Animal Control Officer investgation for Animal Cruelty ~Important updates

The last place I want to read about where animal abuse exists is at an animal shelter or animal control as there can not exist a double standard. When citizens are accused of cruelty for the very same condition or conditions; so should people proclaiming to be experts, schooled to be experts or NOT and most certainly if they accuse other people.

I for one believe that many of the people, as in a large percentage, are abusers themselves if the so called abuse could be classified as ‘abuse’ rather than something unintended and most certainly not intentional.

Animal Control Officer Being Investigated for Sick Horses

AR — Neighbors worried about unhealthy horses push for an investigation into the owner who is an animal control officer.

The Stone County Sheriff’s Office is now looking into what led to the poor condition of the animals.

The animal control officer says he did nothing wrong, but the president of the Stone County Humane Society says she started receiving complaints about the two horses last summer and just a couple of weeks ago, one of the horses died.

Neighbors say a horse — owned by an animal control officer — slowly starved to death.

They say the ground, surrounding the two horses he owned, typically had no grass or hay.

Neighbors say just days before the one horse died, it was on the ground struggling to breathe.

The Stone County Sheriff’s Office is waiting on test results from a vet to find out the exact cause of death.

Tina Holmlund with the Stone County Humane Society says an animal control officer should be held to a higher standard and she’s disappointed this happened.

The reporter asked, “What do you think when you see the pictures?”

Holmlund said, “I’ll be honest it just made me so sad. It was even really hard to look at them. That’s something I wish I would never have to see again.”

According to people living nearby, the other horse has been getting fed more often and its condition is improving, but they say that doesn’t change what already happened.

Holmlund said, “I would really like to make sure something is resolved.”

Today, we did see the animal control officer — accused of neglect — feeding his horse in Stone County.

He said the horse that died suffered from an illness called colic.

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I become compelled to point out offenses done by animal control and/or shelters especially if done by uneducated or un-schooled individuals who should have absolutely nothing to do with animals this less, the claim of abuse. When I learn of the improper decision to euthanize animals or animals taken out of an animal shelter to a out-of-the county to an animal control as to avoid responsibility for the ‘KILL’. I have become outraged.

Seek the truth as I have done regarding the Humane Society of Marion County. Everything stated about what happened to animals in Wedding’s care is evidenced at the animal control of Marshall and should be available for public inspection of those records from 2007-2012 or can be found on record in our federal suit at the federal court in Marshall, Texas. Whether or not this continued since is not known but considered likely as the humans society of Marion County is under construction and only recently has a permanent location in Marion County, NOT Cass County where Wedding resides. I have been informed by many that it has been a nightmare for animals improperly kept in those facilities during times of sever and inclement weather and when it storms, becomes a real mud-hole. None of my statements have been untruthful or ‘twisted’ and on the record at the Federal Courthouse in Marshall, Texas; offered as an exhibit to the court-SICKENING!!!

There has been not one shred of evidence produced to refute any claim to the evidence I placed for the record. All of which is available on line thru Pacer. See Hoffmann and Lulling affidavits where there the evidence was placed and presented to the court as it was discovered…It’s no longer a secret and this information, contained in those affidavits, should be shared about the civil liberty abuse and the abuse of the seized animals placed in the care of the Humane Society and the now closed animal clinic with a vet; as well as the improper care of ‘rescued animals’

Not a shred of evidence has been presented that demonstrates there was reason to grant summary judgment or dismissal of the federal case-it remains at issue based on the opinion of one magistrate judge who ignored the lack of evidence to support summary judgment and the actual issues of the case presented with MASSIVE civil liberty abuse.

The case continues as we do not believe that a panel of permanent judges will be sucked into an animal cruelty case where massive civil liberty abuse existed to get a win for themselves and NOT the animals including from non- lawyer layman judges of the lower courts of Marion County that had no subject matter jurisdiction to hear the case thus less provide a proper ruling concerning property. We believe that the higher  court will address the actual issues of the case or there is no such thing as justice in this country-We shall see now won’t we!?! Pro se litigant or not!!!

The entire case will be revealed at it’s conclusion win or no win and a book in the making-you better believe people need to be and should be  notified that if it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone as never, I sad NEVER in my more that 20 years of a career in the public’s eye has any inspector even insinuated cruelty yet suddenly found by a Humaniac with no accredited training and a vet with little to no experience with these animals who presents piss poor husbandry skills as documented on intake of the animals at other places after being in her non expert care at her veterinary clinic for a length of time. BULLSHIT!!!

From the “killing spree” that began almost immediately after seizure and improper housing of those animals STACKED overnight in an outdoor un-insulated storage shed without heat and euthanized the following day without the first medical test, with no threat for public safety, without permission from the judge or the owners, euthanized 1/3 of the animals seized under the guise of ‘rescue’-give me a break that the magistrate missed that and was sucked in to their claims that went by with no evidence., a responsibility of the defendants of the case with massive evidence against them.

Justice needs to be properly served, if for nothing else, the animals that have died either directly or indirectly from an animal seizure that took place more than 4 years ago where the duress for the owners of those animals continues as a direct result of it and never should have happened-Now a crusader for seizure victims everywhere knowing the truth and reason for the continued purpose of this blog as well as the case seeking justice from the abuse.

We do not ask for your sympathy as we manage to get by each day with the nightmare of it but ask that you pay attention and share what is to be learned from all this and what is presented in this blog which will continue long after the case is over no matter the decision of the court to rule and/or remanded back for trial.

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned, there most certainly will be more and follow his blog  -B  Crossposting links to posts contained in this blog are encouraged!!! It’s no secret!!!


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2 Responses to “Animal Control Officer investgation for Animal Cruelty ~Important updates”

  1. Law Enforcement, Animal control officers, animal cruelty investigators, animal caretakers for “Holding facilities” should all be formally educated on animal husbandry practices (both acceptable and unacceptable), PRIOR TO being allowed to confiscate animals that belong to others, much less euthanize or sell the animals! UNREALISTIC BOARD AND CARE bonds should never be required of the property owners prior to completion of the court process. These bonds are nearly always MORE PER MONTH THAN THE OWNERS’ OWN HOMES COST THEM. Their homes are set up on a 30 year mortgage many times, but these UNREALISTIC FEES CAN NOT BE CONSTITUTIONAL OR HUMANE! All assessed in with the SCARE TACTICS used against the already hysterical and grieving animal owners. HUMANS are treated WORSE THAN MOST OF THESE SEIZED ANIMALS WERE prior to being taken and placed into crates and crowded facilities, sometimes HOUSED FOR YEARS in TINY CRATES awaiting JUSTICE FOR ALL!!! FROM ALL RESEARCH I HAVE DONE, I CAN TELL YOU…..THE ANTI CRUELTY LAWS HAVE CAUSED MORE ANIMAL DEATHS AT THE HANDS OF THE PERSONS SUPPOSEDLY SAVING THEM, THAN ALL OTHER DEATHS OF ANIMALS OUTSIDE THE CARE OF SHELTER EMPLOYEES! GET SANE…….RE-THINK HUMAN…e!

    • It’s no win for the animals and said with many tears from my eyes daily since 2010…I hate liars and thieves-I always have…

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