from TX-RPOA ~Texas Statewide Primary Election Results and Runoffs!

>From Responsible Pet Owners Alliance Texas Outreach
March 7, 2014

Texas Statewide Primary Election Results! Runoff to be May 27th.

Pet  ownership is a nonpartisan issue. Please VOTE for the candidates most
likely to preserve our historic relationship with animals!

ELECTIONS MATTER! Get to know the candidates and educate them on our animal
issues in Texas. Flyers are on our website.
Most of you already know our friends from the last Texas Legislative
Session. RPOA cannot endorse candidates as an IRS 501 (C)(4) or (C)(3)
Nonprofit Organization. Only PACs can do that and we’re never going there.
Getting financial support for RPOA is difficult enough as it is!

Go to the “ACTION ALERT!” blinking yellow button on our website home page
for the Texas Primary Election Results. Please make a PayPal (or mail-in)
donation while you’re there!

Need we remind you?
Humane Society of the U.S. (HSUS) has a national legislative campaign to end
the ownership, breeding and sales of all species of pets, which is led by
Vegan President Wayne Pacelle. At local, state, and federal levels! HSUS
has a well organized dedicated “humane group” in each state, in addition to
a salaried HSUS state “director” working full time for their legislative
agenda to end all pet breeding.

In Texas, the HSUS affiliate is “Texas Humane Legislation Network” and the
HSUS state director is Katie Jarl. Nicole Paquette was the previous HSUS
state director. Their only activities in Texas are “animal rights”
legislation, seizures and raids on animal owners.
RPOA appears to be the only “animal welfare” organization in Texas opposing
this radical agenda and we have had statewide programs for Pet Education,
Assistance & Rescue since 1991!

HSUS is an “animal rights” organization — NOT a government agency, has NO
affiliation with local humane societies, and donates only 1% of their annual
budget to any animal shelters (per tax returns).

HSUS has no animal expertise nor “standing” regarding animal issues in our
courts of law. So why they are allowed to file (and intervene with) court
cases is a mystery. There is a major misunderstanding by media and some
legislators who believe HSUS is an arm of our U.S. government. -Not!

vote and your voice matter. Your animals count on you and RPOA to protect

Please consider a donation to TX-RPOA if you are concerned about Animal Welfare-All eyes on Texas!!!

Get Sane…Re-think Humane!!!


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B


~ by topcatsroar on March 8, 2014.

7 Responses to “from TX-RPOA ~Texas Statewide Primary Election Results and Runoffs!”

  1. Exactly….Get Sane……ReTHINK humanE!!!

  2. I dont know if you take post requests would you please tell the story of how you got your cats taken away? I live in texas and owning big cats is my dream, and have a connection to a tiger breeder but dont want to risk having the animal seized.

    • Private ownership should not be considered in Texas-MOVE!!! Our entire story isn’t over and much already on public record.. Appeal has been filed in the Fifth District Court of Appeals. Links of interest:
      You might consider joining USZA-Every spring classes are offered as a started course. -B

      • So if I understand correctly, they tresspassed, made false claims of abuse/neglect, and siezed and euthenized your big cats, that is terrible, but its a result of corruption, they broke laws to do all that, that could happen anywhere right? It doesn’t necessarily represent all of Texas does it? Just one very corrupt county with some sick heartless people in places of power…… did you have a usda license or were you private only?

      • The cats they killed were my house cats both registered and rescues-made no difference…no medical testing and no permission from the judge or the owner…Where they placed the big cats put them in harms way…The warrant specified an ‘expert’ was to take care of the cats qualified by the USDA-The DA did not get the help he had anticipated from the USDA because that was all off record-in other words, didn’t exist or happen-the DA became responsible for the care and feeding of the big cats-that’s some expert…even thou the DA documented it -no other documents exist and my years licensed with the USDA redacted…There can not be an inspection for someone who no longer held a license-They deny it too…but all the same, the inspector was there and approved the new facility-OPPS…That failed -there was no probable cause and a breach of FOIA is all over the warrant affidavit…as well as the fact that an inspector was there (can you say trespass) here was nothing pertinent to an animal seizure…
        Now we fight this in federal court, pro se meaning 0n our own. Will we win-we should but no matter if the court gets it right or not, it will be there for the record…Judges do not always get it right-Obviously or things would not be as they are with all the bans on ownership and people loosing their animals…I expect the issue of ownership to be addressed once again in TX; next session. Current ownership law in TX is the Texas Health and Safety Code 822-scroll down to ‘Wild and Dangerous’-USDA not required…there was insurance and there was a registration with he state-he cruelty issue was in their dreams…

  3. I know you have to get permit from the county but iv read that most counties banned ownership of big cats, (I think one source even said all but 3 of them had) do you know if this is true?
    Also, wouldn’t it be easier to just get a USDA license and be exempt from the state laws?

    • I would not get a big cat in Texas…Never have I been sorrier for anything I have done with my life than that I tried to stay in Texas!!!
      Yes, there are a limited number of counties in Texas that allow and Marion County allows-BULLSHIT!!! Oh yes, there are bears there who actually recommended the county, the attorney who spoke to the county commissioners BEFORE the purchase of the property…was I set-up?…can’t say, but sure was for the purpose of seizing, stealing and fucking killing my animals…by the time they were finished 1/2 the animals were DEAD!!! The following day the vet and the Humaniac had great fun with their killing spree…Hey get this, tried to charge me for killing them-Hell I don’t have money anymore…
      Easier with a USDA license?!?-What, you think that license is easy to get?!? Oh Hell no and if you don’t have proof of ‘expertise’ and/or reason to have the animal…you aren’t getting it, especially in Texas…I was permitted for more than 20 years but no longer exhibiting or breeding -I saw no reason to have it!!! We filled for NFP with the state which provides for state exemption-and look at what those BASTARDS did!!! I could use other adjectives but will refrain…and if you would have to relocate, then you might as well go somewhere else where you aren’t dealing with IDIOTS!!!
      So, that’s it in a nut shell and ironically the Tuma’s had relocated about the same time in South Texas…their animals were NOT seized…Animals in about the same size transport cages…NEVER had a USDA…they remain…and the Humaniacs there still trying to take them out-go figure…It is suffice to say, I hate anything Texas…I hate the property and the community that did nothing for someone trying to settle in their community (that was some hurricane relief-we mad it thru a force of nature but not past the evils that people commit on others!!!)…I already have more friends here than I ever had there and if something seems odd-they call…if they need something…they call…they don’t like something…they call…There’s something wrong with Texas and it start’s with improper law enforcement and people living in such fear that they don’t help each other and do nothing to change it-The deputy in charge, my fucking new neighbor, the high school bully, is now the sheriff there-go ahead…you want my property, I sure don’t want it!!! and then we’ll see how long you last-HA! -He has the Humanitarian award from the Humaniac for all the shady ‘color of law’ OFFENSES on the community and animal owners…BASTARDS!!!

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