOA does not promote animal cruelty-They promote responsible animal ownership.


Mar 15 at 2:32 PM

> From Responsible Pet Owners Alliance Texas Outreach
Crossposting is encouraged.
March 15, 2014

“You should not examine legislation in the light of the benefits it will
convey if properly administered, but in the light of the wrongs it would
do and the harm it would cause if improperly administered.” Lyndon
Johnson, 36th President of the U.S.

Thanks to all the great “animal welfare” folks below for their donations
during the past week.  A $35 donation from Minneapolis, MN included this
message:  “Here’s my periodic “entry fee” to support your outstanding work.
RPOA/TX is a model for all states.  Pls don’t send me a bumper sticker,
though — put those extra bucks to work for my friends and co-owned dogs in
We also received $20 from Grand Bay, Alabama!

BAD NEWS:  NO donations from any Texas clubs or animal groups this past
week.  RPOA Texas Outreach Bank Balance:  $17,250.58
HSUS Bank Balance:  $150 Million?

DONATIONS FROM TEXAS INDIVIDUALS:  (identified by area only due to radical
animal “rights” harassment):
$50  Cypress, TX
$25  Rockwall, TX
$25  Boerne, TX
$25  Houston, TX
$25  Plantersville, TX
$20  Georgetown, TX
$20  Moody, TX

$20  Waxahachie, TX
$10  Houston, TX

All donors receive an acknowledgment, including our bumper sticker:  “Don’t
Mess With Texas Pets!”
Donate with PayPal or mail in:


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned and follow this blog…Stay tuned  -B


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